Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship. link] Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship danah m. In this introductory article, we describe features of SNSs and propose a comprehensive definition.

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Reviving Community Indicators – Learning

Nancy White

This sure is a community indicator in my eyes, capturing (or “reifying&# – definition below!) Definition Time… Reification from Etienne Wenger (Wenger, E.

#PLENK2010 Reflective Learning

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This is a question that we ask our course participants, and which I have thought about deeply, since as a tutor on the course, I also share my own definition. ’ This definition is based on the work of Jenny Moon and also on the work of John Mason, who have influenced my thinking and to whom I am grateful for their insights. Mason, J (2002) Researching Your own Practice.

Online Community Toolkit | Full Circle Associates

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Planning, Designing and Running Online Events Designing Online Events Online Events Assessment Tool Case History: CGIAR’s Gender & Diversity “Creating Connections Online&# Report (Aug 2002) LINK Evaluation Examples: 2002 and Net*Working 2004 Online Event Evaluation Report (nice to see a full event evaluation!) CoPs in the Netherlands (and beyond) – a page of resources, definitions, books, research, and links.

A personal view on knowledge work


Slide 3: See On definitions: personal perspective at work. 2002). Today I’m giving an online guest lecture for the course “Knowledge Management as a Theory and Practice&# at Graduate School of Management of St.Petersburg State University. It’s on personal KM; since the lecture is very short I decided to do an introduction to the topic based on my own research rather than a comprehensive overview of existing perspectives. A personal view on knowledge work.

Using games from improvised theatre to build mental agility and responsiveness amongst humanitarian workers responding to disasters

Viv Mcwaters

Block, Peter (2002) The Answer to How is Yes “We need to be willing to address questions that we know have no answer.”. During the 2013 Melbourne Knowledge Week , I was part of a group of people exploring the role of (mostly video) games for social good, organised by Games for Change.

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Learning to Change - Changing to Learn


Last week one of folks I follow in Twitter, John Hovell , shared a link to perhaps one of the most thought-provoking, controversial, enlightening and spot on YouTube video links I can remember since I started getting exposed to social software back in 2002!

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The Changing Role of the Learning Facilitator

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Learning Meaning and Identity’ - focuses on expanding ideas around social learning theory, whereas a later book ‘A Guide to Managing Knowledge: Cultivating Communities of Practice’ (2002) – is written more for managers of communities of practice. The one instance where, in my experience, a facilitator is definitely needed is in any synchronous sessions that are offered.

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How technology shapes behaviour

Joitske Hulsebosch

They use the following definition of e-collaboration: Electronic collaboration (e-collaboration) is operationally defined here as collaboration using electronic technologies among different individuals to accomplish a common task (Kock & D’Arcy, 2002, 2001). The International Journal of E-collaboration is an interesting journal. It offers one free copy.

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Aid is a knowledge industry?

Joitske Hulsebosch

And there is no definition to be found on wikipedia. by the way an article from 2002 by Dick Stenmark that I still like very much for its explanation of the two approaches can be found here ).

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Exploring the Divided Brain – Trying to be sane in an insane world

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Iain was at pains to point out that we definitely need the left hemisphere’s view of the world. Nancy Kline (2002). 21 st August 2016 pm – a 4 day course with Iain McGilchrist. Day 3 (pm).

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Common Purpose: the perils of being closed

Social Reporter

The Common Purpose founder Julia Middleton evidently had strong views on how things should be done, so it definitely wasn’t in my experience a very bottom-up sort of organisation. A Freedom of Information request by Conservative MP Philip Davies uncovered the fact that the Department for Work and Pensions had spent £238,000 sending its people on Common Purpose courses between 2002 and 2007.

Teachers & xWeb – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3,x

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George Siemens provides (for me) one of the clearest definitions of the extended web, in this excellent blog post. Seemed far-fetched in 2002, but seems scarily more likely now! Subscribe to the comments for this post? Tweet This! Share this on Facebook. Add this to Google Reader.

