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Breaking out from ‘Enforced Independence’ – #rhizo14

Jenny Connected

Any attempt to do this would be to consolidate the teacher’s position as based on a whole set of power structures, further creating a reliance on the teacher for setting objectives, assessing progress and giving direction.

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Preview of the Living Lab for (digital) life

Social Reporter

Assess the implications for strategy. These are linked with group storytelling techniques designed to bring to life a range fictitious characters and their experiences. Existing assets (skills, equipment, premises, organisational structures, etc) are also modelled.

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Solving collaboration issues with technology is a myth

Joitske Hulsebosch

She did our learning trajectory on learning with new media Leren en veranderen met sociale media where she designed a blended trajectory about intercultural effectivity, in-company as well as a course for open inscription. This interview is also posted on our Dutch blog Ennuonline.

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Social Physics: Oxymoron or Big 'Social' Data Tipping Point?

Governance in a Networked World

Carr states about Pentland “what he fails to see is that those norms and influences are themselves shaped by history, politics, and economics, not to mention power and prejudice” in referring to Pentland’s claims that social norms, behaviours and influences can be accurately modelled mathematically.

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Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

I would often say to them that I know that in their minds they have some real insights and that they should try to share them in their own words, no matter how bad the English might be (of course this made my job harder in assessing, but plagiarism risks are much worse).

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Requiem for a Species

How to Save the World

This is no longer an expectation of what might happen if we do not act soon; this will happen, even if the most optimistic assessment of how the world might respond to the climate disruption is validated. conception of post-civilization all-weather wear by mary mattingly.

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What do we mean by engagement online? Reprise from 20019

Full Circle Associates

Tomorrow I’m doing a web meeting with a group of people who are designing, stewarding and facilitating globally distributed online communities of work, practice and information sharing. Role model passsion, and your own engagement. What do we mean by engagement online?

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Education Technology Action Group consultation


Recent DigiLit Leicester research (from 2013 , and the soon to be released 2014 findings) indicate that while the majority of secondary school staff are highly confident in their use of technology, over 20% of staff working with learners are not confident about employing technologies to support key areas of practice. It’s important that we don’t limit work in this area by only focusing on quantitative data and summative assessment.

The changing role of the online teacher

Jenny Connected

Garrison, Anderson and Archer’s Community of Inquiry Model (2000), which focuses on how to establish a social presence, a teaching presence and a cognitive presence in online teaching and learning. I have worked with this model a lot, on many online courses. 2014, p.62). 2014 p.7)

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