Practical example: Ayuda Urbana

Joitske Hulsebosch

Etienne Wenger wrote a case study in 2002 about Ayuda Urbana , a constellation of communities of practice focused on urban issues and challenges in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean region, or as they call themselves: 'Red Inter-municipal'. The case describes the efforts to assist 10 huge cities in the Central American Region to improve their technical expertise and municipal effectiveness by connecting mayors and their staff into forming communities of practice.

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Cultivating Communities of Practice: Making Them Grow - YouTube

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Cultivating Communities of Practice: Making Them Grow. Communities of Practice are everywhere (Wenger, 1998). While this may be the case, it is possible to examine an organisation and find empty spaces where opportunities to cultivate communities of practice (CoPs) exist, and as one does, many questions relating to how this journey is best started begin to arise. Learning in and across landscapes of practice - Etienne Wenger. Learning in Communities of Practice.

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Digital Habitats for project teams

Digital Habitats

When a community launches a project, it could be to produce an event, to explore a topic, to standardize a practice, or to provide the community with a technology advance. 42 of Cultivating Communities of Practice (Wenger et al.,

Practical examples: The community empowerment network in Central Asia

Joitske Hulsebosch

Erik Caldwell Johnson wrote a Capacity Development Brief on the Community Empowerment Network, a community of practice for local capacity in Central Asia.

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Community of practice - EduTech Wiki

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Community of practice From EduTech Wiki Jump to: navigation , search This article or section is incomplete and its contents need further attention. Contents 1 Definitions 2 Supporting a COP through virtual environments 3 Communities of practice, formal learning and education 4 Components of a social learning system 4.1 Communities of practice 4.2 They share a certain amount of practices, common goals and common language. & Schank, P (2002).

Inspiring students through research-based education

Jenny Connected

Despite the excellent practice demonstrated by many at UCL, from the workshop that we ran, it seems that a common understanding of research-based learning is difficult to achieve. Access to who you are in the world of a landscape of practices, is the problem. 2002).

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Digital Habitats for project teams

Learning Alliances

When a community launches a project, it could be to produce an event, to explore a topic, to standardize a practice, or to provide the community with a technology advance. 42 of Cultivating Communities of Practice (Wenger et al.,

Innovation and Communities of Practice

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Explore Community Log In | Sign Up From: gfbertini + Subscribe Innovation and Communities of Practice Related Comunidades de Prática 233 reads Intentional Innovation - Kellogg Foundation 2008 2211 reads Innovation and Philanthropy 1414 reads Kviselius N.Z. Risks of Open Innovation 334 reads Open Innovation 194 reads Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management 124 reads Etienne Wenger - Communities of Practice.

Formalizing stories about community leadership

Learning Alliances

I’m working with several meta-communities: communities of practice made up of people who are themselves supporting communities. Talking about communities of practice can be pretty tricky, straining the patience of the action-oriented folks if it goes on too long and making the analytical types anxious if conversations get too loose. They aren’t talking about communities of practice, but in a way that’s what their book is about.)

Business models for communities

Learning Alliances

One of the useful things that a community of practice does for us is to provide some useful boundaries for our attention. We have seen many cases where an organization funds a community of practice to make a big splash but when their attention shifts, support for the community is withdrawn.

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Reviving Community Indicators – Learning

Nancy White

the learning of a community of practice over time. Communities of practice. Tags: communities of practice community community indicators evaluation knowledge sharing learning Dreamfish

Is social housing (still) sleepwalking into a digital nightmare?

Social Reporter

Back in 2002 a group of us co-authored a book for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation about why social landlords, and their residents, should be concerned about joining the online world both for its benefits and because of the way public services were going digital. Partnerships Online examined the practicalities for housing associations and residents, found that progress is slow, and offers some insights and ways forward.

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How I use social media

Nancy White

I knew from that experience that whenever we talked about technology (social media) we needed to also talk about practice and the human beings doing the practicing. This is true of both the technology and the practices. Communities of Practice and Learning.

Tinkering with the system won’t help reinvent the purpose of education

Jenny Connected

Reading this immediately reminded me of the introduction in 2002 of the Key Stage 2 SATs (compulsory national Standard Assessment Tests) here in the UK – the testing of 11- year olds and the start of league tables pitting school against school.

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Two Brazilian Net-Map studies: Fair Trade and Cotton

Net-Map Toolbox

Please share so that we can make them available to the broader community of practice. Does Fair Trade in Brazil meet its objective of really increasing fairness and reaching the poor?

