Newsgator Integrates Social Software into Core Work Process

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I have written about NewsGator on a number of occasions (see for example:  NewsGator Enhances its Social Sites 2010 Platform for SharePoint ). SharePoint is not really social software but a system of record, in this case, documents.

Twitter is Not a Social Network

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Back then APIs and device drivers were the critical connections in networks of computer hardware and software. I think of Twitter as a piece of (relatively-open) web infrastructure that can build other things over time, including social networks. #2

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Balancing Tasks & Relationships – The Art of Engagement

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Twitter Digg Facebook Delicious StumbleUpon Google Bookmarks LinkedIn Yahoo Bookmarks Technorati Favorites Print article This entry was posted by Gideon Rosenblatt on November 2, 2010 at 7:38 am, and is filed under Engagement , Mission , Relationship.

Are You Tapping “Third-Order” Engagement?

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It requires a fundamental rethink of the organization – and how its processes for creating value can be opened up to people outside the organization. Amazon’s Associate program affects the way the company runs its consumer website and the way it invests its overall software development resources. Gideon Rosenblatt Follow me on Twitter RSS Feeds Home About Movement as Network « Climate Skeptic Monument Are You Tapping “Third-Order&# Engagement?

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work – A World Without Meetings?


Isn’t it about time we shift gears, change our corporate chips and inspire an open, collaborative work environment where knowledge workers take more control, AND responsibility, for what they do … and let them do their thing? Quite an eye opener, don’t you think?

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Don’t Start with the Tools: They Are Not Your Final Destination


“ Earlier on today, I had a rather productive, and very enlightening, meeting with one customer to talk about social software adoption within the enterprise, and this very same reflection that Oscar mentioned on his blog post came up, once again. “?

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My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad


are interesting activities I am now enjoying again by opening my iPad and spending those idle moments being connected with the world or whatever else. You naturally open it up, search for what you were looking for, you find it, you display it and everyone goes WOW!

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2010 Update on IBM Social Software Efforts: Part One

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Last week I attended an IBM media event where they conveyed a number of their recent efforts in social software. I think they are innovators in the social software space, both for enterprise and Web use.  Jeff Schick, VP social software, answered this comment.

Forget Social Strategy, Think Social Philosophy: Hippie 2.0


For a successful adoption of social software within any business, it needs to be, right there, part of the company’s DNA. Yes, the good old known ROI for Social Software and how challenging it’s become to find its sweet spot. "Really? Are you serious?

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Its not the same thing – the 3 types of collaboration « Product Four

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2010 03 /20 CATEGORY Government 2.0 rhean March 21st, 2010 REPLY QUOTE nice blog and very informative writeup keep it up. link] billycripe March 30th, 2010 REPLY QUOTE a great take on collaboration and very similar to a theme that I agree whole-heartedly with.

Guidelines for Group Collaboration and Emergence « emergent by design

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effectiveness requires full commitment by all members to a sufficiently complex vision of mission and methods of group Open: territory is turbulent & fluid, success requires an open-ended, flexible apporach. Collegiality flourishes in open environments.”

My Top 5 iPhone Apps of the Week – Week #1


I guess that with 47 million iPhones sold throughout 2010 and with 20 million plus already expected for Q1 in 2011 there is very little I would probably need to add about the tremendous impact of the iPhone within the smartphone market, whether for business or for personal use.

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Enterprise 2.0: Two Success Stories on Connecting People with People to Make a Difference!


Social Software Adoption, online Communities and Knowledge Management 2.0 , amongst several other topics. Communities are still *the* major drivers of social software within any enterprise!:

The New Arithmetic of Collaboration

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The Conversation Blogs The Conversation The New Arithmetic of Collaboration 9:18 AM Thursday November 4, 2010 by Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu, Prasad Kaipa, Simone Ahuja | Comments () Email Tweet This Post to Facebook Share on LinkedIn Print Pharma giant Pfizer recently announced a $350 million partnership with Biocon, one of Asias leading biotechnology companies. Pfizer has a long tradition of open-sourcing innovation from nimble biotech firms worldwide.

Blogging for knowledge workers: incubating ideas


The first article appeared in the January 2010 issue of Informatie Professional which is currently available online for free (as far as I know only till the new issue is out) – Bloggen for kenniswerkers: weblog als buitenboordbrein (pp. The open-ended nature of a weblog helps to capture emergent insights before they can be expressed systematically. While my Dutch is still far from perfect I am happy with any opportunity to reach local audiences.

