2014, The Year That Was


We will have to wait and see, but, I tell you, if I were to describe what 2014 has been like so far for yours truly, as we are coming close to its end, I would probably be able to describe it with just a couple of words: “ in transition ”. And nearly four months later… I am back to blogging.

2014 206

New Orleans 2014: Our Year in Review

Portals and KM

NOLA 2014 Jazz Fest Highlights: Complete Listing of Posts. Ten NOLA Music Performances in 2014 - Part One. Ten NOLA Music Performances in 2014 - Part Two. Painting in Pirate’s Alley #1 - Spring 2014. Painting in Pirate’s Alley #2 - Summer 2014.

2014 180

Painting in Pirate’s Alley #1 - Spring 2014

Portals and KM

The spring brings Mardi Gras parades (see my 1 minute YouTube video:  Royal Street Mardi Gras Parade 2014 ),  Second Lines  (see my 6 minute YouTube video:  Royal Street Second Lines 2014 ) and other celebrations such as St.

2014 222

Summer Dining in New Orleans 2014

Portals and KM

It is a “celebration of coastal Louisiana with a touch of Isleño influence.” We went to see some music on the West Bank (see 2014 Wednesdays on Algiers Point ) and took the opportunity to try some of their offerings.

2014 186

Gran Canaria – Celebrating the Mini-Continent


may well be enjoying the various different celebrations of St. So, if you are celebrating it, Happy St. I mostly put the year I was born next to March 17th, perhaps more than anything else, because when I came over here it all felt like I was being re-born again, so what a better tribute one could pay to such a special date than to celebrate it as if it were your real (Internet) birthday, right? . And, of course, it was time to celebrate such milestone, don’t you think?

2014 149

Painting of Aaron Neville at Jazz Fest 2014

Portals and KM

To celebrate, here is a 10" square painting of Aaron Neville as he closed the Blues Tent at Jazz Fest 2014. This is the second anniversary of my arrival in New Orleans as a full time resident.

2014 187

Ten NOLA Music Performances in 2014 - Part Two

Portals and KM

Here are just a few of the 46 acts we have caught so far in 2014 in order of appearance. Later on 3/2 we went to Cotton Fest celebrating the 87 th  birthday of Lawrence Cotton. We continue to enjoy the variety of music that our city offers.

2014 130

Higher Education in 2025

Jenny Connected

The ILIaD inaugural conference will give staff, students and external participants the opportunity to answer these questions and showcase and celebrate educational innovations. 2014). 2014). 2014). 2014).

2014 207

The Humanity of the Web: Reflections of a Social Computing Evangelist


Fast forward to 2014 and today I wouldn’t be able to get by without the World Wide Web.

2014 240

Gertrude Stein: lessons for research

Jenny Connected

2014 is the 100th anniversary of the publication of Gertrude Stein’s masterpiece TENDER BUTTONS. As Charles Bernstein said at the end of the special live webcast broadcast to celebrate the 100 th anniversary….

2014 215

Change Leadership Challenge 3: Embedding Change

Partnering Resources

Critical milestones can be celebrated in order to sustain momentum and enthusiasm during long-term initiatives. This is the third in a series of posts about change leadership. Previous posts covered active, committed leadership and building a compelling business case .

2014 242

The Soothing Effect of Blogging


Now, talking about legacy, and an unforgettable footprint left behind, as I am about to wrap up this post for today, I just couldn’t help remembering and celebrating the one from someone who marked my youth (And I am sure that one from hundreds of millions of people out there!),

2014 230

Wheat House is on the market and the Boston Globe likes it

Endless Knots

They raised two daughters here, Miranda, born in 1977, and Eliza, who was born in the house in 1980; held many birthday parties, meetings, and gatherings; hosted many weddings and wedding receptions for friends; and celebrated the publication of many books of their own and for those of friends.

