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Did You Know? Social Networks in Spain


But did you know that there is now a Spanish version of such kind of videos as well? Rather interesting, to say the least! Yes, at #7!! Not at all!!

Technologies of Cooperation

Jenny Connected

Sharing economies, social production and collaborative consumption. 1. Sharing economies, social production and collaborative consumption.

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Technologies of Cooperation

Jenny Connected

Sharing economies, social production and collaborative consumption. 1. Sharing economies, social production and collaborative consumption.

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Teamwork Needs Healthy Friction to Collaborate and Get Work Done More Effectively


 . Who would have thought something so relatively simple and mundane as food would be the glue for your team(s) to work together more effectively?

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Social Media Clout: Klout them up – don’t you know who I am?

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Every time you use social media to tick a box , click Like or Share , hit retweet or reply , you are being tracked. And Overladies. Klout ).

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The Fallacy of Social Networking


His account of the current political system, including the voting system, within Spain and the USA, is incredibly thought provoking on its own!

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KM, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business: One and The Same


So here I am again, thanks for sticking around and for all of the insightful comments shared across so far! Thanks!! Really? Well, probably so!

How to Use Employee Engagement to Boost Your Business


Curating good, relevant content that matters to you is just such a wonderful thing! Some others haven’t. And here is why. What do you reckon?

El Cielo de Canarias


But more on that later, as I am sure I would have an opportunity to live tweet it eventually. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you!

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Reflections from 2011 – The Year of Mobile, Again


So that leaves me out to use the 3G and the 3G Modem while in Spain, right? My short answer: Technology. The long answer: here is why.

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The Mindset of Work


We know it’s going to be impacted big time by technology, if not already!, Is work still a physical space or a mental state? Who decides? We all have.

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Finding Time to Reflect while on Vacation


But for now, I thought I would share over here a couple of photos I had the chance to take as well of the town where I grew up back in the day… .

Vacation Is A State Of Mind


But I am now back and my state of mind is “ back to work, back the social grid!&#. Fully re-energised, batteries charged all the way up!,

Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

John Tropea - Delicious Community

details Kindly leave a comment below and I’ll aggregate into this post. What’s success? Thank you. Yes, glitter farts. Glycolic Cleanser [.]

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Great Products Don’t Need Customer Service – “La Bicha”


And I surely did, as you can see from the bunch of pictures I have already shared on my Google Plus profile. Regardless. Simple.

Let The Next Adventure Begin – The What Next (The System of Me)


Before I go on and explain what I mean with that system of me, please do allow me to share a story over here that would help explain why I am choosing those words carefully in terms of what I will be doing next. After yesterday’s blog post, I guess today’s the one everyone has been waiting for. Myself included. elsua. Nice work! So,

The Perks of Freelance Work


What do you think? Hype or sharp reality then? . Mind you, this is not, by all means, an exhaustive listing of all the perks I can think of. Freedom.

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Social Media Flies Past Email and Search for Web Usage

Portals and KM

Ross Dawson recently shared (on his blog) a new Nielsen report with detailed statistics on online activity that I learned about from his Twitter feed.  Ross also lists the top countries in social media and blog usage: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., Times have changed.    

GyPSii Webtop

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Share your lives with each other. See their photos and videos, locate them on a map and share them with other people. News & Alerts Press coverage of GyPSii at MWC Visit GyPSii at Mobile World Congress, Hall 7 Booth B59, February 16-19, 2009, Barcelona, Spain or see media coverage on our Press page. GeoSolutions, B.V.

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The Trials and Tribulations of a Mobile Knowledge Worker in a Social Business World


Thus I decided to go local, since I was in Spain; I decided to rely on my 3G connection for my iPhone and iPad and on my 3G USB modem or my Mac.

eModeration Station » Mobile learning #1: The big picture

e-Moderation Station

Share this on Facebook. friend here in Spain who is learning English listens to grammar podcasts in his iPod while training for marathons.

Mapping a community – easy and not-so-easy

Learning Alliances

Three responses per country: Brazil, Nepal, South Africa, and Spain. The Dgroups platform has other depictions but this is the most vivid one.

5 Cool things I learned about in 2013

e-Moderation Station

Two days ago I attended a conference here in Spain – of the five plenary speakers, exactly none were women. Photo by Creativity103.

Gran Canaria – Celebrating the Mini-Continent


In fact, all along, I have always felt it was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life, next perhaps to the one I have made 10 years later when, just recently, a bit over a month ago, I decided to make a move from IBM after 17 years  of service in three different countries: The Netherlands, Ireland and Spain. Patrick’s Day.

My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #3


Now that I am back home here I am, once more, sharing along the next round of Apps hoping you may find some of them useful as well. like that!

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Solutions for An Ageing Population in the Era of Open Business


And that’s just for the US, country where perhaps ageing is not as alarming as in other countries like Japan, Spain or Italy. Are we?

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The 1-minute mLearning panel summary

e-Moderation Station

Lindsay Clandfield (Spain): Teacher, trainer and author. an iPad), the classroom dynamic is much calmer, as kids don’t need to share.

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The Metamovement: Moving Beyond Marches and People in the Street

How to Save the World

How do you think we can do this? I’d welcome your thoughts and will share them with the Metamovement groups. The privilege is not abused.

Little Venice in the Spring


Actually, there is also a specific reason why I would want to take up sharing these blog posts once again. It’s about time, I think.

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My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad


conference event (Yes, I couldn’t buy one over here in Spain after having visited 18 shops!). long one, actually. hehe), etc. Remember?

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Treasuring the Moment That Changed Our Lives for Good


Witnessing the historical moment of Spain winning the World Cup Final for the first time! At least, that one from a whole bunch of us.

Why I’m an IBMer


specially after I graduated from university as an English teacher in Salamanca , Spain, in 1995 (Who would have thought about that, right?).

Networks for Humanitarian Aid

Joitske Hulsebosch

Miguel from Spain raised the cultural differences at national level. If you understand this, you will work differently with networks.

Guidelines for Group Collaboration and Emergence « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Collaboration is an act of shared creation or discovery. Greetings from Spain. BUT, collaboration is about mutual creation.

Twouble with Twitters and Smarter Collaboration Your Way


Today has been one of those where in some parts of Spain it has been a bank holiday and in some others it hasn’t. Thanks, guys!!

The Business Value of Social Software by Luis Suarez


Well, here is another blog post to share some further insights on the topic. Yes, the good old Return On Investment (a.k.a. But how about you?

Swisscom: Main Reason Why I Will Never Stay in an NH Hotel. Ever!


Of course, due to an overall awful experience on the recent trip that I did to Barcelona, Spain, towards the end of June. Instead, here I am, on my own blog, sharing with you folks why I’ll no longer stay, ever , and I mean *ever*, in an NH Hotel in any city in the world. And needless to say that I shared my ¢2. For sure!

Gran Canaria – A Mini-Continent to Rediscover


And that’s exactly  what I am hoping to share with you all with this new series of weekly articles. . And change it. Today. Good-bye ! And BOOM!

Trip to Madrid and Barcelona to Present at Lotusphere Comes to You on Enterprise 2.0


Tomorrow I will start with a half and half vacation / business trip into mainland Spain. Well, not exactly tomorrow. Yes, that’s right!

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Monday, February 9, 2009 Co-operatives: The Feeling is Mutual BLOG Co-operatives: TheFeeling is Mutual Thevirtuous cycle of the Natural Economy, described in thisearlier post A co-operative, basically, is a form of organization whosemembers share a common purpose ( not earning a profit) and whose members are all equal. Its as simple asthat.