Hermes, D’Etat, and Morpheus: Mardi Gras 2013

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You can see some the door way at a friend's party in the last picture. Their leader is called the Dictator and his identity is never revealed. was founded in 2000 and has 500 members. This is another in a series on  Mardi Gras 2013  in  New Orleans.

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Curmudgeons Unite!


At least, I wasn’t expecting it this soon, even though I have been using social software tools since as far back as 2000 and 2001. in social networking sites that take away from you the most precious thing: your identity, your brand, your image, your content… Yourself.

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10 Reasons NOT to Ban Social Media In Organisations – The Meme


I have been hearing and reading about this one since early 2000, when I was first exposed to social software tools (Community wikis, in this case), and fast forward 10 years later (Yes, 10 years later!)

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How I use social media

Nancy White

In 2000 I put it out to the universe that I wanted to work internationally. A case in point was the impact of the “baby friendly&# redesign of the hugely successful ShareYourStory online community for parents with babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Reflecting Slowly on Slow Communities | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

What is the role of identity in all of this? It’s about always looking for value through more participation–always value more “posts,&# always value more “friends,&# etc.

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Behavior change strategy cards (from Artefact)

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with the user’s identity 05 Highlight visceral or personal. friend to stop smoking. friend. the user’s identity. reinforce their personal identities. person’s sense of identity, they can. existing sense of identity? indicate how environmentally-friendly. Eco-friendly packaging The wedding registry at 2000). Behavior. change. strategy. cards The cards in this deck will help.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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The E-Friends software allows members to connect to people in their personal networks and community, creating a new online interactive resource that is based on a trusted network of friends and associates on the internet.&#

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Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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Some sites cater to diverse audiences, while others attract people based on common language or shared racial, sexual, religious, or nationality-based identities. Sites like MySpace allow users to choose whether they want their profile to be public or "Friends only."

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The Death of Nature

How to Save the World

These 14 lots are not square, but long slivers 200 feet wide and 2000 feet long, allowing the developers to offer oceanfront access to all 14 billionaire owners, and hence demand the maximum price per lot. L ast Sunday I went for a long walk in the woods.

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Crap free computers | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

My Mac friends chide me to go Mac. I’ve always worked on trading floors and have used Windows (mostly Windows 2000) on a daily basis for years. BTW, Windows 2000 is an excellent Windows OS, rock solid, no garbage to deal with.) I personally would never pay extra for for a Sony as I’ve had three friends w/ Vaios go bad in the last two years.

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Reflecting Slowly on Slow Communities | Full Circle Associates


What is the role of identity in all of this? It’s about always looking for value through more participation–always value more “posts,&# always value more “friends,&# etc. In 2000 I did content analysis of a NYC based email list for the rave subculture and this was the primary finding. This week, Scott Brown at Wired posted a good article on some of the problems of friend collecting [link] This, like most things, has advantages and disadvantages.

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Links of the Quarter: June 2018

How to Save the World

multimedia reprocessed/washed/painted photo produced by my friend Ron Woodall. Time is the form in which we beings whose brains are made up essentially of memory and foresight interact with our world: it is the source of our identity”, he writes.

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How I use social media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

See book writing below… Global Networks & Knowledge Sharing In 2000 I put it out to the universe that I wanted to work internationally. My online identity serves me well. Social media is an amazing (and sometimes scary) set of tools to show your identity online.

Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

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UserVoice has some tips on understanding CMs Select Tweets: I’m watching the various streams, and it’s very hard to keep up (data from Alterian found over 2000 tweets), but here are some select tweets. The real testament if our friends at Hallmark are able to get behind it.

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Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Edupunks need to grow up

Ken Carroll

But the two are not identical. My first 5 years in Shanghai (from 2000) were teaching children with Shane. Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0 About Ken Carroll « FrenchPod is a PLS Is teaching a subversive activity?

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Presence: Time To Push The Reset Button

Collaborative Thinking

People participate in presence systems because they wanted to broadcast their availability – to make other people, namely their friends, aware that they were online in case they wanted to contact them in some manner. Although most people used NetMeeting as a remote desktop solution the ILS (later integrated into Windows Server 2000 as a service - for free) provided a COM API and there was an ASP Intranet application to show who was logged in.

Communities of Practice: The Organizational Frontier - HBS Working Knowledge

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Wenger is a consultant in knowledge management and communities of practice and the author of Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity (Cambridge University Press, 1998).

Why people participate in online communities

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You are here: Home » News » Why people participate in online communities Why people participate in online communities Written on May 24, 2008 – 3:05 am Ayelet Noff , Next Web WebTipr Israel My dear friend Yaniv Golan , CTO of Yedda , had given a brilliant presentation regarding Incentives In Online Social Communities a few weeks ago at The Marker COM.vention and since it’s unfortunately in Hebrew, I wanted to translate it, include some of my own additions, and share it with you.

Social Networks And Group Formation - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

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2000). The present article highlights recent research in the field and focuses on centrality, linkage strength, identity, trust, activity and benefits. You often have to ask a common friend for permission to establish that connection.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Sharedequally" doesnt mean all under one roof, or identical accommodationfor everyone, or even equal investment. Nicepart of a city on a public transit route, edge of a town of 2000, or inthe country miles from everywhere with lots of green space? Understanding and Caring for Our Animal Friends Working Smarter · Knowledge Management & the Cost of Not Knowing. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays.

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More on Trust in the Social Enterprise – confused of calcutta

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Identity is going to become more and more important, but it’s nothing more than “credentials” What really matters is in the interactions between people in a community, the vulnerability embedded in those interactions, the risk taken within those interactions, the learnings, sometimes painful, that come from those interactions. As Bill Gates said in 2000, “poor people don’t need computers.” Skip to content. confused of calcutta. a blog about information. About me.

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Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community - Update 2005

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2) It is designed to attract and retain community members who become more than superficially involved in community events.and.are able to make new friends through the community; 3) It has a single defining focus; (that) gives them a reason to return; 4) It provides services to community members, that meet community member needs; 5) It has, or has the potential to develop, a strong commercial element." 2000. "

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