Beyond Assessment – Recognizing Achievement in a Networked World

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Jul 11, 2014. ePortfolios and Open Badges are only the first wave in what will emerge as a wider network-based form of assessment that makes tests and reviews unnecessary. Beyond Assessment – Recognizing Achievement in a Networked World. Jul 11, 2014. Jul 09, 2014.

Relentless Networking and the Power of Now


Will I ever be capable of reconciling business travelling and digital interactions? A rather short and straight to the point description as to why I would never be capable of reconciling my online social interactions with the offline world, while I am on the move. Understanding that, you know, your online social interactions will always be there.

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Badges are not sufficient

Jenny Connected

My blog reminded me that I travelled to Greenwich in 2014 to hear Stephen give this keynote. Stephen’s vision is that in the future assessment will be based not on what you ‘know’ but on what you ‘do’ – what you do on the public internet.

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What do we mean by engagement online? Reprise from 20019

Full Circle Associates

What do we mean by engagement online? Tomorrow I’m doing a web meeting with a group of people who are designing, stewarding and facilitating globally distributed online communities of work, practice and information sharing. What do we mean by engagement online?

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Knoco stories: When communities of practice are not the answer

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Wednesday, 8 January 2014. The model of widespread communities, sharing knowledge and delivering value, interacting through social media or other collaboration technologies, is well known from companies such as ConocoPhilips, Fluor, Buckman Labs, and many more. KM assessment. (7).

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Graphic Facilitation Workshop ‘Rosviz’ 2015

Full Circle Associates

We also host a community of practitioners online who give constructive feedback and support long after the workshop is over. Fern Sabo, 2x participant, 2010 & 2014) You do NOT need previous experience or have to consider yourself an artist. I founded Full Circle Associates to help organizations connect through online and offline strategies. My work explores the interface of environment and development via strategic planning, assessments, facilitation and engagement.

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