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Etsy is a funky boutique of an online community, an independent online marketplace for handmade products and vintage goods where hand made jewellry, with tailor made skirts and vintage jackets live side by side with chocolates and photography. November 2009: 3.4

Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

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As tomorrow is an historic day – The Australian and other sites move behind the paywall – what WILL we pay for, what SHOULD we pay for and what OTHER revenues streams are being missed by refusal to build online communities around their content?

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Blog of an online community facilitator. Tags: online_facilitation online_community community_managers

Online Community Software | Leverage Software

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Leverage Software Who We Are What We Do Client Stories Community Contact Us (415) 946-6164 Leverage Your People Leverage Your Employees Leverage Your Channel Leverage Your Citizens Leverage Your Customers Take The Tour! vendor community socialnetwork_km

Australia Enterprise: list of business online communities

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A “top list&# of social networks and online communities for business and corporate. Not blogs - they must have community features of many-to-many discussions, leaders, UGC etc. Australian Businesswomen’s Network - run mentoring programs (private community). Australian Women Online - supporting women in business. Australia’s community for solo & micro business. Tagline: Brand Yourself Online ). QuickBooks Community - from Intuit.

The 11 Fundamental Laws Of Building Online Communities - The Online Community Guide

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Richard is also the the author of the Online Community Manifesto. « Why Havent Your Fans Created An Online Community? Main | Stages Of Community » The 11 Fundamental Laws Of Building Online Communities 1. You must have a community manager.

2011 24

The Role of Leaderboards in Online Communities

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The leaderboard recognises their value to the community in which they are placed. Reading the discussion will highlight what value the lists bring the community. Consider Twitter, and its prominent display of community members’ stats. It can grow certain behaviours online.

Private Online Communities and Voice of the Customer

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Communispace Home Contact Us Newsletter Sitemap Search Community Solutions Company Clients Research News Communispace. Private Online Communities. What we do Since 1999, we have created and managed more than 300 online customer communities to help our clients deeply engage with, and listen to, customers in ways that deliver extraordinary insights, generating phenomenal business results.

5 steps to a social media marketing campaign

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I started with explaining the structure of connecting to social networks and then pointed out that campaigns are just one – but crucial – feature of engaging with online communities. More than listen/stalking, really understand what the community are doing.

Building Online Community Through Email Noodges


Email is the annoying little brother of online communities: pesky, poking, insistent. But online communities are just one of millions of destinations competing for your community members' attention. When planned and well-written, emails are effective at gently nudging people back to your community. Many community systems send an automatic response when a user joins. Martin Reed offers some good tips on using Welcome emails to build community.

7 Levels of Social Media Engagement

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LinkedIn is blocked because someone mentioned someone once found a job on this online community. The online community is unaware they are being listened to, and couldn’t care less if they were. The role of the community is to forward on the material, but ssshhh!

Dealing with Suicide On Your Online Community or Forums: How You Can Help and Protect Everyone

Managing Communities

As a community manager or administrator, the situations we have to deal with are as varied as life itself. For all talk about the online and offline worlds being different, at the end of the day, they have more in common than they do dissimilar. Tags: Dealing with Users Managing Staff Managing the Community Thinking Unfortunately, this is not just the fun, easy parts of [.].

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

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Technorati Tags: counter , Facebook , Gary Hayes , numbers , Online Communities , social media , social networks , statistics , Twitter , youtube. Tags: Online Communities social media social networks statistics counter Facebook Gary Hayes numbers Twitter youtube Social Media statistics: Ever wondered how many people are blogging, uploading videos, tweeting right at this very minute ?

Ripple: Social Network Influencers

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But it does show that influencers can bridge social networks carrying the information across from one community to another. Don’t try a campaign that has a “big quick or lose out&# appeal online.

Why people participate in online communities

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The Next Web » Why people participate in online communities - The Next Web advertising Apple digg Europe facebook five questions for start-ups funding funny germany google Inspiration iphone marketing Microsoft mmm mobile music myspace russia search social network social networks Start-ups TechCrunch thenextweb2008 twitter united kingdom Video Interview yahoo youtube Home About Advertise Contact Team Archives The Next Web Conference 2009 will take place on April 15, 16 and 17 in Amsterdam.

Facebook: How to View Newsfeed of a Friends List

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In 2009, I gave some detailed instructions on how to set up a list and then view the newsfeed of that list. Facebook Online Communities social media social networks filter groups lists newsfeed online community social network

Online Community Roundtable – now Online Community Tribe

Online Community Strategy

Howdy Folks – you may have noticed a name change to the Online Community Roundtable group. The primary motivation was to give a home to all the great activity that has sprung up with community managers and strategists around the #octribe tag.


Building Social Business: 5 Skills for Online Community Managers

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Leveraging Community thinking. To think about it - online communities are like "Pages" on facebook (like this blogs page on Facebook, or the HR Professionals community ) while a social network is what you see when you log into your Facebook account. Lets build a community.

2004 11

Australia Social Finance: List of Peer to Peer loans and p2p banks

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Remember a bank holds money that the community members have each - for example, salaries, or savings. Then the bank manager takes the community money and decides who to give loans to - back to a community member.

