Business models for communities

Learning Alliances

One of the useful things that a community of practice does for us is to provide some useful boundaries for our attention. Everything around and outside of a community matters a lot, but we can think of it as context for the community.

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Reviving Community Indicators – Learning

Nancy White

For long time readers of this blog, you know I’ve been obsessed with “signs of life&# from communities which I call “ community indicators.&# The fellows will be taking leadership/stewardship roles in the Dreamfish network and communities over the next six month.

Facebook talks like a pirate. Movember and online community rituals

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Ahoy Me Hearties: One of the tasks our online community managers undertake with clients (PR or Marketing agencies, or companies) is to build out a Social Media Conversation Diary – a list of tasks and engagement activities to keep online community members entertained and loyal.

Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

As tomorrow is an historic day – The Australian and other sites move behind the paywall – what WILL we pay for, what SHOULD we pay for and what OTHER revenues streams are being missed by refusal to build online communities around their content?

Formalizing stories about community leadership

Learning Alliances

I’m working with several meta-communities: communities of practice made up of people who are themselves supporting communities. Of course CPsquare is very much my “main meta-community&# but I’m a bit surprised at how these meta-communities are turning up. (I I guess I shouldn’t be, since that’s where I started 10 years ago working to get a meta-community going at StorageTek.).

Online Community Toolkit | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Nov 03 2007 Online Community Toolkit Published by Nancy White Last edited 10/07 Thinking about building or hosting an online community? 1999) Calculating Your Community Costs – Is it worth your while? What is the Value of Participating in an Online Community? Making community vibrant and alive.

Online Communities: Surviving & Thriving Webcast

Online Community Strategy

The archive for Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar&# >Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar is now available. Wilder is currently the Group Manager of Intuit’s QuickBooks Online Community and User-Collaboration Web site.

How AI Can Help Solve The Biggest Problem With Crowdsourcing

Online Community Strategy

Creating an iterative development process: One of the early corporate adopters of crowdsourcing, Dell’s Ideastorm, learned early on that creating an experience that solicits ideas without giving the community the ability to refine and evolve the ideas is a waste of time.

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Cultivating Communities of Practice: Making Them Grow - YouTube

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Cultivating Communities of Practice: Making Them Grow. Communities of Practice are everywhere (Wenger, 1998). While this may be the case, it is possible to examine an organisation and find empty spaces where opportunities to cultivate communities of practice (CoPs) exist, and as one does, many questions relating to how this journey is best started begin to arise. suggests, even launching a single community involves considerable preparation to insure [sic] its success.

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Building Social Business: 5 Skills for Online Community Managers

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Leveraging Community thinking. To think about it - online communities are like "Pages" on facebook (like this blogs page on Facebook, or the HR Professionals community ) while a social network is what you see when you log into your Facebook account. Lets build a community.

Webinar - Online Communities: Surviving & Thriving in the Economic Downturn

Online Community Strategy

Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar. The economy is in a state of flux, but interest in and use of online communities and social media has never been higher. Hear from a panel of experienced community executives about how they are guiding their community-based businesses through the economic challenges, and hear about the opportunities they see on the horizon. A FREE webinar sponsored by Forum One Networks. May 7, 2009 @ 11:00 am PDT.

How AI Can Help Solve The Biggest Problem With Crowdsourcing

Online Community Strategy

Creating an iterative development process: One of the early corporate adopters of crowdsourcing, Dell’s Ideastorm, learned early on that creating an experience that solicits ideas without giving the community the ability to refine and evolve the ideas is a waste of time.

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Inspiring students through research-based education

Jenny Connected

What is a research community? Ideas such as negotiated outcomes, student autonomy, collaborative learning and student/staff integrated research communities all need much unpicking and discussion – to make meaning through dialogue and working across boundaries. 2002).

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Digital Habitats for project teams

Learning Alliances

That got me thinking about the difference between a project team and a community as far as their digital habitat is concerned. Of course there are many project teams that have spawned communities and many communities that have launched projects, so there are many connections.

Practical examples: The community empowerment network in Central Asia

Joitske Hulsebosch

Erik Caldwell Johnson wrote a Capacity Development Brief on the Community Empowerment Network, a community of practice for local capacity in Central Asia.

