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"Developing Real Skills for Virtual Teams"

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A lot of virtual team research crosses my screen, most of which is earnest and much of which is the equivalent of a Sunday-night eat-up of what's in the refrigerator. Collaboration Telecommuting Virtual TeamsAnd then something like this comes through, "Developing Real Skills.

The Art of Collaborating Effectively in Virtual Teams


You can never have enough education on not just running and managing virtual teams, but also how to be a good virtual team player.

Who You Calling Virtual? Leading a Virtual Team

Partnering Resources

It’s not about the virtual, it’s about the team. Let’s get one thing out of the way: there’s no such thing as a virtual team.

Do People in Virtual Teams Need Face Time?

Michael Sampson - Currents

”), one of the questions from a delegate in the discussion was about virtual teams, and whether face-to-face (in-person) time was necessary.

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Six easy pieces for "Virtual Team Success"

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Here you will find numerous research-based “devices” for clearing the hurdles that virtual teams present. Books Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams spreading but not tipping yet - new research

The Bumble Bee

The latest report (September 2011) on Virtual Teams, Virtual Work Environments in the Post-Recession Era , from Brandman University , includes very interesting results of a survey commissioned from Forrester in 2010 on Virtual Teams. Virtual Teams

Thank you, VIRTUAL TEAMS readers

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Sixteen years ago, we went to lunch with our then-editor Jim Childs at John Wiley & Sons (Jim's now a publisher at Time Inc). It was time for our next book; we threw out the idea for a book about

How Important Is It To Manage Temporal Diversity in Virtual Teams?

Leading Virtually

wondered if this is what happens in a team when team members differ in terms of their emphasis on speed, quality, and other performance goals.

Does Online Identity Matter In Virtual Teams?

Leading Virtually

Our paper was an extension of the research we have been doing on leadership in virtual worlds that I wrote about previously. This paper focused on how one’s online identity may affect virtual team member perceptions and how virtual teams work together. more…).

Managing virtual teams

Joitske Hulsebosch

(cartoon via Marketing and strategy innovation blog ) Together with Sibrenne Wagenaar I wrote a Dutch article of 15,000 characters on virtual teamwork.

No Email Reply? Don’t Let an Unanswered Email Get the Better of You

Leading Virtually

In the absence of such possibilities in a virtual situation, silence no longer remains as such. Technology is meant to connect us.

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Another list for virtual teams

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Good post on virtual team communication here. Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Virtual Teams

Leading Virtual Teams - Harvard Business Pocket Mentor

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Readable in an hour or so and excellent for stimulating conversation in a virtual team. Since we didn't write it, I can praise it.

Always say yes to grad students: an interview about virtual teams

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post this also as a bit of historiana as we wrote the first edition (cover below) of Virtual Teams nearly 20 years ago. Who hasn’t?

Marissa, we need to talk: This genie is way out of the bottle

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" Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger ?" to bring team members together to get their best work. collaborating virtually.

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Working in virtual teams

Joitske Hulsebosch

tools to support the work of international virtual teams for a thematic issue about globalization. Since there is not much room (15.000 characters) we have a relative narrow focus on small teams dealing with a clear, time-delinated project. They write about teams, networks and communities and hence have taken a much wider focus.

Economist webcast on virtual teams

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Remember the Economist Intelligence Unit's study where 1 in 3 virtual teams said they were poorly managed? If you're agitated about virtual teams, this webcast will calm you right down. Tags: Collaboration Virtual Teams Nicely done.

New Way to Work Index – Unify

Michael Sampson - Currents

Unify recently published the results of its New Way to Work Index : The first research wave for the Unify New Way to Work Index ran between January and February 2014 and surveyed more than 300 executives across the globe focusing on the habits and constructs of successful teams. team members are more personable in their habits.

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Leaderless? No, leader-full in the virtual workplace

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Terrence Seamon, whom I had the chance to work with a few years back when American Management Association was putting together a new course on leading virtual teams (I was subject matter expert for the course and Terry held the. Leadership Networks and Networking Telecommuting Virtual Teams

Is Video Conferencing a Good Substitute for Face-to-face Meetings?

Leading Virtually

In other words, video conferencing is thought to vary in degree rather than in nature. What do the results from Ferran and Watts mean for a leader?

Virtual Teams and Communities Training Manual

The Bumble Bee

To access: Ken Thompson's Virtual Teams and Communities Training Manual as a Google Docs Presentation. The Role of Technology in Teams.

