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modelling digital learning ecosystem

Taming the spaces

I have tried to put together ideas associated what may be conceptualized as a digital learning ecosystem. Digital learning ecosystem model (Pata, 2012) Connectivism for design John Seeley Brown (1999; 2002), and George Siemens (2005; 2006) related knowledge ecology and knowledge ecosystem terms with weaving information and artefacts, meanings and knowledge, networks and connections.

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Is social housing (still) sleepwalking into a digital nightmare?

Social Reporter

Back in 2002 a group of us co-authored a book for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation about why social landlords, and their residents, should be concerned about joining the online world both for its benefits and because of the way public services were going digital. It may also be because the benefits of introducing new technology are not evident or easily realisable. Making the Net Work for residents and their landlords – 2002.

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Cultivating Communities of Practice: Making Them Grow - YouTube

John Tropea - Delicious Community

While this may be the case, it is possible to examine an organisation and find empty spaces where opportunities to cultivate communities of practice (CoPs) exist, and as one does, many questions relating to how this journey is best started begin to arise. Wenger, 2002) and/or questions that must be carefully considered before beginning (Sidnick & White, 2008, esflive, 2009). Upload Sign in. Loading. This video is unavailable. Find out why. Close.

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I Will Dispense This Advice on Blogging


Blogging has always been a very personal online activity , your own online publishing platform where you share your thoughts and ideas about things that may potentially interest you that you would want to share across to start a conversation.

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Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar - May 7th

Online Community Report

May 7, 2009 @ 11:00 am PDT. He subsequently founded Trapezo, a venture-funded company that made Web software for syndicating content, acquired by Perfect Commerce in 2002. Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar.

The Changing Role of the Learning Facilitator

Jenny Connected

Learning Meaning and Identity’ - focuses on expanding ideas around social learning theory, whereas a later book ‘A Guide to Managing Knowledge: Cultivating Communities of Practice’ (2002) – is written more for managers of communities of practice. S/he may or may not engage with discussion and doesn’t attempt to moderate or summarise it. There is an intense discussion going on in the CPsquare community at the moment about the work of learning facilitators.

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Building Social Business: Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Pages Home About Gautam Indian HR Blogs Indian Social Media Strategists Linkbar Articles Media Mentions Thoughts Quora Facebook Twitter HR Community Welcome Follow @GautamGhosh May 19, 2011 Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating Tweet What causes people to connect with each other?

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Inspiring students through research-based education

Jenny Connected

For an institution that is recognized for its excellence in research, it may be difficult for some to make the cultural shift to the student-centered approach that will be needed to become a global leader in research-based learning. 2002).

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Building Social Business: What Is Social Collaboration in an Organization

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Building Social Business At the intersection of Enterprise 2.0 and Organization Development. Facilitating Social Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking. Leveraging Community thinking.

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Building Social Business: 5 Skills for Online Community Managers

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Passion about sharing knowledge - A community may have lots of different objectives - but the primary behaviour that makes it successful is a small group of people incredibly passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. Building Social Business At the intersection of Enterprise 2.0

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Building Social Business: The Seven Types of Social Roles in Employee Communities

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Lurkers may be held back due to either being intensely private people or being technophobes. Building Social Business At the intersection of Enterprise 2.0 and Organization Development. Facilitating Social Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking. Leveraging Community thinking.

Exploring the Divided Brain – Trying to be sane in an insane world

Jenny Connected

I agree that we may need to be more modest in our demands, but I don’t think it will work to ask people to go backwards. Nancy Kline (2002). 21 st August 2016 pm – a 4 day course with Iain McGilchrist. Day 3 (pm).

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Lotusphere 2011 Notes: Opening Session

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So he has been using a Web-based community for new talent since 2002. He said that this may the most important Lotusphere ever. This is the first in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2011. I am very pleased to be back after ten years.

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About Nancy White | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I may be interested. Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Nov 03 2007 About Nancy White Published by Nancy White Nancy J.