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My Old Online Facilitation Workshop Materials

Nancy White

In a way, they are a glimpse back into the early days of the practice of online facilitation. Online Facilitation Course Curriculum Rev Aug 2002.


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RELATED PRACTICES AROUND THE ONLINE. Through the Related Practices Around the Online Communities. company by focusing on the practices around the. divided the practices into two types: independent. practices that are completed within only an informal. context, and connecting practices that have. practice-based evaluation is useful for managers or. understand, evaluate, and manage its practical. We call these practices active lurking.

How AI Can Help Solve The Biggest Problem With Crowdsourcing

Online Community Strategy

With the wide range of crowdsourcing experimentation, we’ve also seen the limits of what the current platforms and practices can produce, and it isn’t pretty. The concept of engaging “the Crowd” through digital platforms has been around for some time.

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I Will Dispense This Advice on Blogging


I have been blogging myself since early 2002; first, in an internal blog behind my former employer’s firewall, and, secondly, since 2005, over here in this blog. So I will tell you what has worked really nicely with me all along since I started blogging back in 2002: Write!

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Trends in the Living Networks: The many varieties of networks in business: Net Work - A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining Networks at Work and in the World

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Anklam has broken new ground by bringing together diverse perspectives and case studies into a deeply practical guide to creating value in networks.” Net Work both provides a deep understanding of the nature of networks, and also practical steps on how to tap their value.

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How AI Can Help Solve The Biggest Problem With Crowdsourcing

Online Community Strategy

With the wide range of crowdsourcing experimentation, we’ve also seen the limits of what the current platforms and practices can produce, and it isn’t pretty. The concept of engaging “the Crowd” through digital platforms has been around for some time.

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Online Community Toolkit | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Planning, Designing and Running Online Events Designing Online Events Online Events Assessment Tool Case History: CGIAR’s Gender & Diversity “Creating Connections Online&# Report (Aug 2002) LINK Evaluation Examples: 2002 and Net*Working 2004 Online Event Evaluation Report (nice to see a full event evaluation!) Moderator’s Net , a UK based community of practice for online moderators.

MirandaNet: Social Networking trivial or mind expanding?

Community Capers

They then use these community texts in their own professional context to impact on policy and practice. Over the last 12+ years, MirandaNet has developed into a mature, online community of practice (Preston, 1999, 2005). This history has reveals a three dimensional process of learning and practice which entails coming to understand and participate in a creative, progressive ‘braiding’ of text, opinions, and ideas. A Community of Practice as a Nucleus of Learning.

Four Rules of Leadership for Tough Times

Partnering Resources

The leaders knew bad news was coming as early as 2002. The 10-member group was responsible for promoting development in the organization, overseeing knowledge management, and advocating for learning practices. Thank you cards sent to leader Irene Brank after the division closed.

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Using games from improvised theatre to build mental agility and responsiveness amongst humanitarian workers responding to disasters

Viv Mcwaters

They play games because it helps them hone a set of practices that they need to draw on when on the stage. There are three ‘tyrannies’ that we work with to try and overcome through playing and practicing improv games: 1.

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10 years and still going

Chris Corrigan

Ten years ago on September 6, 2002 I launched this blog with an innocuous little link to an on lie art project ground through Euan Semple. Practice WordpressI called the blog Parking Lot, which is the term facilitators use for a flip chart where we record things that are off topic to the subject at hand, but important enough to come back to.

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Hello, world.

Charmed Particles

I've had a personal blog - mostly about politics - since 2002. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn , reach me by using the contact info on the sidebar, and learn a little more about my consulting practice there as well. I'm Marc Danziger, and this is my professional blog. It's now over at I work in technology strategy, which means that I work at the crossroads of how tech works and of how people organize themselves and use the tech.

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Rawn Shah’s Social Networking for Business: A Review

Portals and KM

Rawn is best practices lead in the Social Software Enablement team in IBM Software Group. In this book Rawn brings together patterns and best practices based on his experience managing worldwide online communities at IBM. This implementation won a CIO 100 award for innovation in 2002.

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A personal view on knowledge work


Today I’m giving an online guest lecture for the course “Knowledge Management as a Theory and Practice&# at Graduate School of Management of St.Petersburg State University. Keeping found things found: The study and practice of personal information management. 2002). It’s on personal KM; since the lecture is very short I decided to do an introduction to the topic based on my own research rather than a comprehensive overview of existing perspectives.

