MirandaNet: Social Networking trivial or mind expanding?

Community Capers

Some members act as e-facilitators or braiders who help to shape the argument, provide interim summaries and change the direction of the discussion (Preston, 2002; Preston & Holmes, 2002; Cuthell, 2005). The exchange of information is two way, as it flows from the wealthy to the less well resourced and back again (Resta, 2002, p. 2002). Holmes (2002). 2002). 2002).

Building Social Business: 5 Skills for Online Community Managers

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Over the years I came across many other examples of such communities - both within organizations - like Hewlett Packard - and externally like Howard Rheingolds Brainstorms community or plain email listservs. Building Social Business At the intersection of Enterprise 2.0

Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks : a conceptual framework

John Tropea - Delicious Community

closed and inward-focused; boundaries stiff and impermeable; and past successes a blinder to new. is trying to achieve when networking, what defines success for a community. 2002). Reframing value: Redefining success. learning imperatives and the criteria by which success is defined. new definition of success. This redefinition of success can happen at individual, collective, and. successful activities or the production of outputs (cycles 1 and 2).