Business models for communities

Learning Alliances

It may be situated, but learning happens all over the place. There may have been economic exchanges in the community, but “the community’s resources” were probably not that separate from those of the surrounding society.

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My Master’s Thesis

Michelle Laurie

This was a select group of diverse, geographically representative youth helping Canada’s government and young people prepare for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002). The book will be launched at the forthcoming 12th General Conference of the Association of African Universities (AAU) in Abuja, Nigeria from May 4 – 9, 2009 and the 5th World Congress on Environmental Education (WEEC 5) from May 10-14, 2009 in Montreal, Canada

77% of learning = Informal

Joitske Hulsebosch

Nevertheless, I guess other people with different learning styles may get more out of it. At a company, Sara Lee, 20 employees were asked to list work-related learning activities (the exercise took place in 2002). Jay Cross states that 80% of learning is informal (in his book informal learning ). Well, that's a nice figure that I've seen resurface in many places and articles (I even like to quote it myself!). The 80% is backed-up by various sources.

Digital Habitats for project teams

Learning Alliances

2002) proposes these differences: Communities of Practice. Sometimes the two blur and the difference may be more about a point of view than anything else. Kathy Milhauser mentioned that she assigned Digital Habitats to students in a course on globally distributed project teams.

Digital Habitats for project teams

Digital Habitats

2002) proposes these differences: Communities of Practice. Sometimes the two blur and the difference may be more about a point of view than anything else. (This post is cross-posted from my blog at Learning Alliances.).

The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

It is not anti-American; indeed, digital socialism may be the newest American innovation. An enthusiast may spend months writing code for a subroutine when the programs full utility is several years away. Wired Home Subscribe Sections Cars 2.0

Cover story: Building healthy communities - Inside Knowledge

John Tropea - Delicious Community

These processes may involve an annual review of the accomplishments and goals of all communities in a division, for example, during which the sponsors may encourage communities to set more ambitious goals.

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Life With Alacrity: Dunbar Triage: Too Many Connections

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

The Dunbar Number of 150 may be a kind of species-wide average limit, it is not an individual limit -- thus my guess is that people with an innate talent for maintaining more relationships are attracted to these professions. But I may have to take another look at Spoke.

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The Riddle of Online Resonance (first installment)

Jenny Connected

Learning through connectivity is not a new idea; there is a long history of research into networked learning (Steeple & Jones, 2002; Goodyear et al., technologies and networked online learning for autonomous learning in an increasingly diverse environment (Downes, 2009) have led to many authors (Krebs (2002), Haythornthwaite (2002), Granovetter (1973, 1983), to name but a few) exploring how connections are made and developed in online environments.

Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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The nature and nomenclature of these connections may vary from site to site. Alternatively, LinkedIn controls what a viewer may see based on whether she or he has a paid account. The Rise (and Fall) of Friendster Friendster launched in 2002 as a social complement to Ryze.

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Teachers & xWeb – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3,x

e-Moderation Station

Seemed far-fetched in 2002, but seems scarily more likely now! Although motion-related games like Kinect (see video above) may have limited use in the language classroom, there are plenty of computer-based games out there that can be used effectively in language teaching.

MirandaNet: Social Networking trivial or mind expanding?

Community Capers

Some members act as e-facilitators or braiders who help to shape the argument, provide interim summaries and change the direction of the discussion (Preston, 2002; Preston & Holmes, 2002; Cuthell, 2005). The exchange of information is two way, as it flows from the wealthy to the less well resourced and back again (Resta, 2002, p. 2002). Holmes (2002). 2002). 2002).

Writing Ourselves into Existence through a Choral Act


A superb article, by the way, in case you may have missed it about the healing powers of digital writing. Something tells me it may well have been a while. may, pontentially, see it and drop by skimming through it rather quick before they head back into their timelines?

