IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise


A journey that started back in 2001, but that it had its main roots well substantiated within the company for much longer.

Smarter Search

Alchemy of Change

This article by Tim Berners-Lee on The Semantic Web in Scientific America from 2001 is a classic if you want a good overview (purchased required). A couple quick things to point out on Google’s search capabilities these days, that are also some interesting hints at where search is going.

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Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All


As most of you folks already know, my first exposure to social software was inside IBM, back in 2001, with a Profile Social Aggregator called Fringe ; then I started experimenting with the instant messaging social capabilities of IBM Community Tools (a.k.a.

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Social Business Begins by Unleashing Your Business Talent


to then move into Fringe in 2001 (Profiles), just as IBM Community Tools (a.k.a. Well, 10 years ago that may well have been the case, but fast forward to 2011 and that’s no longer the case.

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Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality


Back in 2001, when I was first exposed to social software tools, there were a number of different guidelines I decided to put in place and abide for myself; mainly, stating there would be three different subjects that I wouldn’t touch much *ever* in any online Web form.

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Teaching digital 1: natives & immigrants

e-Moderation Station

Prensky’s original 2001 article. February 2011. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Tweet This! Share this on Facebook. Add this to Google Reader. Email this to a friend? Share this on Email this via Gmail. Share this on LinkedIn. Get Shareaholic.

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I’ve Run for 10+ Years and I’m Not a Martial Artist

Managing Communities

I launched the forums on May 21, 2001 and have managed them ever since. In May, celebrated 10 years online. 10 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 1 day. It may surprise you to learn that I am not a martial artist. As you might expect, this question comes up once in a while. [.]. Managing the Community Thinking

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Revere Beach Elegy reissued

Endless Knots

So glad to see this great writer with a second edition of this lovely volume, first published in 2001, one of his Revere trilogy that includes the heartbreaking novel, In Revere, In Those Days.

IBM’s Social Business Jam – Are You Jamming Yet?


Of course, I am talking about IBM’s Lotusphere 2011 conference event that took place from January 30th till February 3rd and my short visit to Morristown, New Jersey, to conduct a couple of workshops for some customers on The Social Enterprise and Social Software Adoption.

The Divine Right of Capital: Lords of the Earth

Alchemy of Change

Meanwhile, over the last decade (since this book was written in 2001) employees have increased their productivity three times the rise in compensation that they received. As I mentioned in my last post , I just finished reading The Divine Right of Capital by Marjorie Kelly.

Lessons You Can Take from’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Managing Communities

photo credit: joelogon Last month, I wrote about the 10th anniversary celebration over at, a site that I launched on April 6, 2001. In brief summary, this is what we did to celebrate: Launched a special, dedicated section of our website, with an RSS feed and added a special section to our forums (for [.]. Community Cultivation

Context and culture in communities of practice

Jenny Connected

One possible useful approach to analysing culture is the ‘Culture Web’, which Julia Balogun writes about in her article ‘Strategic Change’ in Management Quarterly Part 10 January 2001. A predominant feature of BEtreat was the impact of context and culture on the learning process. There was an expectation that we would share our experience of communities of practice with a view to learning from each other.

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Large Company Collaboration SuccessDigital Equipment with VAX Notes in the 1980s

Michael Sampson - Currents

Patti wrote (in 2001) about the use of VAX Notes at Digital Equipment : Imagine. You work in a global high-tech company with more than 100,000 people. Research and product development organisations are distributed around the world, as are the sales, marketing, and technical support groups that interface with customers. There are many complex products at varying stages in their life cycles.

Edinburgh University’s updated Manifesto for Teaching Online – 2015

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In that post I included reference to Edinburgh University’s Online Teaching Manifesto , which they published in 2011. This is an image of the 2011 Manifesto. 2001).

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#openedMOOC Week 4: Open Teaching

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The story of how MIT opened its courseware to the world can be found on their website , but I remember MIT explaining at the time (in 2001) that what they weren’t offering for free to the world was their teaching, and it was their teaching that would make a difference.

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The Casuarina Project: Community Leadership 10 years on

Viv Mcwaters

The final session was on September 15th, 2001 and I remember it vividly. It’s 10 years this month since the first group of local Surf Coast Shire residents finished the inaugural Casuarina Project.

If space is a becoming what kind of spaces do we need for learning?

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2011) Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life. 2001). The second keynote at the Networked Learning Conference 2016 was presented by Sian Bayne.

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Musings on “community management” Part 2 | Full Circle Associates

John Tropea - Delicious Community

F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

In 2001 I reformatted it like a “poem” and posted it on QuickTopic: [link]. December 2011. November 2011. October 2011. September 2011. August 2011. July 2011. June 2011. May 2011. April 2011. March 2011.

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The Divided Brain: Are we actually alive? Iain McGilchrist

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Robert Putnam (2001). Martin Seligman (2011). Sunday 22nd March am. This is the fifth in a series of posts I am making following a four-day course with Iain McGilchrist. Details of the course, which will run again next year can be found on the Field & Field website.

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An Award Winning Community Strategy… 30 Years in the Making

Online Community Strategy

I came on at the beginning of 2001 to help with a new online community initiative called Point A,one of the first online communities that was also contextually embedded in the product.

10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

Geoff Parcell and I found that when we published the first edition of Learning to Fly in 2001, it gave reach, awareness and credibility to the KM programme way beyond anything we could have achieved ourselves.

?Learn by unlearning; see by unseeing

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Deacon (2011). We become in essence de-sensitized, and our participation in the world is impoverished’ … and he quotes Ginzburg, 2001, p.13) ‘To understand less, to be ingenuous, to remain stupefied: these are reactions that may lead us to see more’.”. 2011) Consciousness is a matter of constraint- My New Scientist. 2001) Making it strange: The prehistory of a literary device. I am just back from a couple of days at a conference at Stirling University Scotland.

An Award Winning Community Strategy… 30 Years in the Making

Online Community Strategy

I came on at the beginning of 2001 to help with a new online community initiative called Point A,one of the first online communities that was also contextually embedded in the product.

More about The Big Society Network

Social Reporter

Fewer than 2 in 5 people feel able to influence local decisions, a decline of over 10% since 2001, and 97% of communities are more fragmented than 30 years ago, while volunteering levels have not gone up since 2001.