If space is a becoming what kind of spaces do we need for learning?

Jenny Connected

Communication Research and Practice , 1(4). Unlike Etienne Wenger’s work on landscapes of practice and the importance of boundary crossing , Sian asked us to consider space in Mol and Law’s terms (1994) – as being fluid, that is, the boundaries are not permanent.

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The Riddle of Online Resonance (first installment)

Jenny Connected

Learning through connectivity is not a new idea; there is a long history of research into networked learning (Steeple & Jones, 2002; Goodyear et al., 2004) and social learning in communities of practice (Wenger, 1998), but the affordances offered by Web 2.0 Wenger is also clear that communication in a community of practice is not always harmonious. 2002) Strong, weak and latent ties and the impact of new media, 18, 385-401. 1998) Communities of Practice.

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Preview of the Living Lab for (digital) life

Social Reporter

But general principles are of little practical use in finding what might work for an individual, their friend, children, or elderly parents. How social landlords and residents can use digital technology – 2002.

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Herding the Smart Cats: Successful IT Change Leadership

Partnering Resources

One organization, a former client, succeeded in herding a group of smart cats—technologists—to implement software engineering best practices by adopting the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Herding the Smart Cats: IT Change Leadership.

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The Divided Brain: Trying to be Sane in an Insane World

Jenny Connected

The illnesses we see at the level of the individual we also see at the level of society (and we need to remember here that Iain comes from a medical background and practices as a psychiatrist). Onoro O’Neill (2002). Sunday 22nd March pm.

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The Changing Role of the Learning Facilitator

Jenny Connected

Others like myself, are members of CPsquare not so much because we work as community facilitators, but because we are interested in social learning theory and how people learn in communities of practice. These two aspects of communities of practice (and there is obviously overlap between them) can also be seen in Etienne Wenger’s publications, e.g. his 1998 book ‘ Communities of Practice.

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Green Chameleon » A Brief History of Arrangement

Green Chameleon

Until the 1730s, at least in Europe, the practices of arrangement, classification, categorization, and taxonomy work, were all part of the same cluster of concepts. This vision was brought to fruition in post-revolutionary France right at the end of the eighteenth century when Dominique Denon reorganized the collections of the Louvre on historical principles (Blom 2002).

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Facebook talks like a pirate. Movember and online community rituals

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

To engage with your online community, play a practical joke on them on April Fool’s Day (or let them play one on you). Want to know how to change Facebook to Talk Like A Pirate? Want to know why ?

Online Communities: Surviving & Thriving Webcast

Online Community Strategy

He subsequently founded Trapezo, a venture-funded company that made Web software for syndicating content, acquired by Perfect Commerce in 2002.

Growth on the Silicon Valley Anthill: Welcome Christopher Carfi

Ant's Eyeview Blog

Just last March we announced the opening of our Silicon Valley practice and reflecting one year later, we’re happy to see that there’s continued, high demand for our services in the Bay Area.

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Five things meme in pictures

Joitske Hulsebosch

Since my blog is about communities of practice and not about myself, I'm not so fond of the question of this meme, but it would be exciting to start a meme with an interesting content question about CoPs for instance. In 2002 we tried to find him, but he had just left his job with Africare.

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MirandaNet: Social interaction

Community Capers

Through their membership in MirandaNet members have the opportunity to explore new practices with cutting edge ICTs in a consultative organization, where professionals talk, listen and work together. Whether in an industry, academic or advisory capacity, MirandaNet Fellows all work to provide services for each other and ‘reify’ (Wenger, 2002) their practices in artifacts shared over the public site with the larger external educational community.

#PLENK2010 Reflective Learning

Jenny Connected

Mason, J (2002) Researching Your own Practice. Reflective learning came up in the weekly round up Elluminate session today and Stephen asked Rita to expand on her understanding of reflective learning. It was one of those situations, where I was so busy trying to find my own response to Stephen’s question, that I completely dropped out of Elluminate into my own thoughts – so apologies if this post crosses or repeats what has been said.

The Riddle of Online Resonance (third instalment)

Jenny Connected

Much has been written about weak, strong and latent ties and the strength of weak ties, which Haythornthwaite (2002, p. 2002) Strong, weak and latent ties and the impact of new media, 18, 385-401. Echoing Voices – Emerging Challenges for Educational Practice on the Internet. Here is the third and final instalment of our paper on e-resonance. You can find the PDF of the full article here – The Riddle of Online Resonance.

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