Simple distinction in virtual teams

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"Another day in a virtual team"

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Since you are an expert on virtual teams, I would love for you to see a video I created about a practical virtual team in action.

How Important is it to Manage Temporal Diversity in Teams?

Leading Virtually

During the last weekend, I had a chance to observe a couple of workers who were installing new backsplash in my kitchen. more…).

Iceland causes virtual teams to finally erupt

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Clever walk around his team looking at what the shutdown in air travel has meant to them. How many more volcanoes will it take before virtual teams gain some respect? Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Collaboration Virtual Teams Weather

Virtual Team Intelligence - webcast now posted

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Thanks, Tom Heck, president and founder of the International Association of Team Facilitators , for inviting me to participate in your virtual team series and for posting this interview , with the vaunted title, " 90% People, 10% Technology - Virtual Team Intelligence."

A South African on virtual teams

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I have no idea who's writing this new blog, IT Trends in the Development and Management of Virtual Teams , as the Blogger profile is not tremendously informative, but these first few posts, one of which arrived via an alert, are unusually thoughtful. Tags: Virtual Teams

6 countries, 24 hours and a virtual team stat

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Well done, Colin, especially when you have the good fortune to be "assembling" those teams while looking out on this. Right.

List #358 of virtual team success factors

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This one , from Carl Eidson at Wilson Learning, rests on research published in Sloan Management Review this year that reinforces our findings in our 2004 Harvard Business Review article : virtual teams can outperform their face-to-face counterparts.if Keep all team members in close communication. 2. they behave like grown-ups.

HBS Working Knowledge: Virtual Teams

Collaborative Thinking

Virtual Team Learning: Reflecting and Acting, Alone or With Others. This paper examines virtual team learning in new product development situations. We present data from an exploratory study of learning processes in globally dispersed new product development teams. Worth scanning. Authors: Deborah L. Applegate.

Pathways into working in virtual teams

Joitske Hulsebosch

I'm not sure if I linked already to the article that I wrote with Sibrenne about tools for virtual teams - (because it is in Dutch I may not have linked it on this blog but here it is for any interested Dutch speaking persons). Tags: technology introduction virtual teams He couldn't see it.

No Email Reply? Don’t Let it Get the Better of You

Leading Virtually

In the absence of such possibilities in a virtual situation, silence no longer remains as such. Isn’t technology meant to connect us?

Virtual Team Intelligence - I'll try my best at this webcast

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If not, please join me for " 90% People, 10% Technology - Virtual Team Intelligence ," a webcast sponsored by International Association of Team Facilitators. Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Virtual Teams Busy at 3 PM ET (GMT-5) on Wed, December 9? CLICK HERE to register.

This just in on the virtual teams "study"

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Leveraging Virtual Teams & Social Tools: Boston KM Forum - March 31

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Long title for what promises to be a good day with the Boston KM Forum on March 31: " Leveraging Virtual Teams & Social Tools for Business Advantage: Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, et al."   And books and articles on virtual teaming abound. But what value have they had for business enterprises? 

More on the purported "study" of virtual teams

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The poll contained 22 questions, beginning with this one: 1) Do you have team members across the US or across the world who [sic] you work with on a frequent basis (daily, weekly, monthly)? --Of 694 respondents, 24% said they didn't; 76% said they did. Tags: Virtual Teams Following me?

TAE Radio: What Are “Virtual Teams” and How Do They Work?

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Benefit of Virtual Teams - the BP Experience (from mid-1990s)

Michael Sampson - Currents

In Knowing the Drill: Virtual Teamwork at BP , Don Cohen looks at the benefits that accrued to BP from virtual teaming approaches and technology in the 1990s. Deliberate coaching was used to get the benefits of virtual teaming. were similar to those made initially by other teams. Collaboration Virtual Team

Technology: trust in virtual teams

Joitske Hulsebosch

John Gundry wrote a paper on trust in virtual teams trying to 'unpeel the onion about trust'. It might be nice to make the link to another article on communication and trust in global virtual teams by Sirkka L. He states people will have a hard time trusting eachother unless they've met. trust seems to work differently.

Get to Know Your Virtual Colleagues as People - and Good Things Happen (to Important Things Like Productivity)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Larry talks about the power of non-task and personal relationships as a contributor to the performance of distributed teams: " Most managers know about the water cooler effect. couple of studies released this summer dealing with performance and collaboration in teams merit consideration in this regard. My Comments. 1. Make it work.