Scaffolding for sharing knowledge

Chris Collison

The idea of a common language – a frame of reference to support better understanding and more focused conversations is what lies at the heart of the creation and use of self-assessment models. I like to think of them as scaffolding for knowledge sharing.

The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization – Part 2: New Features

Portals and KM

The Scorecard provides a self-assessment tool that should prove essential to building a roadmap for establishing a digital workplace that plays an essential and strategic role in the organization.

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Who would you like to sit near at work?

Governance in a Networked World

On one hand we like to sit with people that we can get on with; people that potentially share our interests, both inside and outside of work. As a technical specialist we might want to sit near other like specialists to share our learnings and experiences and deepen our capabilities.

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Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

They shared some even more incredible six degree stories of their own. We still keep in contact with Sharon and Tony, no doubt influenced by our shared connections. how could you even think about sharing a room with complete strangers!

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Systems Thinking and Complexity 101

How to Save the World

Here’s an example of how this model might be used by an organization which is going through a ‘culture transformation’ process to deal with a lack of knowledge-sharing and collaboration among its people. Why aren’t people explicitly sharing knowledge already?

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Knoco stories: When communities of practice are not the answer

John Tropea - Delicious Community

From the knowledge management front-line. Wednesday, 8 January 2014. Communities of practice are a mainstay of very many Knowledge Management Frameworks. If you are trying to create something, then maybe you need a conference, or a knowledge exchange, or a virtual team.

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Graphic Facilitation Workshop ‘Rosviz’ 2015

Full Circle Associates

Fern Sabo, 2x participant, 2010 & 2014) You do NOT need previous experience or have to consider yourself an artist. Nancy White “I have a passion for helping organizations and partnerships communicate as well as improve the way they generate and share knowledge. My work explores the interface of environment and development via strategic planning, assessments, facilitation and engagement.

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