Technology: trust in virtual teams

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John Gundry wrote a paper on trust in virtual teams trying to 'unpeel the onion about trust'. A team member is trustworthy if he/she: - Acts in our and the team's best interest - Is trustful - Keeps his/her promises or tells us when they can't keep them - Respects the citation and/or protection of information we send them - Shares mutually -valuable information with us Thinking outloud: in communities of practice and web2.0

The social networks of virtual teams - The Bumble Bee

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Manifesto | About | Contact | Library | Gallery | Archives | Site map The social networks of virtual teams April 21, 2006 | article by Ken Thompson in Bioteams Features (83) Stumble It! Such a team may be the last to know of important changes in its environment.

Technology: how to develop the Dutch online competences?

Joitske Hulsebosch

There is an interesting article called communication and trust in global virtual teams by Leidner and Jarvenpaa, which I also blogged about here. They talk about swift trust and their questions is: from where is trust imported to the global virtual team and how is trust maintained via electronic communication? I talked to Jos van Brummelen who is doing his thesis for the Erasmus University in Rotterdam about communities of practice.

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Column 2 : Enterprise 2.0: Reports from the Frontier

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Reports from the Frontier First after lunch is a panel that includes Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps from NetAge , who I saw present this morning, plus Sujatha Bodapati of ProdexNet (an IT services company with a large Indian offshore development lab) and Carole Boudinet of Volvo IT (which doesn’t make cars, but provides IT services such as SAP customization within the global group of Volvo companies), discussing more on the people side of Enterprise 2.0.

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How Twitter Changes Everything at Enterprise 2.0

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Co-author of six books, she is an expert on virtual teams, networked organizations, and social media. Writes Portals and KM blog [link] Speaker - Clara Shih , Social Networking Alliances and Products Strategy at and Author, The Facebook Era, Clara Shih joined in 2006 and is responsible for Enterprise Social Networking Alliances and Product Strategy. When I was thinking of a title for a session on Twitter at the Enterprise 2.0

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Open Parenthesis » Liveblogging Enterprise 2.0 - Jeffrey Stamps and Jessica Lipnack - Decide to Network

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Four networks make up the enterprise: - Organizational network and working network (public) - Knowledge networks and social networks (private) Whenever things are not working well, use these common network principles: Purpose (Why), Nodes (Who) , Links (How) , Time (When) Key virtual team behaviors, based on the common network principals. We have to learn together how to work in the new virtual teams.

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In a virtual world, what do we mean by “Community”? « Driving innovation in a digital world

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Home About Archives Driving innovation in a digital world Feeds: Posts Comments In a virtual world, what do we mean by “Community&# ? For a virtual community to survive, some key ingredients are required: A common, stated purpose (affinity). Wikinomics (2006).

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The tension in collaboration

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In particular, teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources.” Four Groups Blog 24/8/2008 The Tension in Collaboration Summary There is a tension at the heart of our efforts to collaborate.

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Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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review team—which included members from. Positioning, Customer Advocacy, Engineering, Global Supply Chain Management, Human. in Cisco’s Global Supply Chain 47 Cisco on Cisco: Cisco Creates an Executive. technologies such as virtual workspaces, social networking tools, web conferencing. overload (from email and its ilk), globalization, and partnering (through increased outsourcing. and virtual companies), have put collaboration in. virtual environment?

Publishing Enterprise Content To Facebook

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Roo Reynolds, Metaverse Evangelist for IBM will share how corporations are already embracing virtual worlds such as Second Life, including real examples of what does and doesn’t work, as well as discussing the bigger opportunities for business. Giovanni Piazza, Global Director of KnowledgeWeb (Intranet) Programme, Ernst & Young will discuss how, enabled by usability efforts, Ernst & Young has begun a journey to provide the right advanced capabilities within a search tool.

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At the Corner of Assertiveness & Cooperation: Collaboration > Trust Matters

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