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The Cisco Social Media Listening Journey

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“ Social Media is not just a fun trend, it’s something that can really help drive business value. &# – Jeanette Gibson , Director of Social Media Marketing, Cisco. Cisco has been using online social media listening as a way to inform business decisions for some time.

Cisco on Enabling the New Collaborative Workspace

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I am attending Forrester's Content & Collaboration Forum 2011. Jordan , Vice President, Communication and Collaboration IT, Cisco Systems presented a Key note: Enabling The New Collaborative Workspace. Sheila Jordan has led the transformation behind Cisco’s Integrated Workforce Experience (IWE); she will share some of the best practices and lessons that she and her team have learned to help you down a successful path of your own.”.

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Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


That’s why I’m including this entry as part of the “Reflections from 2011″ series. I know, a long time ago, but still worth while sharing across before we catch up with 2011′s, don’t you think? NO EMAIL DAY (@NoEmailDayHQ) December 30, 2011. .

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Cisco Releases Cisco Jabber - A "Unified Communications" Product

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Cisco released Cisco Jabber , offering a plethora of communication tools: " Cisco Jabber, a unified communications application that brings together presence, instant messaging (IM), voice and video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing into a single consistent experience across PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones. The technology was acquired in September 2008 , when Cisco acquired Jabber, although it hasn't done much with it since then.

Cisco Kills Cisco Mail - Will Focus on Quad and Video Instead

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Cisco held a big Collaboration event in November 2009 and announced a slew of collaboration products. One of those was a hosted email service, but barely 15 months later, the product has taken a bullet to the head: " Cisco Systems is dropping its hosted e-mail product. Apparently, Cisco Mail no longer fits into the company's win column as it makes strategic decisions about its future. Those two drivers are what led Cisco to develop Cisco Mail in the first place. "In

Adding Social Context To Enterprise Architecture

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Get ideas about where to start and how Cisco began to develop an integrated workforce experience. Social networking is redefining the workforce and creating a new frontier for enterprise architects. Increased mobility, generational shifts, new tools, and the changing digital lifestyle of workers bring an opportunity to embrace borderless relationships and foster collaboration in an open environment.

Enterprise 2.0 Five Years Later: From Tools To Platforms To Ecosystems

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To read the full post, click here (to the Cisco Collaboration blog). . In 2006, Andrew McAfee’s article on Enterprise 2.0, along with subsequent works, helped organizations think about how people use social software to more effectively share information and connect with one another. With an initial focus on tools (e.g., blogs, wikis), organizations undertaking “E2.0” initiatives began a long journey to improve the way employees build communities and collaborate on business activities.

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John Chambers on Cisco: We Will Make Changes

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John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, announced a range of changes to fix the ailing company : " Cisco Systems Inc. You will see Cisco make a number of targeted moves in the coming weeks,” Chambers said yesterday in a memo to employees at the San Jose, California-based company. Cisco has seen profitability erode and is struggling to meet sales growth goals while pushing into 30 new businesses. Cisco's collaboration business remains core to its go-forward strategy.

Minter Ellison - "One Firm" Strategy Powered by Cisco

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Law firm Minter Ellison (with 290 partners and 1,000 legal staff in Asia Pacific and the UK) has chosen a range of Cisco collaboration gear to support its "one firm" strategy. "A With Cisco business video and data centre virtualisation technology, we're making it easier for them to connect, collaborate and share information across the whole of the firm for the benefit of our clients," said Peter Westerveld, Minter Ellison's CIO. The Cisco tools are: - TelePresence.

AlphaWest Launches an Enterprise Collaboration Practice, for Cisco Quad

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AlphaWest, a subsidiary of Optus in Australia, launched a new Enterprise Collaboration Practice focus on Cisco Quad and other tools: " The practice will primarily focus on supplying new collaboration solutions, aiming to help businesses improve their communication and information sharing. At the Cisco Live event held in Melbourne, Alphawest was also one of the first local partners to show off Cisco Quad with a live demonstration.

Organization Next: Managing the Networked Workspace

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The Human Capital Institute is offering a webinar sponsored by Cisco that will air on April 26, 2011; details below: Organization Next: Managing The Networked Workspace. Social, economic, environmental, and technological forces continuously transform the relationship between organizations and employees. The traditional “workplace” is disappearing, courtesy of globalization, communications, the consumerization of IT, and recent market upheavals.

Cisco is Being "Misleading and Incompetent" about Collaboration - Phil at Skype Journal

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Phil writing for Skype Journal accuses Cisco of being misleading and incompetent when it come to collaboration : " Collaboration starts in shared intent. It makes Cisco out to be misleading and incompetent. ". In order for a meeting to happen - whether in person or via telepresence - there must be "shared intent" (Phil's phrase; I agree with the phrase, but disagree with Cisco's failing). I have a couple of items of interest on Cisco in the collaboration space.

Community management: The 'essential' capability of successful Enterprise 2.0 efforts | ZDNet

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CES 2011 The 2011 version of the Consumer Electronics Show had a tall order: Highlight upcoming. Services About Us Membership Newsletters RSS Feeds Site Map ZDNet Technology Topics Glossary Advertise Jobs Reprint Policy Popular on CBS sites: US Open | PGA Championship | iPad | Video Game Reviews | Cell Phones © 2011 CBS Interactive.

