Formalizing stories about community leadership

Learning Alliances

—- References: Esther Derby and Diana Larsen, Agile Retrospectives; making good teams great (Raleigh, NC: The Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2006) [link]. Jerome Bruner, Making Stories; Law, Literature, Life (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002) [link]. I’m working with several meta-communities: communities of practice made up of people who are themselves supporting communities.

Tinkering with the system won’t help reinvent the purpose of education

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In this she discusses the close relationship/friendship between Montaigne and Étienne de La Boétie and, in relation to this, refers to Boétie’s treatise ‘On Voluntary Servitude’.

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Inspiring students through research-based education

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References. 2002). Research-based education was the focus of a one day conference at University College London (UCL)- this week (Thurs 3 April).

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If space is a becoming what kind of spaces do we need for learning?

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She first wrote about smooth and striated space way back in 2004, basing that paper on the ideas of Deleuze and Guattari (1988) about the limiting effects of hierarchical, striated spaces (see list of references). NLC2016: Sian Bayne keynote references (posted by Sian on Twitter).

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The Divided Brain: Trying to be Sane in an Insane World

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The question of whether and how trust can be restored in a modern democracy was the subject of Onora O’Neill’s 2002 Reith lectures. In closing this session Iain referred to some of the philosophical movements that are the subject of the second part of his book The Master and His Emissary.

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Online Community Toolkit | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Planning, Designing and Running Online Events Designing Online Events Online Events Assessment Tool Case History: CGIAR’s Gender & Diversity “Creating Connections Online&# Report (Aug 2002) LINK Evaluation Examples: 2002 and Net*Working 2004 Online Event Evaluation Report (nice to see a full event evaluation!) I just wished I’d had a chance to tell everyone how I started following you back in 2002 (I think) when I first found your Online Community Toolkit. [.]

Preview of the Living Lab for (digital) life

Social Reporter

How social landlords and residents can use digital technology – 2002.

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Reviving Community Indicators – Learning

Nancy White

For long time readers of this blog, you know I’ve been obsessed with “signs of life&# from communities which I call “ community indicators.&#

MirandaNet: Social Networking trivial or mind expanding?

Community Capers

Some members act as e-facilitators or braiders who help to shape the argument, provide interim summaries and change the direction of the discussion (Preston, 2002; Preston & Holmes, 2002; Cuthell, 2005). The term CoPs was coined by Lave & Wenger (1991) with acknowledgement that it refers to a human process of working and learning together that has been operating for centuries (e.g., References. 2002). Holmes (2002). 2002). 2002).

Learning to Change - Changing to Learn


Last week one of folks I follow in Twitter, John Hovell , shared a link to perhaps one of the most thought-provoking, controversial, enlightening and spot on YouTube video links I can remember since I started getting exposed to social software back in 2002!

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NLC2016 Hotseat notes: Boundaries and Limits of Networked and Connected Learning

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Packing your cases to follow the actors… Selected references and further reading. Barry Wellman (2002). The second Networked Learning Conference 2016 Hotseat was a much quieter affair than the first, but none the worse for that. The topic, facilitated by Sonia Livingstone was – Boundaries and Limits of Networked and Connected Learning . Sonia posted 4 topics for us to discuss: Experience of networked and connected learning, their boundaries and limits.

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Business models for communities

Learning Alliances

The tubodudes in Wenger, McDermott and Snyder (2002), for example, had a business model that was just assumed as a norm in the book: the organization (Shell) provided all the resources and captured most of the value that the community produced.

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Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

The Fourth Estate now most commonly refers to the news media; especially print journalism, referred to hereon as “The Press” Oscar Wilde wrote: “ In old days men had the rack.

Exploring the Divided Brain – Trying to be sane in an insane world

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Iain thinks we need to be more modest in our material demands (see William Ophuls’ books in the reference list); we need to know each other better, to be the change we want to see in others, and instead of fighting the existing paradigm, create a new one which renders the old one obsolete.

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organizational responsiveness

Taming the spaces

Milliken and colleagues noted that: “shared organizational values provide important reference points and lenses for interpreting the significance and interconnectedness of environmental changes (1990).

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The Riddle of Online Resonance (third instalment)

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Much has been written about weak, strong and latent ties and the strength of weak ties, which Haythornthwaite (2002, p. References. 2002) Strong, weak and latent ties and the impact of new media, 18, 385-401. Here is the third and final instalment of our paper on e-resonance. You can find the PDF of the full article here – The Riddle of Online Resonance. Two prior instalments have been posted here and here.

