Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

communities - an integrated meeting room. -. Foresee in Germany, have integrated Connections with a full touch capable table. -. Notes 9 Social Edition - integrates social capabilities into the inbox. -. FileSync capability for integrating / synchronizing across multiple devices. decided to go for a holistic approach, bringing people together internally and externally. New technology from IBM coming in 2013 - Employee Experience Suite. -.

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IBM Connect 2013: Ed Brill on Reinventing the Inbox

Portals and KM

This is another in a series of my notes on IBM Connect 2013. Helps you quickly locate the people and content you need through integrated access to social tools from IBM Connections and IBM Lotus Quickr® software, including profiles, activities, team places, and content libraries.

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IBM Connect 2013: My Opening Session Notes

Portals and KM

This is the first in a series of notes on IBM Connect 2013. I would add that application integration is an important part of this connection. File Sync allows you to integrate with iPad, Mac, Windows, etc. This undermines their traditional face-to-face selling approach.

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Notes on "Social Business: Moving the Business Needle Forward" at AusLUG 2013 - Chris Crummey, IBM

Michael Sampson - Currents

Chris Crummey from IBM is presenting the opening general session at AusLUG 2013 in Brisbane. For social areas - social networking, social analytics, social content, and social integration. It's integrated and seamless by design. -. integrating Connections into Notes 9 Social Edition, Microsoft Outlook and Office, and Mobile Clients. Various Microsoft customers say, "IBM integrates better with Outlook and Internet Explorer than Microsoft does."

2013 146

Cetis 2013 Keynote - Digital Citizenship: Underpinning Open Education


The image above comes from Seattle's 5 Point Café, who recently issued a ban on Google Glass , in anticipation of the products mooted market release at the end of 2013. . . . . Notes from my recent Cetis keynote: I'm very happy to have been invited here to speak today, on this important.

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Links of the Month: April 16, 2013

How to Save the World

And no, I’m not going to take sides in the debate about Anderson’s journalistic integrity.). The New Age phenomenon is very much a materialistic approach; in fact it is a thinly disguised system of conquest applied to what we perceive as the spiritual.

2013 86

Should Companies Block Access to Digital Tools?


” he comes to talk about that number of companies out there who, still, in 2013!, Yes, still today in 2013, and despite the huge impact of social technologies in our society, there are businesses out there that seem to be rather happy with shooting themselves in their feet.

2013 264

Getting Ready for Exploratory Interviews: Balancing Preparedness with Open Ears

Michael Sampson - Currents

I read these, integrated the ideas, and developed a master list of activities. I took lots of notes during the interviews, and once all of the interviews were completed, integrated my findings and discoveries into that list of inferences.

2013 174

Introducing Lobbi – with bold aims to change politics locally and globally

Social Reporter

Downloading Democracy 2013 – Archived Live Stream from John Popham on Vimeo. Steven is particularly informative on the hard slog of achieving an inclusive approach , which may come more by knocking on doors and using email lists than new social tech functions.

2013 192

Notes on BP304 Become a Social Business: Leverage User Adoption Through Gamification

Michael Sampson - Currents

How could we get people to spend 10,000 hours learning new collaboration approaches and tools. Assertion - let's use gamification methods to get them to learn new approaches / tools. So the approach is to integrate the yellow and blue, and get people to go back-and-forth between them.

2013 185

Life Without eMail – Year 6, Weeks 21 to 24 – (Newcomer Challenging for King Email’s Crown)


Somehow the latter approach sounds so much more of an effective use of our time than the selfish, egotistical use of email just to fit our own individual purpose(s).

2013 197

Realising the knowledge assets of research for the rest of us – how about a set of recipe cards?

Social Reporter

I’DGO examines what Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors means for older people, and Smart2 has created a personalised self-management system – “an integrated system for use in the person’s own home, consisting of a touchscreen ‘home hub’ and a mobile device.”

2013 191

Social Innovation Meetup: “Exploring Labs for Social Change” – presentation notes

Making CommunitySense

We bring in eight people for “deep collaboration” We use a “Noah’s Ark” approach: you can’t talk to everybody. Integrated approaches are key, and an HDL Studio is a good way to start. Design approaches.

2013 182

A new initiative supporting communities to develop digital assets

Social Reporter

The UK Government is wedded to implementing a digital-by-default approach to public service delivery, and is investing significant public funds in open and big data alongside cutting-edge technological innovation. There’s often a big gap between those working in innovative ways in communities to develop our physical assets of land and buildings, and those with the tech skills to use public data and online systems to develop local digital assets.

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As the Knowledge Hub faces closure, might a creative Twitter mob help with re-invention?

Social Reporter

There were high hopes in 2009 that it would integrate with other social media, and also enable conversations with wider publics. The likely result of the current approach is that the Knowledge Hub will just close, or drift into some further iteration that will be less satisfactory than the current setup. However, as Carl says, hard times may require a change of approach.