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Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

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Community Manager Appreciation Day, 2011 View more presentations from Connie Bensen. Community Manager Insights – 2011 View more presentations from Get Satisfaction. Cisco salutes CMs with this graphic, lasso time. link] 2011 Boston Community Manager Appreciation Day [.]

Enterprise 2.0 Conference: Call For Papers Community, Voting Process

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Cisco coordinates submissions so you may find these under the name of “ SGumpert ” rather than my name. For the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston this year, I have submitted three sessions that I hope the community finds helpful and relevant. Sandra is coordinating the submissions. I have elaborated on my sessions below. If you find them valuable, I hope you take the time to participate in the community process and vote for these proposals. Thanks!

Recommind Supports End-to-End eDiscovery

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Cisco is using Axcelerate to take a more proactive, strategic approach to eDiscovery. Cisco wanted to have its own enormous stores of enterprise data easily accessible ahead of any legal issues that might arise.

Cisco Cius Tablet

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I don't recall seeing anything about the Cisco Cius. With all the noise about tablets recently - especially why the Amazon Fire is so important. - While the above video is fun - the cut-through is lacking

Leadership vs. Collaboration? - Opposing and Contradictory?

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Some leaders - John Chambers at Cisco comes to mind - are trying to become more collaborative and embed collaborative ways of working within their leadership styles and organizations. Writing in 2007, Diann posits that leadership and collaboration are two opposing and contradictory concepts. Whilst leadership in a traditional sense is about a leader leading others who are the followers, collaboration is about working together and moving ahead as a team.

Lessons on the hard job of designing communities in the organization | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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Links for this week (weekly) Links for this week (weekly) Lessons on the hard job of designing communities in the organization Jun 14 2011 Share Tweet Summary : If communities have a real value for organizations, there are still few certainties about their positioning and management.

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Annotated Bibliography: Background For Literature Review Project

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2011, October 15). Cisco, IBM, Microsoft), have created products that they sell to business organizations based on SNS concepts established in this article. 2011, October 15). 2011). 2011). Due to the storm and subsequent outages that hit CT last week, my annotated bibliography is not as complete as I originally intended but it's almost there. There are several additional resources I plan to add.

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Three Requirements for Broad Adoption of Collaboration Tools

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In a blog post last July, Joe Schueller from Cisco wrote about the role of culture in Enterprise 2.0 , but more importantly about three keys to gaining broad adoption of collaboration tools in the organization: " However, to drive real value out of a collaboration platform, you need broad adoption, and frankly, leaving > 80% of the population "on the table" isn't going to cut it.

Social Networking at Work: A Business Revolution, or a Ruse? Knowledge@Wharton

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Now corporations are hoping they can tap into those capabilities as a way to improve employee productivity, collaboration and communication on the job -- and a long line of software vendors, such as Cisco, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and, along with upstarts like Yammer, are hoping to position themselves as the platform to integrate social networking and business processes.

SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Only 21 Copies Left

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You can take the lessons and apply them to your SharePoint work, or your Connections work, or your Traction TeamPage work, or your Cisco Quad work, etc. - After 3 printings in less than 2 years, there are only 21 physical copies of SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Using SharePoint to Enhance Business Collaboration (2009) left in stock. I am not doing a fourth printing. If you want a physical copy, I recommend you order one ASAP.

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What is Collaboration?

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Cisco. posted on December 20th, 2011 by Michael Sampson. © 2011 Plantronics, Inc. Free shipping on all orders.*. My Account. Where to Buy. For Technical Support 1-888-752-6876. Products & Solutions. Products For. Mobile. Office. PC & Gaming. Accessories. A-Z Products. Business Solutions. Unified Communications. Contact Center. Large Business. Small & Medium Business. Aviation & Specials. Public Sector. One-Touch Conferencing. IT Corner.

Slideshare Launches Zipcast - Online Meetings for Everyone

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This is going to hurt Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToMeeting. Slideshare changed the dynamics of giving presentations - conference speakers could now leverage their conference work to reach a broader audience beyond their assigned meeting slot, and people who didn't get an invitation to talk at the conference could put their thoughts up alongside those who did. Last week, Slideshare took a big leap into online meetings , with the launch of Zipcast.

Collaboration on Mobile Devices - Only for Viewing Documents?

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Cisco WebEx, a conferencing service, there's an App for that. David looks at the challenges of supporting people using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for business collaboration: " With the explosion of newly-available mobile computing options, many companies now support their employees’ smartphones and tablet computers. With employees increasingly ‘always on,’ new opportunities abound for better and more efficient collaboration.

Getting Ready For Enterprise Connect

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the post below sets the stage for what I'll be doing (Cisco Quad): One of the new themes at this year’s Enterprise Connect conference is “The Social Enterprise”. I will be heading to Enterprise Connect - looking forward to someplace warm without 80+ inches of snow! - The topic should be viewed as a welcome addition to the event. Until now, the Enterprise 2.0 conference has been the primary community gathering for those interested in collaboration, communities, and social networking.

