Trends in the Living Networks: The many varieties of networks in business: Net Work - A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining Networks at Work and in the World

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Executive Forum: media coverage and commentary round-up Profiting from Technology Trends: Keynote at National Growth Summit Enterprise 2.0

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Who Knows What? | Compliance Building

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Six Myths About Informal Networks— and How to Overcome Them By Rob Cross, Nitin Nohria and Andrew Parker (Spring 2002) Informal groups of employees do much of the important work in companies today. Zuckerman (Winter 2006) By sharing insights and perspectives with a group of noncompeting peers from other regions, managers can stay abreast of industry trends and combat complacency. link] Defining the Social Network of a Strategic Alliance By Michael D.

Innovation and Communities of Practice

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It’s one of the trends of in organizations equally advantageous to them and their members. The fastest way to get smarter in any domain is to join its community of practice, and this is a trend likely to expand its reach to all industries. Harvard Business School Pres, 2002 CommunityIntelligence Ltd Co. An interview with John Seely Brown, in CSC World Spring/Summer 2002, [link] 12 How Does Your Knowledge Flow? Log in Other login options: Facebook Connect New to Scribd?