P2P 40

Online Community Engagement Lifecycle

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Summary: In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all the action. Technorati Tags: amy jo kim , building online communities , dion hinchcliffe , jakob neilsen , social networks.

Social Media and The Cone of Silence – Victoria Department of Justice

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If the person I am employing (through taxes) to do work for my community is on my communication channel, I expect to be able to speak to them. We want to consult with the community does not stack up when comments are turned off.

Are we a tribe?

Connectable Dots

Several weeks ago I met with Bill Johnston , Randy Farmer and Kaliya Hamlin in preparation forlast week’s Online Community Unconference , dubbed #ocu2009 this time around. What do we need for our community of people who tend to the many needs of online communities?

Facebook: Iceland Constitution and Gov 2.0

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The main online community Facebook – and other social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Livestreaming – have been appropriated for the Icelandic Government’s communications channels to it’s own people.

Social Marketing vs Traditional Marketing Mix

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What is the marketing mix - online, offline, direct, TV, social - that is optimum for brands? It’s amusing to see commentary like this being bandied around amongst some of the media community who are clearly ill informed and have little to no understanding of the broader media landscape. We’ve seen the dodgy stuff that comes out of dealing seperately with the traditional vs the online/new/interactive departments.

YouTube - What is Online Community to you? (YT's biggest collab!)



Online Community Building Strategy: Good Advice From Nancy White

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Print this article July 29, 2009 ? Online Community Building Strategy: Good Advice From Nancy White Building an online community is in my opinion the best investment you can make toward guaranteeing yourself greater influence, authority and opportunity for business.

Twitter: Skittles does a twitter bomb

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Tags: Online Communities fisting social networks Twitter brand velociroflcoptersaurus skittles

Media140 Sydney: Social Media Twitter & Journalism

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I spoke at Media140 Sydney – I want to highlight some of the “arguments&# used against social media by the panels, also focus on Everybody co-creating The Human Narrative and the diminishing role of journalists who take news from one part of the community and deliver it to another part: It’s not YOUR content. Feel free to retire your press card and pick up a keyboard – the sooner you become part of the Community and not outside of it, the more likely you will be to survive.

Online Community Tribe round-up

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Posts on Online Community Tribe writing assignment, for Tuesday July 14, the second Tuesday this month. Tags: Community OCTribe Online Community identitiy influencers Standing out in the crowd , from my Flickrstream.

Telstra and shutting down NowWeAreTalking social media site

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We bookmarked stuff, blogged about it – linking to it for reference and felt part of a discussion, a community. If Telstra thinks however that customer discussions online IS an important strategy, they might want to show it a little more!

Australia: Jobs in Online Communities

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Online communications. Warner Music Australia is recruiting for a Web / Online Content Editor to join the Marketing & Promotions division. This is a very ‘hands on’ role with the primary responsibility for writing, publishing and maintaining multiple consumer facing online and mobile content initiatives for Warner Music Australia. . Typical initiatives may include: Local and international artist’s online / mobile websites / social networking widgets.

How NOT to do Customer Service on Twitter Crucial Paradigm

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Tags: CSR Online Communities Twitter blogs customer service social media social networks crucial paradigm

Monetizing Online Communities

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It’s really about “what is money&# – the community requirements, how community uses money, that all money even “real&# money is virtual. Monetizing Online Communities is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy. Technorati Tags: dollars , laurel papworth , Monetization , Money , Online Communities , revenue , social media , social networks. Monetizing: Virtual Goods venture capital 2009 (2).

Online Community Workshops in Sydney

Nancy White

Tuesday saw Matt Moore of Innotecture and I at the Australian Technology Park facilitating two half day workshops on online communities. The morning’s small groups enabled us to go into details with each person and what they wanted to do online.

Online Community Rituals: Social Niceties and Change

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Technorati Tags: Online Communities , patterns of behavior , Rituals , social networks. Tags: Online Communities Rituals Twitter social media social networks patterns of behavior

The 10 Commandments of Community Management (Keynote)


Nice slide deck on online community management. Tags: online_community online_facilitation community_managers

Beeline Labs " Blog Archive " New online community study: what's working, what's in the way, advice from trenches

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Home Blog About Us Services News Contact Communities Marketing 2.0 6. Have dynamic community leaders : “Make sure you devote enough time to managing the community; letting it fester is worse than not having it in the first place.”

Facebook Credit: Zuckerberg next Treasurer of the Internet App2User

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Social Networks and Online Communities – maybe Twitter? Even coins don’t actually cost $2 to make, they “represent&# a collective, community value of what is worth $2. These efforts amounted to $41,390 for the first quarter of 2010; the 2009 total was $207,878.

How to add Friends to Groups or Lists or Filters in Facebook

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Tags: social media Online Communities social networks groups friends howto filters profile lists tutorial Facebook

Online Community Building Strategy Advice

Nancy White

Online Community Building Strategy: Good Advice From Nancy White. Tags: community community indicators We are having record breaking heat here in Seattle and I just don’t have the energy to jump into my stack of half drafted blog posts. So I’ll take advantage of Robin Good’s interview with me in Rome earlier this month! Thanks, Robin! Gee, I do talk fast). Edit: It appears that Robin has some other videos from that day on YouTube here , here and here.