organizational responsiveness

Taming the spaces

Responsiveness refers to the ability of an organization to increase the chances for reflective conversation. At the micro-level of responsive practices, dialogue as a reflective form of conversation allows for processes through which such responses can be collaboratively developed.

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The Difference between a Social Network Site, a Social Graph Application and a Social OS

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All your social interactions whether they be hanging out, chatting, playing games, watching movies, listening to music, engaging in private gossip or public conversations occurs within this context.

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Margaret J. Wheatley: The Promise and Paradox of Community

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Instead, the plant was in more and more relationships with people in the community, the government, suppliers, foreign competitors, churches, and school childrenÑall of whom contributed to the workers desire to become one of the safest and highest quality plants in the world, a desire which they achieved. The great missing conversation is about why and how we might be together. Even in our fractured communities, people all the time are in conversations about "Who are we?"

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It was published back in 2002 and there seems to be quite an industry thats grown around it with addional handbooks and resources available. It might do this by increasing sales, buying competitors, expanding its geographic market or a myriad of other approaches.

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as persistent conversation [3]. 2002 Jul. 2001- Jul 2002. the differences between our product and competitors’. conversation. Capital”, Communications of the ACM , 45, 4, 2002, pp. CENTER FOR. COLLECTIVE. INTELLIGENCE. Working Paper Series. How can people and computers be connected so. that-collectively-they act more intelligently than. any individuals, groups, or computers have ever. done before?

Anecdote - Whitepapers - Building a collaborative workplace

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In November 2002, a large number of atypical pneumonia cases occurred in Guangdong Province, China. Everyone pitches in and the conversation is electric with ideas, and with each word progress is made toward their common objective. What we do. Keynote Speaking. About Us. Workshops & Seminars. --> Whitepapers. Bibliography. Anecdote Shop. --> Anecdote Associates. Clients. Contact us. Whitepapers.

How to Hit the Enterprise 2.0 Bullseye

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My question is: why would any competitor turn their back on this perfectly legal and acceptable performance booster? Prior to the mid 1990s c0ncentration had generally been decreasing in the US; in a 2002 paper NYU’s Lawrence White pointed out that the trend had recently reversed. And I’ll still look at it primarily as a way of getting ideas out there in order to start a conversation around them.

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