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In Frankfurt Enterprise 2.0 = Organizational Change & People Challenges

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Implementing enterprise social software platforms is changing organizations but that's a topic not being discussed widely in adopting companies because people don't like change. .

Three Big Benefits of Social Software | Blogs |

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ITBusinessEdge Newsletters Welcome, Guest Log In | Register Home Topics Resource Centers Blogs News Knowledge Network White Papers Premium Tools Events Blogs : Ann All Business of Tech Alignment, staffing and culture are often more critical than software and apps About this Blogger RSS | Next > Subscribe Sign up now and get the best business technology insights direct to your inbox. Open communication leads to emergence, or new ways of organizing content.

CoP Charter Template - The Bucket

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Powered by MindTouch Deki Express: open source enterprise collaboration and wiki software RSS feeds Users Templates Sitemap Popular pages About Edit page New page Restrict access Attach file Move page Delete page Print page Tag Email link Set page properties Talk page Watch page Techniques/Communities of Practice Templates Table of contents 1. Logged in: Logged in as: Log in The Bucket Templates CoP Charter Templat. Wiki-based Project.

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Social Intranet: Open Atrium social network for internal use

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I’m about to install and muck around with Open Atrium as an social network intranet product for a client. It’s based on social networking software Drupal, and is free to download: Social Intranet Open Atrium. Open Atrium is completely customizable.

Green Chameleon » Social Software Guides

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Social Software Guides Max Kiesler has published an extremely useful list of 40 downloadable open source social software applications (thanks Maish ).

My App Gap Posts for October 2010

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Acquia Provides Drupal Commons to Support Open Source Enterprise Collaboration. IBM Social Software 2010 Review: Part One. Here are my AppGap posts for October. I am also writing in another Corante blog, FastForward (see right side bar for links), The AppGap posts began toward the end of January 2008.    Here, I am primarily doing product commentaries with a few other things thrown in. Below are the ones for October. There will be more in November.

Top 10 Use Cases Enterprise Microsharing Will Help You Get Less Email


Instead, they are taking place out there in the open Intranet / Internet and made available publicly, by default, to everyone! and move across most of those conversations away from your Inbox into open social spaces where everyone can contribute and participate.

AvePoint to SharePoint 2010 Wannabes: Let Us Help You Get There

Michael Sampson - Currents

AvePoint announced an offer to migrate 100 GB of data from SharePoint 2007 and other systems to SharePoint 2010 : " AvePoint, a proven leader in providing infrastructure management software solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, today announced that it will offer free licenses to migrate 100 gigabytes (GB) of data from legacy content repositories to SharePoint Server 2010 with its DocAve Migrator to new customers worldwide.

Collaboration Is More Important Than Ever – 3 Barriers To Adoption


Even way before the time when social software tools kicked in within the corporate world! They haven’t done so in the past and they won’t start now, even with the emergence of these social software tools we are all familiar with.

19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences


This is especially true with information like testing the virtual meeting software, getting into sessions, protocols during sessions, time zones, etc. Open discussions have worked, but they are risky. I was recently asked me about my recommendations for conducting effective online conferences (virtual conference). They had attended the LearnTrends free online conference. This conference has been run for a few years now and is tentatively scheduled for November 15-17 this year.

MindTouch 2010 Provides Intelligent Product and Services Documentation

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I recently spoke again with Aaron Fulkerson, their Co-Founder and CEO, on MindTouch 2010. MindTouch was first released in 2006 as an Open Source wiki-based platform. Then in 2009 they released a commercial version that sits on top of the free Open Source core.

Mapping at the Big Society Network Open Night

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One experiment we tried at the recent Big Society Network Open Night was asking anyone who wanted to lead a discussion to step to the front, pitch, form a group, chat, report back. Drew turned the data into the map using the Yed mapping software.

IBM’s Lotusphere 2010 Highlights – A Proposal for DIA


Yes, of course, I am talking about last week’s IBM’s Lotusphere 2010 event that took place from the 17th till 21st of January. As you may have noticed, it’s been a bit over a week since the last time I have been able to put together a blog post over here.