Cisco Acquired Versly - to Connect Collaboration Tools with Microsoft Office

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Cisco announced the acquisition of Versly : " Cisco today announced that it has acquired privately-held Versly. Collaboration is a top priority at Cisco. With this acquisition we're enhancing our collaboration offerings and improving the user experience by integrating social technologies within the business applications individuals and teams use at work," said Murali Sitaram, vice president and general manager, Collaboration Software Group (CSG), Cisco.

My Notes: Forrester Forrester's Content & Collaboration Forum 2011

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Last week I attended Forrester's Content & Collaboration Forum 2011 and was pleased, but not surprised, to find it to be a great event. Cisco on Enabling the New Collaborative Workspace. Forrester notes that in five years, almost half of US workers, about 63 million people, will be working virtually. I am already one of them.

Talking about Mobility - a Briefing Paper by Martin White

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Although the evidence from the Global Intranet Trends report 2011 is that around 40% of the leaders in intranet implementation do have a strategy for mobile access the majority of organisations have not addressed the issue at all. There are many major IT companies with significant interests in this market sector, including Apple, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Symantec and Unisys.

Can We Extend Email Rather than Replace It? Jacob Morgan Asking

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This idea is one of the things I liked about the potential integration between Cisco Mail and Cisco Quad, but Cisco Mail just took a bullet to the head. Jacob Morgan asks whether email is the problem or the solution? : " What if when sending and receiving emails we had the ability to access shared document spaces, activity streams, project groups, and other data that we needed right from the email interface (such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook)?

I Have a Laptop and iPad Too

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I wonder if this, plus the RIM PlayBook, will be enough for Cisco to kill the Cius. Apart from the integration with Cisco TelePresence, you can already do WebEx on the iPad. The day has come, and Apple did indeed announce the second-generation of the iPad - iPad 2. The announcement was today; it will be available to buy from March 11.

Mobile Collaboration Moves Forward

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I received a review copy of the new The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Collaboration, Q3 2011 by Ted Schadler for Content & Collaboration Professionals. Skype, Box, Yammer, and Cisco as leaders in mobile strategy, determined largely by the vendor's strategy for cloud reach and the mobile app architecture (the balance between native apps and cloud services) as well as by the number of years with a mobile solution and the organizational commitment.

My KM World Session Notes: Jeremiah Owyang on Architecting a Connected Enterprise

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I am primarily posting my notes from the  2011 KM World  on the  Darwin blog. Cisco also has clear FAQs on social media use to educate their employees.  Cisco also has a its inventory on its web site, as does Panasonic. Cisco empowers employees on how to use social media internally with guidance and tools.  I will share a few key sessions here and then a list of all of them with links. I

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Mock Thesis Proposal: Personal Support Networks During Periods Of Employee Transition, Part 2

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IBM and Cisco) and consultancies (e.g., This post is Part 2 of my Mock Thesis Proposal. Part 1 is located here. The Abstract is repeated. Abstract. Social Network Sites (SNS) create multiple affordances employees leverage during their employment lifecycle. In this Masters Thesis, I examine how a SNS helps employees during transitional periods such as: joining the company, moving into a new position, and navigating through organizational disruption.

In The Next Version - Enterprise Collaboration Vendors I’m Currently Tracking

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Enterprise Collaboration SAP StreamWork For Collab Why Startups Win Over The The Renewed Focus On Gett What’s Next For Soc 3 Things I Find Wrong Wit A Look Back At 2011 In So Predictions For 2012 From Podio’s Integration Will In The Next Version. Alan Lepofskys blog about technology, travel and the occasional golf post. About. Enterprise Collaboration Vendors I’m Currently Tracking. January 7 2012 01:30:27 PM. Add/Read Comments [5].

Communities and Collaboration » Maximising the power of collective knowledge

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December 2011. November 2011. October 2011. September 2011. August 2011. July 2011. June 2011. May 2011. April 2011. March 2011. February 2011. January 2011. This is a summary of one of the breakout session I ran at the Cisco Public Services Summit , Oslo 9-11 December 2011. The cut-down version of the local government platform was launched 27 October 2011. ( [link] ).

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Towards A More Participatory Culture: Enterprise Q&A

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In October of 2011, AIIM (the Association for Information & Imaging Management, a non-profit research, community and educational association), published a survey-based report that examined social business and Enterprise 2.0 Cisco Quad already does this via its Watch List capability.

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It is done. The History of Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013)

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The idea was to define 10-12 common collaboration scenarios, and then put a variety of products through an evaluation - Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Connections, Cisco Quad, and others - to see where each excelled and didn''t excel when matched against the different scenarios.

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Boston E20 Notes: Building a Unified Communications and Collaboration Roadmap

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52% had no plans, 18% planning for 2011, 10% evaluating, 7% planning for 2012, 6% planning for 2013. 37% no plans, 20% evaluating, 16% using now, 20% planning for 2011, 5% planning for 2012.  Big vendors are Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

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