2014 217

16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

RoyalWedding #ScottishIndependence or any world or local event, an earthquake or celebrity death. If you create content and don’t use a hashtag you are passing it through OWNED media (your subscribers) but it rarely escapes into EARNED media (other people who would be interested.

2014 285

Joining up ideas for a smarter democratic London

Social Reporter

Celebrations for the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, and its role in establishing our democratic rights, could add some historical perspective. The Changing London blog and book would certainly be in there, and ways to use the Magna Carta celebrations.

2014 194

The Trials and Tribulations of an Independent Freelancer – Your Online Bio Profile and Digital Footprint


celebrating my birthday shortly afterwards (@elsua v4.2 Luis Suarez (@elsua) March 3, 2014. Luis Suarez (@elsua) March 4, 2014. Esteban Kolsky (@ekolsky) March 5, 2014. It’s been a month since I last posted a blog entry over here and I am sure plenty of you folks out there may be wondering what I have been up to and everything, right?

2014 176

Happy Fourth of July

Portals and KM

Here is to a safe and joyous Fourth of July to all who celebrate it. It comes at a time to be one of the great events of the Summer. Here are some scenaes from last year in Jeffersonvolle, VT where I will be tomorrow.         

2014 151

Halloween in New Orleans

Portals and KM

New Orleans celebrates everything in a big way but especially Halloween or anything else with costumes. Then we celebrated my arrival in New Orleans as a full time resident on Halloween 2012.

2014 153

Let The Next Adventure Begin – The Origins


On January 20th 2014, I quit IBM. Earlier on this year, to be more precise, on January 20th, I announced, to my former employer, right on the same day when I was celebrating my 17th year anniversary at IBM that I was quitting my job as a Lead Social Business Enabler and that February 3rd would be my last working day. — Luis Suarez (@elsua) January 23, 2014. You then realise as well how it is all a big, massive celebration of freedom.

2014 175

Volunteer project complete – what did I learn?

Michelle Laurie

I hope to take part in the celebration with the participants this April and learn more about how their on the ground sessions went with their colleagues.

2014 180

Bringing a festival mindset to conferences

Viv Mcwaters

People are still flocking to conferences, to talks, to celebrity chef presentations, to book readings, to Do Lectures , to The School of Life , and TED talks. It seems that conferences are as popular as ever.

2014 169

How to Mobilize a Weary Workforce

Partnering Resources

This sounds obvious, but often organizations have already moved on to the next big thing before stopping to celebrate. We are challenged to keep employees engaged, innovative, and productive. Yet, they often come across as weary, tenacious survivors. Many of them are tired, stressed, and worried about the future.

2014 159

My Painting Show at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen is Extended

Portals and KM

On one side are the food, music, celebrations, and architecture of New Orleans. My painting show at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Uptown  in New Orleans has been extended at least until the end of May and possibly longer. It is located at 615 Carrolton Ave. 504) 866-5900.

2014 151

The Art and Music of Royal Street New Orleans

Portals and KM

Next, are the Irish celebrating St. There is lots of art and music on Royal Street.  In addition to the art galleries there are artists showing their work on Pirate’s Alley and the section of Royal Street behind St. Louis Cathedral.

2014 151

Painting of Jimmy Cliff - Jazz Fest 2014

Portals and KM

Here is a 12' square painting of Jimmy Cliff singing at  Jazz Fest 201 4. It  It is from a photo I took at the event. He is a great reggae singer.

2015 130

The power in performance

Viv Mcwaters

He’s developed the Small Town Culture workshops to celebrate small town culture. How great is it that kids, in school , are learning about music, about celebrating their local lives, and about performing? Josh Arnold is a country music singer, songwriter and seemingly all-round good Aussie bloke. His story was featured on Landline – an ABC program that features stories of Australian agriculture, and rural life. You can watch it here. .

2014 109

Volunteer project complete – what did I learn?

Michelle Laurie

I hope to take part in the celebration with the participants this April and learn more about how their on the ground sessions went with their colleagues.

