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Social Physics: Oxymoron or Big 'Social' Data Tipping Point?

Governance in a Networked World

Pentland is perhaps best known for his ‘social tags’ used for monitoring individual human interactions to identify those interaction most associated with productive teams. The book essentially builds on his earlier work with social tags and effective teams.

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Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

I thought it might be interesting to have a travel log (including an evolving network map) which starts with people we meet and then support this with the places that we meet, rather than the other way around. There is a connection to ‘Social Business’ here. Networks aren’t selective.

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KM World 2014: Some Useful Workshops

Portals and KM

KM World 2014 will be held in Washington DC at the Grand Hyatt from November 4 to 7. They include: Susan Scrupski, Change Agents Worldwide, Joachim Stroh, Change Agents Worldwide, Jon Husband, Techno-Anthropologist, Wirearchy, Catherine Shinners, Founder, Merced Group, and Carrie Young, Talk Social To Me. The Future is already here and evenly distributed among the global members of the Change Agents Worldwide (CAWW) network.

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Update on Ageing Better Innovation – look to apps and connectors

Social Reporter

Overview paper of Roundtable July 2014. We hope to pilot some mapping of who knows who, using Drew Mackie’s expertise, in order to see how social network analysis could help. Office systems may block social media and even relatively simple communications tools.

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Let The Next Adventure Begin – The With Whom (#CAWW)


That’s why it’s a great pleasure and true honour for me to announce I’m now part, as a charter member , of the Change Agents Worldwide network with a simple and rather clear mission: change the way we work ! chrisheuer @rhappe think of us as a collaborative sharing economy model for consulting services (sans the “firm” structure). Susan Scrupski (@SusanScrupski) January 14, 2014. . Value is realised by every node in the network.

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News Updates (February 3, 2010)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Gartner on Social Media at Work. Gartner offers 5 predictions for 2010 and beyond about social software at work. #1 During the next several years, most companies will be building out internal social networks and/or allowing business use of personal social network accounts.

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