2013 159

Notes on SW101 Building a Smarter Workforce

Michael Sampson - Currents

By 2013, 47% of employees will be those born after 1977. is my company internally integrated, to offer the best value end-to-end for customers. theatres with a good approach here earn more than theatres without on. -. Have now integrated Connections into the internet. user adoption approach - kick off with top managers, mobile and social drivers user adoption, hired students to visit 800 people for one-to-one coaching, story telling.

2013 139

State of the Modern Meeting—from Blue Jeans

Michael Sampson - Currents

The report is based on usage figures from Blue Jeans customers, plus a survey undertaken in November 2013. Conferencing Is Converging: Meeting owners are tiring of having to decide in advance whether a meeting will be an audio conference, video conference, or web conference, and are instead choosing converged conferencing solutions like Blue Jeans that integrate all of the above.

2013 122

Ten propositions about digital technology later in life

Social Reporter

While the main aim of the exploration has been to develop a consensus to guide development and investment in the field, the open nature of the approach yielded a lot of insights into who is doing what in the field, and how more might be achieved. More could be achieved by integrating digital technology into services, and supporting carers in their use of technology.

2013 147

Papers on mobile assisted language learning (MALL)

e-Moderation Station

Audio translation apps, augmented reality, and just-in-time learning approaches are providing alternatives to those with neither access nor time to learn a language. November 2013. Photo by Milica Sekulic.

Sponsors at Social Connections V (Zurich)

Michael Sampson - Currents

It brings back in the essential tools like copy-and-paste that retains the formatting, compared to the default approach of stripping it all out. moving activities from one community to another (or standalone), integrating blogs / wikis / forums, and merging communities. TimeToAct Group is demonstrating its Connections Administration Toolkit, which is an integrated system to enhance the administrative tasks in IBM Connections.

2013 134

Dan Pontefract’s Flat Army: A Review

Portals and KM

The book offers an integrated framework integrating collaboration, open leadership, technologies, and connected learning. Dan also notes that the Industrial Revolution cemented the link to the hierarchical approach to management.

2013 186

Notes on KEY101 Industries Get Social

Michael Sampson - Currents

The second day of IBM Connect 2013 is just beginning. the four "I's" - How we Interact, how we become Informed, how we Integrate the supply chain. Have been working on a new approach to health care plans since 2006. Aiming for a take-up rate of 75% by July 2013; currently at 65%. -. Social business approaches impact governments. a smarter travel approach - eg., First up for most people is the keynote on the main stage.

2013 118

Notes on “Integrating Yammer with SharePoint” (Elaine van Bergen and Chris O’Connor)

Michael Sampson - Currents

In the session before lunch, Elaine and Chris are talking about the integration between Yammer and SharePoint. Some notes: - integration between Office 365 and Yammer today, is an across the top link to Yammer. today, search result sets out-of-the-box are not integration. On the roadmap, these will be integrated. - Requires SharePoint 2013 SP1 to work. Some limitations around this / it’s a basic approach.

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Notes on CUST119 Prudential: Thinking about Social Business Adoption? Don't Forget Enterprise Social Governance

Michael Sampson - Currents

Approach: - feedback workshops with the Law, Compliance, and Business Ethics organization. develop a governance structure and approach. Integration into current tools helped a lot. Jean Balbo from Prudential Financial is talking about enterprise social governance. Jean is the Director of Process Management. Some notes: 1. Prudential is 137 years old, has $1 trillion in assets under management. 50000 employees, in 35 countries. 22000 employees are in the United States.

2013 132

Notes on ASK102 Ask the Product Managers

Michael Sampson - Currents

In the third-to-last slot at IBM Connect 2013, the Ask the Product Managers session is kicking off. Social integration features are great. Ditto re social integration. - (name?) - Domino Server. Focus on SAP integration, and IBM Forms. The current iNotes approach isn't ideal for XPages. Office 2013 attachment / file format isn't changing, will Domino/Notes support these? Darren - When will Quickr support Office 2013? - (Luis B) Will take this back.

2013 117

Improve Your SEO with Darwin Ecosystem’s Keyword Memes™ Drawn From Tweets

Portals and KM

Darwin Ecosystem now offers Keyword Memes for SEO solutions through our API subscription and integration services.  Darwin’s approach combats this risk as our tags are automatically correlated, unbiased and truly relevant to the expressed interest of the moment.??.

2013 163


Jenny Connected

It was suggested that we approach the MOOC in the same way as attending a big conference, i.e. be selective about what to attend and who to connect with. A different approach to scenario creation – by Penny Bentley (Click on the link to see the Slide Presentation) – But I did note that she has copyrighted her slides and this has made me wonder about the copyright implications of all the work that is being done in this MOOC.