Anecdote - Whitepapers - Building a collaborative workplace

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

In November 2002, a large number of atypical pneumonia cases occurred in Guangdong Province, China. Members may go to their communities to help solve their problems by asking questions and getting advice, then taking that advice back home to implement in their teams. Membership may be bounded and explicit, but time periods are often open or ongoing. Membership is often on equal footing, but more experienced practitioners may have more status or power in the community.

Using games from improvised theatre to build mental agility and responsiveness amongst humanitarian workers responding to disasters

Viv Mcwaters

All of a sudden, their whole world has been turned upside down – they, their friends and families, may even be directly affected. Block, Peter (2002) The Answer to How is Yes “We need to be willing to address questions that we know have no answer.”.


Aid is a knowledge industry?

Joitske Hulsebosch

by the way an article from 2002 by Dick Stenmark that I still like very much for its explanation of the two approaches can be found here ). And Dick Stenmark gives a hint to why this gap may exist: 'only individuals who have a requisite level of shared background can truly exchange knowledge.

The Machine Is Us/ing Us - Transcending the Web


Starting with a YouTube video which, to me, represents something I have been mentioning as far back as 2002 with regards to what Web 2.0

Practical example: Ayuda Urbana

Joitske Hulsebosch

Etienne Wenger wrote a case study in 2002 about Ayuda Urbana , a constellation of communities of practice focused on urban issues and challenges in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean region, or as they call themselves: 'Red Inter-municipal'. The 'project' was adopted by the UCCI/CAMC in 2002 and the municipal councils have agreed to integrate it into their annual plans and alternate in taking the coordinating role for the communities and the website.

Paul Keller about Creative Commons

Joitske Hulsebosch

Creative commons was set up in 2002 by US non-profit corporation (by Prof. Now in 44 countries though the concept of national licenses may be outdated.

How technology shapes behaviour

Joitske Hulsebosch

They use the following definition of e-collaboration: Electronic collaboration (e-collaboration) is operationally defined here as collaboration using electronic technologies among different individuals to accomplish a common task (Kock & D’Arcy, 2002, 2001). If people are motivated enough, they may work with a suboptimal technology, and will invent their own ways of coping. The International Journal of E-collaboration is an interesting journal. It offers one free copy.

The Riddle of Online Resonance (third instalment)

Jenny Connected

The authors’ experience suggests that multi-channels of communication may not be needed for e-resonance but that at least one second channel is necessary for affinity, commitment and attention. Much has been written about weak, strong and latent ties and the strength of weak ties, which Haythornthwaite (2002, p. 2002) Strong, weak and latent ties and the impact of new media, 18, 385-401. Here is the third and final instalment of our paper on e-resonance.

The Difference between a Social Network Site, a Social Graph Application and a Social OS

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

One problem with the latter category of sites is that they may require a critical mass of users to populate their social graph before they become compelling.

The Girl Effect - catalyzing positive change

Nancy White

World Bank, 2002].). and Medicine 36 (9) [May 1993]: 1207–27.). But girls are so often dismissed, when they may be the best chance we’ve got. (A For strong virality, making it simpler and easier may be more important than making it slick. ).

Getting back to Government Is Us

Social Reporter

Julian Dobson reminded us last week that hopes for greater civic pride and stronger local institutions may come to nothing unless there is real devolution of spending and decision-making in the fields of employment, housing and education.

Community of practice - EduTech Wiki

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Some sections may be missing, some information may be wrong, spelling and grammar may have to be improved etc. Wenger, 2002) Communities can be considered as problem-solving mechanisms which contribute to establishing policy agendas and offer mechanisms to facilitate processes for negotiation between different actors. A well designed portal that provides both functionality and a sense of "social presence and being there" may help. & Schank, P (2002).

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Green Chameleon » Cognitive Workout Coming Up

Green Chameleon

I’ve attended it probably four different times since Dave first ran it in Singapore back in 2002 or 2003.