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I Will Dispense This Advice on Blogging


I have been blogging myself since early 2002; first, in an internal blog behind my former employer’s firewall, and, secondly, since 2005, over here in this blog. So I will tell you what has worked really nicely with me all along since I started blogging back in 2002: Write!

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Is social housing (still) sleepwalking into a digital nightmare?

Social Reporter

Back in 2002 a group of us co-authored a book for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation about why social landlords, and their residents, should be concerned about joining the online world both for its benefits and because of the way public services were going digital. The researchers suggest the development of ‘communities of practice’ for those housing association staff and residents willing to explore the complex issues in this field.

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Community of practice - EduTech Wiki

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Community of practice From EduTech Wiki Jump to: navigation , search This article or section is incomplete and its contents need further attention. Contents 1 Definitions 2 Supporting a COP through virtual environments 3 Communities of practice, formal learning and education 4 Components of a social learning system 4.1 Communities of practice 4.2 Community building 5.2 The term community of practice is accredited to Etienne Wenger. Community Challenge 5.

Using games from improvised theatre to build mental agility and responsiveness amongst humanitarian workers responding to disasters

Viv Mcwaters

It might well be the start of many months, or even years, of involvement with the affected communities. Block, Peter (2002) The Answer to How is Yes “We need to be willing to address questions that we know have no answer.”. Community Improv

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How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


I call it, not knowing what to do with it when there isn’t a company directive in place showcasing commitment to it while listening and engaging with the community of practitioners who make it what it is today. Collaboration Communities elsua Enterprise2.0

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MirandaNet: Social Networking trivial or mind expanding?

Community Capers

Now an e-mature community our discussions are becoming more and more sophisticated. They then use these community texts in their own professional context to impact on policy and practice. Braided learning is a theory that has emerged from the observation of modes of online learning as the MirandaNet community of professionals has matured in digital competence. Over the last 12+ years, MirandaNet has developed into a mature, online community of practice (Preston, 1999, 2005).

Community as Curriculum – vol 2. The Guild/Distributed Continuum


Community as Curriculum“, in: D. Community as Curriculum. As knowledge becomes a moving target and the canon starts becoming less reliable, we need a new—or in fact an old—model of education drawn out on a new canvas: community. We need to return to community as a valid repository for knowledge, and away from a packaged view of knowledge and expertise. Community as curriculum is not meant as a simple alternative to the package version of learning. Community.

Communities of Practice | CommunityIntelligence Ltd.

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Thats why community-based approaches are gaining momentum in the private and public sectors, as well as in civil society. “It It is not surprising that communities of practice are central to successful knowledge management initiatives. Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice - a study by American Productivity and Quality Center. Communities of practice are where the deep knowledge of any professional domain can be found. Tags: community

Webcast of Online Communities: Surviving & Thriving now available

Online Community Report

The archive for the Online Communities: Surviving & Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar is now available. He subsequently founded Trapezo, a venture-funded company that made Web software for syndicating content, acquired by Perfect Commerce in 2002.

Two Brazilian Net-Map studies: Fair Trade and Cotton

Net-Map Toolbox

Please share so that we can make them available to the broader community of practice. Does Fair Trade in Brazil meet its objective of really increasing fairness and reaching the poor?

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Community ROI / Online Community Unconference 2007

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Workspace: Online Community Unconference 2007 Whats New Weblogs Loading. 5 Revisions Print Tools Export as HTML Export to PDF Export to Word Community ROI hide OCU_ROI.pdf Community ROI Or … Wild Goose Chase Or … Justifying Online Communities Or … The ROI Narrative (posted by Holly Pendleton) Categories: • Support • Product Development • Marketing • HR • Metrics that have been compiled to date: (Joe Cothrel @ Lithium) • Community users remain customers 50% longer than non-community users.

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MirandaNet: Place

Community Capers

Network communities are a form of technology-mediated environments that foster a sense of community among users. One of the design dimensions of network communities is developing a sense of persistent, shared space as an environment that frames the presence of multiple actors and provides mutual awareness. This community is largely based on a hybrid of activity, preferring to organize face-to-face events wherever possible.

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Innovation and Communities of Practice

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Explore Community Log In | Sign Up From: gfbertini + Subscribe Innovation and Communities of Practice Related Comunidades de Prática 233 reads Intentional Innovation - Kellogg Foundation 2008 2211 reads Innovation and Philanthropy 1414 reads Kviselius N.Z. Risks of Open Innovation 334 reads Open Innovation 194 reads Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management 124 reads Etienne Wenger - Communities of Practice.

Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar - May 7th

Online Community Report

Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar. A webinar sponsored by the Online Community Research Network. The economy is in a state of flux, but interest in and use of online communities and social media has never been higher.

The returns on Communities - KnowledgeBoard

John Tropea - Delicious Community

He has also written a number of white papers about the nature of Cops and CoP management that can be found here: [link] Macuarium Network SL is a research-driven initiative in the Knowledge Management realm that provides community and CoP management and consulting services.

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Building Social Business: The Seven Types of Social Roles in Employee Communities

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Leveraging Community thinking. Pages Home About Gautam Indian HR Blogs Indian Social Media Strategists Linkbar Articles Media Mentions Thoughts Quora Facebook Twitter HR Community Welcome Follow @GautamGhosh Mar 30, 2010 The Seven Types of Social Roles in Employee Communities Tweet An employee community is a closed community within the firewall of the Organization 2.0 - where employees connect and build content along with each other to build relationships and knowledge.

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Writing Ourselves into Existence through a Choral Act


As I connected with other bloggers and found community first with other parents and then with those whose writing, like my own, unpacked identities in various forms, I stumbled into something extraordinary [ …] ’. . Collaboration Communities elsua Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0

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Instant Communities: List of companies that provide Web Collaboration Suites or Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Requirements Here’s a list of companies that provide collaboration platforms with turn-key social features for ‘instant’ community. These platforms can be used in intranets, extranets, or public communities. Community Zero ?

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Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks : a conceptual framework

John Tropea - Delicious Community

communities and networks: a conceptual framework. communities and networks: a conceptual framework. Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks: a conceptual framework 3. 2 Communities and networks 9. Community and network as development processes 12. Complementarity of community and network structures 12. 4 Cycles of value creation in networks and communities 19. communities and networks. 2 Communities and networks.

Margaret J. Wheatley: The Promise and Paradox of Community

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The Promise and Paradox of Community in The Community of the Future. As described by the West African writer and teacher Malidoma Some, we have "an instinct of community." We are using the instinct of community to separate and protect us from one another, rather than creating a global culture of diverse yet interwoven communities. These communities are the webs of relationships called ecosystems. The instinct of community is everywhere in life.

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Cover story: Building healthy communities - Inside Knowledge

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The concept of communities of practice (CoPs), as defined in the book, Cultivating Communities of Practice , was simple: an informal group of peers sharing ideas, insight, information and help about a topic they are deeply, sometimes passionately, interested in.

Learning to Change - Changing to Learn


Last week one of folks I follow in Twitter, John Hovell , shared a link to perhaps one of the most thought-provoking, controversial, enlightening and spot on YouTube video links I can remember since I started getting exposed to social software back in 2002!

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How I use social media

Nancy White

Online Community. My first real step into what we now call social media was logging on to Howard Rheingold’s “ Electric Minds &# online community in November 1996. Communities of Practice and Learning.

Rules for (digital)ecosystem growth and development?

Taming the spaces

Figures of community succession: Thermodynamics is one of the main laws of ecology. We can see it at software development level, but also looking at individuals who do not have allocation to any communities yet, or artifacts that have not been systematized under any categories yet?

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Executing Enterprise 2.0: Dachis Group Acquires Headshift


Fast forward to 2002 … where you will find a very interesting paper ( On the nonsense of Knowledge Management ) that James Dellow quoted along in the current discussion as one of the very few folks who connected the dots across time between both discussions.

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MirandaNet: Social interaction

Community Capers

People rarely leave this community. There is ebb and flow in terms of their level of activity and working party involvement but there was clear evidence, from the stories told at the tenth birthday party of the community, that members deeply value their ongoing association. This is a small selective and clearly bounded community. At any one time there may be between five and twelve independent projects supported by the community.

The Machine Is Us/ing Us - Transcending the Web


Starting with a YouTube video which, to me, represents something I have been mentioning as far back as 2002 with regards to what Web 2.0 Tags: Collaboration Communities Fun Stuff and Musings General Interest Innovation Learning Life Social Computing

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Work The Web


Mind you, when I first started thinking about social software and how I would use it at work it was probably around 2002 or thereabouts and it still took me a while to engage (December 2003). Tags: Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

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