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organizational responsiveness

Taming the spaces

To understand these factors, it is useful to analyze different definitions to organizational responsiveness. A more radical definition assumes that responsiveness is the aggressiveness of an organization’s marketplace strategy (Gresov, Haveman, and Oliva, 1993).

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Green Chameleon » Snake Oil

Green Chameleon

Poole starts by citing Ray Sim’s recent work on the multitude of KM definitions (which are not as varied as the sheer number of definitions suggests) as a supporting fact. How many definitions would you support?

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The Difference between a Social Network Site, a Social Graph Application and a Social OS

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I thought it would be useful to throw out a couple of definitions so that we all had a shared vocabulary when talking about the different types of Web applications that incorporate some form of social networking.

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Instant Communities: List of companies that provide Web Collaboration Suites or Platforms

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Traction TeamPage was first released in 1999 and, after commerical launch in July 2002, is the industry’s first and leading Enterprise Blog software. Leverage Software should definitely be added to your list.

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Community of practice - EduTech Wiki

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Contents 1 Definitions 2 Supporting a COP through virtual environments 3 Communities of practice, formal learning and education 4 Components of a social learning system 4.1 Nurturing identities 6 Communities of practice in the context of teacher education and learning 7 Examples of technology enhanced communities of practice 8 Links 9 References Definitions Communities are networks, made up of individuals as well as public and private institutions. & Schank, P (2002).

'Flocking' behavior lands on social networking sites -

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The study of 1,178 adults ages 25 to 74 is based on data collected at the Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California in 2002 and 2007. I definitely feel more connected to people," she says.

Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks : a conceptual framework

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Definitions 19. section refines the definition of this space by describing five cycles of value creation that connect. Definitions. 2002). new definition of success. transforming or leaving behind the existing structure and using this new definition of success to create. solutions to challenges in their practice (cycle 3) and definition of success (cycle 5). Promoting and assessing. value creation in.

Social Networks And Group Formation - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

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He also outlined three competing theories regarding the definition of centrality based on degree of a point, control and independence. However, control and independence can be more useful definitions. They used the “control&# definition of centrality to determine this.

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Community as Curriculum – vol 2. The Guild/Distributed Continuum


The definition of community used here differs from both of those archetypes in the sense that it is about choice. It is a learning community that was created out of an event are sometimes created out of an existing event, as the Web heads were in 2002 and continue to be a strong supportive community. “Community as Curriculum“, in: D. Araya & M.A. Peters, Education in the Creative Economy: Knowledge and Learning in the Age of Innovation, New York: Peter Lang, 2010.

Margaret J. Wheatley: The Promise and Paradox of Community

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One biological definition of life is that something is alive if it has the capacity to create itself. Her book, Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future, (January 2002) proposes that real social change comes from the ageless process of people thinking together in conversation. The Promise and Paradox of Community in The Community of the Future. Jossey-Bass, 1998 Margaret J.

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The returns on Communities - KnowledgeBoard

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In other words, the definition and management of the organisations processes through automated routines that link each point in the process (role) and notes the execution of each task, passing it on to the next point.

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Life With Alacrity: Dunbar Triage: Too Many Connections

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When I first joined RYZE in 2002 [ no longer an active member] I mapped out my 1 and 2 step network there. from: [link] Edge.orgs Question Page of 2002 - by Adrian Scott. Life With Alacrity Alacrity, noun. From the Latin alacritus meaning promptitude.

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How to Hit the Enterprise 2.0 Bullseye

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Prior to the mid 1990s c0ncentration had generally been decreasing in the US; in a 2002 paper NYU’s Lawrence White pointed out that the trend had recently reversed. Because of these facts I usually dodge questions about specific vendors and their offerings, and instead answer how I’d look at any particular deployment of collaboration software to see if it met my definition of Enterprise 2.0.

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The ties that find

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Prior to the mid 1990s c0ncentration had generally been decreasing in the US; in a 2002 paper NYU’s Lawrence White pointed out that the trend had recently reversed. Because of these facts I usually dodge questions about specific vendors and their offerings, and instead answer how I’d look at any particular deployment of collaboration software to see if it met my definition of Enterprise 2.0.

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