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Rules for (digital)ecosystem growth and development?

Taming the spaces

Some important terms to understand theromodynamics in ecosystem: Exergy is the maximum amount of work the system can perform relative to an environmental reference state; therefore, a system with greater exergy is moved further from its reference state and further from thermodynamic equilibrium.

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Teachers & xWeb – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3,x

e-Moderation Station

In fact,it´s also referred to as Web 3.0, Seemed far-fetched in 2002, but seems scarily more likely now! Subscribe to the comments for this post? Tweet This! Share this on Facebook. Add this to Google Reader. Email this to a friend? Share this on Email this via Gmail.

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Building Social Business: What Is Social Collaboration in an Organization

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

In my opinion, while collaboration in the traditional sense refers to picking whom you want to reach out to, sharing your assumptions, objectives and negotiating with him/her, arriving at a consensus and going forth. Building Social Business At the intersection of Enterprise 2.0

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Blog networking study: establishing and maintaining relations via blogging


2002) to propose that communication includes relational aspects as well as information exchange. KM bloggers refer to “personal details&# on weblogs that help to get to know others, but those serve as conversation starters as well (it is similar in other studies, e.g. bloggers in the study by Lori Kendall (2007) report that posts with something amusing or trivial received more comments than others). 2002).

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Getting to "we"

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Denning Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA Peter Yaholkovsky Grass Valley, CA Publisher ACM New York, NY, USA Bibliometrics Downloads (6 Weeks): 26, Downloads (12 Months): 593, Citation Count: 0 Additional Information: abstract references index terms collaborative colleagues Tools and Actions: Review this Article Save this Article to a Binder Display Formats: BibTex EndNote ACM Ref DOI Bookmark: Use this link to bookmark this Article: [link] What is a DOI?

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10 years and still going

Chris Corrigan

Ten years ago on September 6, 2002 I launched this blog with an innocuous little link to an on lie art project ground through Euan Semple. So this blog has been a saving grace – a place where I can jot down notes, record great links and sources and leave a legacy for my own reference. I called the blog Parking Lot, which is the term facilitators use for a flip chart where we record things that are off topic to the subject at hand, but important enough to come back to.

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More IBM Research on Enterprise 2.0 – Activities and Other Tools

Portals and KM

Since work units were frequently persistent structures to which groups of users referred often, they were willing to spend more time organizing and tagging the information. and the Ryder knowledge management system was featured in a number of articles and named to the CIO 100 for 2002 as “a KM center that links sales and marketing with operations and supply chain management.” Here is some interesting research from IBM on the effects of a set of enterprise 2.0 tools.

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‘This is a private conversation!’ When we need an official to intervene


Schegloff, E.A., 'Beginnings in the telephone', in Perpetual contact , Cambridge, 2002, p285-286. I'm enchanted to discover that there is such a thing as the National Campaign for Courtesy. I bet they get some spam.

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Instant Communities: List of companies that provide Web Collaboration Suites or Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Community

I get asked by a lot of folks to provide recommendations for products, often there’s too many companies to keep analyze, so I make these lists and refer folks to them.

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Missing links

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Publisher ACM New York, NY, USA Bibliometrics Downloads (6 Weeks): 26, Downloads (12 Months): 408, Citation Count: 0 Additional Information: abstract references index terms collaborative colleagues Tools and Actions: Review this Article Save this Article to a Binder Display Formats: BibTex EndNote ACM Ref DOI Bookmark: Use this link to bookmark this Article: [link] What is a DOI? REFERENCES Note: OCR errors may be found in this Reference List extracted from the full text article.

Community of practice - EduTech Wiki

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Nurturing identities 6 Communities of practice in the context of teacher education and learning 7 Examples of technology enhanced communities of practice 8 Links 9 References Definitions Communities are networks, made up of individuals as well as public and private institutions. Wenger, 2002) Communities can be considered as problem-solving mechanisms which contribute to establishing policy agendas and offer mechanisms to facilitate processes for negotiation between different actors.

Stowe Boyd: Building Social Applications at Climb to the Stars (Stephanie Booth)

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Journal where you can integrate music references.

