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Awareness Report Shows Significant Rise in Enterprise Social Media - Will It Continue?

Green Chameleon

in 2008.&# It shows that social media initiatives are on are increasing and continue to evolve. There is a focus on the deeper and broader integration of Web 2.0 Highlights include: Employers are starting to allow social media participation more freely in their organizations: The number of organizations that allow social networking for business purposes has increased dramatically to 69 percent in 2008 up from 37 percent last year.

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Collaborative Thinking: Augmenting Search Via Tags & Bookmarks

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Microsoft UC (OCS) Presentations and Demos | Main | Videos from ODC 2008 » February 22, 2008 Augmenting Search Via Tags & Bookmarks Worth reading (via ReadWriteWeb ): This leads to the big question: what will be the next big thing that substantially improves search quality? Meanwhile, social bookmarking sites like

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What can development organizations do with Web2.0 tools?

Joitske Hulsebosch

tools (free or at low cost) You can integrating web2.0 In the wiki there are links to Dgroups , as a discussion forum, Blogger weblogs and google calendars for event planning. And I'd almost forget the feeds from the social bookmarking site delicious. Integrate web2.0 In their website , they integrated flickr photo sets, Youtube videos, and a link to the weblog and wiki. A special technology which is helpful in integrating web2.0

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Fast Forward Summit Notes – Andrew McAfee

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I found out that he was the first blogger at Harvard Business School and that now there are two. Andrew provided a recap of 2008 for him so far in the two parts of his professional life - in the classroom and the outside world - these are very different for him. 2008 Conference Notes ). tools are proving ways to integrate with traditional enterprise applications and a number of the enterprise applications are providing open APIs to facilitate this integration.

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Instant Communities: List of companies that provide Web Collaboration Suites or Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Community

One of my most popular index lists is the list of companies that provide White Label Social Networking solutions , in fact there’s over 60 in that space. These tools may have social networking features, that’s optional, but should certainly scale to it.

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Dotster Connect: All-In-One Social Networking Solution

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

The biggest differences between the two are the number of options presented for building out a social network, and the amount of customization available for the social networks. The goal is to provide “affordable&# and scalable social networking capabilities to businesses.

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Email Photos to All of Your Social Networks with Pikchur

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There aren’t any import options for automatically bringing in photos from other photo-sharing sites for redistribution purposes, but a little bird has told me that Pikchur is working on some upcoming Flickr integration, so perhaps such import options will be added in the near future.

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SharePoint My Sites: It ain’t just about profiles, people. « Connected

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It uses the Business Data Catalog to accomplish this, similar to how Lotus Connections uses Directory Integrator to bring data into the Profiles database and synchronize it with its sources, which is included with the Connections license.

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Full Circle Associates " Notes from the Seattle Online Community Meetup

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Any social graph representations? New social forms are arising. If you are a K scale blogger segregated area. Some people feel more connected as a part of the connection in that social web. Lots of social network stuff is just cool shiny factor.

My Top 10+ Blog Traffic Sources

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In 8 Simple Ways to Penetrate Social Media Clutter , I recommended that you leverage multiple traffic sources. Entrecard , a traffic exchange for bloggers - Admittedly, Entrecard provides me with lots of worthless traffic. Fortunately, however, the site provides me with some great traffic too and an opportunity to build key relationships with other bloggers. Start by encouraging your website visitors and friends on social networking sites to follow you on Twitter.

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AroundMe Offers Free Software to Create Your Own MySpace

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With this tool you can make your own website and layer in social networking components such as wikis, blogs, and forums. OpenID integration is one of the options that can be extended to the end users as well. Digg Technorati Cosmos Reddit Yahoo My Web File on Furl Blog this on: Blogmemes Livejournal Blogger Wordpress Socializer Link to this: Related Posts AROUNDMe Collaboration Server 1.6 2 Crea tu propia red social con AROUNDMe Says: June 19th, 2007 at 3:00 pm [.]

KickApps Launches Version 2.0

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March 26, 2007 - 9:02 pm PDT - by Kristen Nicole 3 Comments KickApps , a social network provider, will announce its Version 2.0 Additionally, KickApps also offers webcam integration for your site, making it easy to create a community of folks that like to sit in front of their computers.

Yappd is a Visual Twitter Clone

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There’s both SMS and email integration with which to do this. Digg Technorati Cosmos Reddit Yahoo My Web File on Furl Blog this on: Blogmemes Livejournal Blogger Wordpress Socializer Link to this: Related Posts Visual Twitter Clone Yappd Acquired; By Who?

2007 36 Launches A Ning Competitor

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They’ve also integrated the Google AdSense API, so site admin can earn 50% of revenue displayed on their network. These tools include chat, the creation of media albums, forums, groups, polls, ecards, bookmarks and top users. else you could think of to add into a social network.