Web Analytics Best Practices from Webtrends Engage 2010 New Orleans

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  I am attending the Webtrends Engage 2010 event in New Orleans. Derek opened the session and said it offer what are features in Webtrends Analytics that do not often get discussed but are very useful. You can do this by moving data into Mapviewer software, a third party product.

Community as Curriculum – vol 2. The Guild/Distributed Continuum


Peters, Education in the Creative Economy: Knowledge and Learning in the Age of Innovation, New York: Peter Lang, 2010. This text is an extract of a forthcoming book ((Spring 2010) Education in the Creative Economy: Knowledge and Learning in the Age of Innovation, a book edited by Araya and Peters and Published by Peter Lang. Guilds can work, particularly when they are open and people think of them as part of the whole knowledge building structure.

10 Community Manager Responsibilities that Don't Involve Twitter.


HR india April 6, 2010 at 1:01 am Que peut bien faire ton père ? September 4, 2010 at 2:48 am { 27 comments… read them below or add one } Rachel Happe March 17, 2010 at 9:55 am Itamar – Great post. Reply Hugo March 17, 2010 at 10:01 am Well done, Tamar.

My Favorite Tweets for July 1 - 15 2010

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RT @ DearingGroup : Enterprise Social Software: Second Coming of Enterprise Portals? RT @ roundtrip : RT @ olivermarks : [link] 'Open Enterprise 2009' Winners One Year On @ meganmurray. link] July 2, 2010. 'Activity 'Activity Streams' Will Be the Glue of Your Online Life [link]  July 2, 2010. Here is the twenty first in a series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information. 

Three Elements You Need for Successful Creation Spaces - John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison - Harvard Business Review

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We pointed to World of Warcraft , and touched on SAPs Software Developer Network (SDN), and the world of big wave surfing. pointed to World of Warcraft , and touched on SAPs Software Developer Network (SDN), and the world of big wave surfing.


Free productivity tools to be thankful for

Leading Virtually

With an additional click, I am able to open and use the document. I got tired of the bloated anti-virus software I used to install from Norton or McAfee. . Among the many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving was a set of free tools that I have been using for years now.

Collaboration – If it Were That Easy We Would all Do It – Well

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Stay Informed Add Our RSS Feed Follow Us On Twitter Get Email Updates Top Articles CMSWire Top Articles What is SharePoint 2010? Email It Buzz it Tag It Stumble It Add RSS Tweet Share Featured Research 4 Reader Comments 1 | Lucas Lu — August 9, 2010 6:21 PM Great post Carl!


Building a Solid Library of Use Cases


Asking Questions Openly: And, finally, one of my favourite business practices and use cases that I keep advocating for in terms of helping knowledge workers transition from the good old mantra of ‘ knowledge is power ’ to ‘ knowledge shared is power ’.

An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks « emergent by design

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An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks March 16, 2010 tags: civilization , evolution , social networks , society by Venessa Miemis This weekend I experienced a snowcrash; a moment where the seemingly disparate pieces of information floating in my head came together. I opened the account the week that Twitter Lists was introduced. Reply March 18, 2010 Venessa Miemis permalink thanks for support. Reply March 16, 2010 petervan permalink Fabulous post.

Enterprise 2.0 Boston June 2010 Highlights: Making Technology Work in Organizations

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thought leaders and software vendors gathered in Boston starting June 14 for the conference that grew from Andrew McAfee's 2006 MIT Sloan Review article The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration and became the book. . As Marc Smith's Node XLS map reveals, recognized and aspiring Enterprise 2.0

News Updates (January 22, 2010)

Michael Sampson - Currents added an integrated file viewer to its service, enabling users to view files in the browser without having to open the actual authoring application. " IBM's Lotus Connections software is getting several upgrades as it speeds towards a fourth version of its release for the second half of 2010, an IBM executive told eWEEK at Lotusphere 2010 Jan. SharePoint 2010 Online. Don't Forget to Talk!!

News Updates (January 15, 2010)

Michael Sampson - Currents

As part of this investment in open IBM technology, Panasonic will migrate employees from Microsoft Exchange or other collaboration software to LotusLive for email, calendaring and contact management. Alfresco announced an integration with Lotus software. Alfresco Software, Inc. In addition, partners such as Quest, Binary Tree and Casahl Technology plan new migration software. Mindjet offers its review of 2010 , including the Mindjet for iPhone application.