2007 36 Visual Meetings Arrives at The Grove

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His experience at Pfieffer publishing reference books in organizational development led him to our website and our work. 

Who Knows What? | Compliance Building

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Six Myths About Informal Networks— and How to Overcome Them By Rob Cross, Nitin Nohria and Andrew Parker (Spring 2002) Informal groups of employees do much of the important work in companies today. Great references.

Green Chameleon » Snake Oil

Green Chameleon

This is why TD Wilson’s case against KM as a relabelled version of information management doesn’t hold up, however closely argued it is, and however many citation indexes or websites it refers to.

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The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online

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But only since the arrival of low-cost, instantaneous, ubiquitous collaboration has it been possible to migrate the core of those ideas into diverse new realms, like writing enterprise software or reference books. Wired Home Subscribe Sections Cars 2.0

Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks : a conceptual framework

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9 References 49. The term refers to a set of connections. The network aspect refers to the set of relationships, personal interactions, and connections. The community aspect refers to the development of a shared identity around a topic or set of. personal narratives refer to the experience of participants. 2002). and references, search capabilities, visualization tools, and other socio-informational structures. Promoting and assessing.

Community as Curriculum – vol 2. The Guild/Distributed Continuum


It has a distinct connection to the traditional academic knowledge model, with its interlinking references and people. In this rhizomatic model, the roles of the expert, authority, and reference in knowing all change considerably. It is a learning community that was created out of an event are sometimes created out of an existing event, as the Web heads were in 2002 and continue to be a strong supportive community. References. “Community as Curriculum“, in: D. Facilitation Mastery: Experiencing the Four Flows

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Inbetween is our experience of “energy”—meaning the movement, dynamics,and emotional body of a group— and “information,” referring to human’sability to think symbolically in words, pictures and numbers.

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Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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The Rise (and Fall) of Friendster Friendster launched in 2002 as a social complement to Ryze. References Acquisti, A., & JCMC Home Submit Issues Author Index Editors About JCMC boyd, d. & Ellison, N. 2007). Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship.

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Co-creation | Jack Martin Leith

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that will bring the new creation into being (represented by the arrows in the diagram below, and referred to as intervention throughout this article) To create this design specification, the following groundwork is undertaken: State the non-negotiables (the musts and must nots). Vision Mural: This is how we will make the world a better place in 2007 (the mural was created in 2002).

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The returns on Communities - KnowledgeBoard

John Tropea - Delicious Community

References and bibliography: [1] Richard McDermott, 2002; Measuring the impact of communities ; Knowledge Management Review.

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Social Networks And Group Formation - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Degree of a point refers to the number of nodes connected to a given node. Control refers to the extent to which nodes depend on one specific node to communicate with other nodes. References Backstrom, L.,

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John Tropea - Delicious Community

2002 Jul. 2001- Jul 2002. problem database, which is referred to as Problem DB, if the claim happened for the first time (CP-1, AL for. the owner of DL-I, which we refer to as ‘the executive’. References. [1] Capital”, Communications of the ACM , 45, 4, 2002, pp. CENTER FOR. COLLECTIVE. INTELLIGENCE. Working Paper Series. How can people and computers be connected so. that-collectively-they act more intelligently than.

Life With Alacrity: Dunbar Triage: Too Many Connections

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When I first joined RYZE in 2002 [ no longer an active member] I mapped out my 1 and 2 step network there. from: [link] Edge.orgs Question Page of 2002 - by Adrian Scott. Life With Alacrity Alacrity, noun. From the Latin alacritus meaning promptitude.

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Innovation and Communities of Practice

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Generative” refers to the properties of self-sustaining, self-improving, self-evolving, and self-propagating. Harvard Business School Pres, 2002 CommunityIntelligence Ltd Co. An interview with John Seely Brown, in CSC World Spring/Summer 2002, [link] 12 How Does Your Knowledge Flow? Log in Other login options: Facebook Connect New to Scribd? Sign Up for a free account today Why Sign up? Start downloading documents right away.

Anecdote - Whitepapers - Building a collaborative workplace

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In November 2002, a large number of atypical pneumonia cases occurred in Guangdong Province, China. REFERENCES 1. What we do. Keynote Speaking. About Us. Workshops & Seminars. --> Whitepapers. Bibliography. Anecdote Shop. --> Anecdote Associates. Clients. Contact us. Whitepapers.