2013 129

10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

This is the traditional “someone at the top has said this needs to happen” approach, usually accompanied by a cascade, a change initiative, communications and engagement plan, brown-bag presentations, training programmes, mugs and mouse mats.

IBM Global CMO Study: Highlights

Portals and KM

I am looking forward to attending IBM's Connect 2013 next week. The new IBM Customer Experience Suite provides CMOs with the ability to manage and integrate all types of data on their web sites and then analyze it for deeper insight into customer buying patterns and sentiment. I like IBM approach to social business as it includes both internal employee aspects and external customer aspects, as well as the integration of the two.

2013 130


Jenny Connected

It was suggested that we approach the MOOC in the same way as attending a big conference, i.e. be selective about what to attend and who to connect with. A different approach to scenario creation – by Penny Bentley (Click on the link to see the Slide Presentation) – But I did note that she has copyrighted her slides and this has made me wonder about the copyright implications of all the work that is being done in this MOOC.

2013 100

Blog Cases from 2005: Jim McGee on Knowledge Work

Portals and KM

Now as we move to 2013, I find it interesting to look back at the early days of business blogging.   Before successfully launching his blog Jim had been experimenting with several other approaches to using web technologies as part of knowledge management when he was the Chief Knowledge Officer for Diamond Technology Partners, a strategy consulting firm he helped found in 1994.

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Notes on “Deployment of SharePoint 2013 document, records and collaboration solution at AUT” (Alan Marshall, Stephen McWilliams, Shelley Tasele)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Plus various AUT wide information, events, and processes. - … … governance included decisions around authentication, integration with other systems at AUT, etc. - … … using RecordPoint for records management. Day two of the New Zealand SharePoint Conference is starting.

2014 156

Designing with introverts in mind

Chris Corrigan

The core of her message to me was this, quoting: “Please consider integrating some introvert work into your designs. A long time ago I was an introverted person and over the years that has completely changed.

2013 102

Art of Hosting beyond the basics: a new offering

Chris Corrigan

Our beyond the basics offerings is informed by and structured around learning, discovering and implementing practices that integrate these approaches to working in complex environments with complex challenges.

2013 93

The Secret to Innovation and Collaboration

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

posted on March 12, 2013 by KevinDJones. But the challenge is to integrate them into everyday work and discussion. Copyright © 2013 · · Built on the Genesis Framework Return to top of page. Services. Speaking. Speaking Details.

2013 40

The changing role of the online teacher

Jenny Connected

2013). It was thought that teaching online would require a different approach, but what should that approach be? As Gert Biesta (2013, p.45) states in his paper ‘Giving Teaching Back to Education: Responding to the Disappearance of the Teacher’. …. 2013). 2013).

2015 245

Social Connections VI – Prague

Michael Sampson - Currents

It’s always good to hear current case studies, learn about adoption approaches, and how to make IBM Connections work in organizational life. What if you would have the means to re-define a new way of working with your fellow colleagues and peers through that very same adaptation to become a successful Socially Integrated Enterprise? As you may know, I’m heading to Europe at the end of next week for a two week workshop tour.

2014 132

Reflections on Community Manager Appreciation Day

Online Community Strategy

My key hopes for next year (#CMAD 2013): That there is a more integrated approach to Community-building, as part of most organization’s social business efforts. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you all every day, including Community Managers Appreciate Day 2013. Today was the third annual Community Manager’s Appreciation Day, or #CMAD.

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Your Future with SharePoint? Looking Forward

Michael Sampson - Currents

But, if you wanted to chase success, there were a whole set of additional activities required – such as client support, business acceptance, training approaches, user manuals, and more. Earlier in this series: 1 – Your Future with SharePoint? Looking Back. Looking Forward.

2016 148

Inspiring students through research-based education

Jenny Connected

Ideas such as negotiated outcomes, student autonomy, collaborative learning and student/staff integrated research communities all need much unpicking and discussion – to make meaning through dialogue and working across boundaries. 2013).

2014 185

Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop in Switzerland – hosted by WebGate

Michael Sampson - Currents

In my book Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013) on which the workshop is based, there are a couple of case studies aligned with each of the ten core scenarios. Numerous participants mentioned the power of approaching IBM Connections from the frame of scenarios rather than features and functions. This new frame is the key idea in the book and workshop, and I was delighted that the approach resonated with so many.

Education Technology Action Group consultation


The common theme here is that at the level of policy relating to schools, the use of technology for education is being perceived as a separate, specialist area, rather than an effective and integral range of approaches and tools to support learners and learning communities. This isn’t, of course, to say that there is any shortage of schools and school staff making effective and creative use of innovative approaches that are supported, or made possible, by the use of technologies.

Conversations With a Wonderful Client

Full Circle Associates

One fundamental lesson is that as a facilitator, I need to have a diverse range of approaches, I must understand why I choose any one at any one time, and that there is potency in how we sequence and combine ways of engaging and interacting. Sometimes you just get lucky.

2015 67