Even Microsoft Struggles With It

Michael Sampson - Currents

Anyway, in making the above announcement, Microsoft includes a video from November 2015 that explains Customer Lockbox. So while the video was correct and proper in late 2015, it’s no longer reflective of the interface and its capabilities.

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From the feed: More complexity

Chris Corrigan

Back in 2015, Dave Snowden took on 12 aspects of organizational and corporate culture that were basically enemies of complexity thinking. I’m moving these posts to Monday morning and will try to provide a theme each week to connect the five links. Enjoy.

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Unschooling myself: traces through time


Some of this stuff is pretty personal and I write about it in friends-only LJ, but there are enough “tips of the iceberg” visible here as well. Things you learn while homeschooling , February 2015. Family bias and what to do about it when homeschooling , March 2015. Holding the space , April 2015. Dealing with resistance and difficulties , September 2018.

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