2014 130

Questions and answers

Viv Mcwaters

There seems to be a right of passage, from studying, exams (getting the right answers), graduating, celebrating (there’s a lot of that going on right now) and then some enter research. Finding the right answer, or even the best answer, was rewarded when I went to school. Admittedly, that was a long time ago. I’ve spent the rest of my life learning how to ask questions. Answers can be satisfying (giving and receiving) – in the same way that sugar is satisfying.

2014 116

Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

the topic of the now most celebrated theory of American academic Mark Granovetter''s Strength of Weak Ties. Many of us who travel come home with memory cards full of travel pics. The majority will show the places that we have been to.

2014 130

Painting of Jimmy Cliff - Jazz Fest 2014 #2

Portals and KM

Here is a 24' square painting of  Jimmy Cliff  singing at  Jazz Fest 201 4. I did a smaller 12" square version earlier. It is from a photo I took at the event. He is a great reggae singer.

2015 141

Robin Williams. And My Crazy Family. And Yours.

Hildy Gottlieb

It is a world where we celebrate a Robin Williams AND hold him in our arms. Serious mental illness runs in my family. There, I said it.

2014 94

Getting Ready for the Fall

How to Save the World

Playfulness , humour, releasing tension, celebration.

2014 95

Only Connect

Hildy Gottlieb

This week, that connection is all there is in my life, as people are gathering from across the continent to be together, and to honor and celebrate and remember my mom. I met a dog named Maggie last weekend.

Preparing for Sabbatical

Hildy Gottlieb

To celebrate, I went to a local independent bookstore and spent too much money on even more books. Sabbatical. Time away from life, to write and produce the things that move my work – and Creating the Future’s work – forward. Several years ago, I realized the value of such time.

2014 85

Writing a New Story

How to Save the World

In his celebrated 2003 Massey Lectures, First Nations writer Thomas King told us “The truth about stories is that’s all we are”. This is an article I wrote for Earth Day that was just published in our local newspaper.

2014 87


How to Save the World

Hence what prevails on Facebook and Twitter — reposts of meaningless but clever-sounding witticisms, and the latest celebrity misconduct.”

2014 82

What lessons can KM learn from Minecraft?

Chris Collison

Its Swedish creator, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, is rapidly becoming the kind of celebrity who needs a bodyguard for public events. Minecraft is a phenomenon.

2014 68

Beating Ourselves Up

Hildy Gottlieb

” No matter how amazingly good the product, no matter how much it accomplishes, we humans really are lousy at celebrating, and pros at kicking ourselves. Perhaps it’s time to put “CELEBRATE” at the top of my priority list, and work at accomplishing that.

2014 71

Dear Friends…

Hildy Gottlieb

The work there was intense and amazing – day after day of teaching and coaching and speaking and convening community conversations (not to mention celebrating with 4 of our Creating the Future fellows!).

Nodding With a Smile to the Sacred

How to Save the World

The blog’s theme for this month is “Celebration”, so the questions wove around that theme. stone circle at avebury uk; photo by the author.

2014 59

Creating a mindset to work with failure

Chris Corrigan

” When a person (including the facilitator) makes a mistake, the whole group celebrates by throwing their hands in the air, leaning back and declaring “How Fascinating!” ” While it might seem contrived at first, the technique opens up the body, and greets the failure with a collective celebration. Innovation does not come without discarding ideas, trying and failing. In complex systems with complex challenges, failure is inevitable and desired.

2014 69

Judging a Book By Its Cover

Hildy Gottlieb

It could be the time to reach out in celebration. Because none of us is our behaviors or appearance – not the Fox News commentator, filled with fear and rage, nor the celebrity who looks pert and perfect in her red carpet dress.

2014 59

Humans of New York: An Illustration of How IT is Affecting Leadership

Leading Virtually

Mr. Stanton’s work has been described as beautiful, a celebration of individuality, and a tribute to the spirit of New York.

2014 61