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Gamification and school professional community

Community Capers

Many of you will also be thinking about how to further develop a professional community within your school. Why is this program so successful?

Summer Schools, GIFs and Life Drawing

Jenny Connected

I have been enjoying Pat Thomson’s daily blog posts about her 5 day course on the Tate Summer School. Summer School Day 1. Expectations.

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Can a high school drop-out find a job with Net-Map?

Net-Map Toolbox

(Picture copyright Lydia on flickr). It seems like the answer is yes. that may influence the next step forward for a girl like Karen.

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New Orleans High School Sousaphone Player

Portals and KM

I also did a painting of a brass band member who plays the sousaphone. It is a tuba redesigned to make it easy to carry in a marching band. 

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At School, Collaboration is Cheating

Michael Sampson - Currents

Remember at school, "working together" was taken as cheating, and we got punished for that. I was talking with Nancy last week about collaboration, and one of the comments I made was how our educational system conditions us that collaboration is cheating. Many universities are seeking to reinvent themselves to preserve their relevance.

A Social Theory of Learning, Schools and Landscapes of Practice

Jenny Connected

Should we teach trainee teachers about learning theories before we send them into school and let them loose on children, or should we send them into school and engage them in practice, before we introduce them to learning theories? Does this slight change in order of the words make a difference? I think it probably does. Wenger, E.

Social Media for Schools #NBN October 2016

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

They might be generic or specific to your school. There are Q&A sessions and so on starting at 4pm. Facebook or elsewhere).

School. On reflection.

Chris Collison

We spent some time with extended family over new year, and I overheard one of the younger boys, Ted, recounting his tales of mischief at school – and the subsequent punishments he had received. Yes, the biggest threat that you can hold out to an eleven-year old is that of Reflection! We don’t make it easy for them, do we?

Twitter for School Staff Professional Development


I ran two Twitter for Educators CPD sessions in March, designed to support staff in using Twitter in developing their professional networks.

More Years of Schooling for Fewer and Fewer Jobs

How to Save the World

The idea of a “skills gap” (the unemployed don’t have the skills hirers are looking for) is a myth. None of this would be easy.

Standing Old School Management on its Head

Portals and KM

In the age of social business and collaboration it is generally accepted by those who think seriously about management in the 21 st century that top down micro-managing is a useless relic of the industrial age. It is nice to see another study confirming this. And they are not happy as a result to no surprise. I hope that more managers realize this.

Understanding Open Educational Resources: Information for Schools


There are millions of free to use resources that have been shared globally as Open Education Resources. Cross-posted from LCC SchoolTech.

How Teachers can Manage Student Contact on Facebook

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Now you may be one of those teachers that doesn’t want to connect with students outside of your designated work hours at school. PDF ).

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Not back to school insights


As everyone around is starting (or getting ready to start) another school year, we do too, in a sense. All that then we finally got real summer weather, calling for reading books in a hangmat or watching kids play with sand and water. But anyway, working on the plan brings a few insights to share. Me PhD follow-up Unschooling PhD writing

Educational innovation: schools vs homeschooling?


It’s a pity that with the current educational climate there is often either/or situation where both sides do not want to do much with each other.

Connectivism in schools

Jenny Connected

The question has been raised again (by Allan Quartly in the Change11 Facebook group [link] ) about whether connectivism applies to schools. I was wondering whether anyone has been thinking about this course from a school’s perspective. Tagged: #change11 , changemooc11 , Connectivism , learning , MOOC , schools.

Reflective learning and metacognition Frank O’Hara style

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Frank O’Hara is one of the New York School poets. Source of image: [link]. Why I Am Not A Painter by Frank O’Hara. I drop in. says.

Educating the under-privileged

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This small school was founded in 1990 by P. Since its foundation, the school has grown and now takes about 70 children between the ages of 5 and 20. The school’s website provides comprehensive information about development through publication of their annual reports and also has a Facebook site. de Bruin.

Educating the under-privileged

Jenny Connected

This small school was founded in 1990 by P. Since its foundation, the school has grown and now takes about 70 children between the ages of 5 and 20. The school’s website provides comprehensive information about development through publication of their annual reports and also has a Facebook site. de Bruin.

The Living School: Expulsion


They will consider the question of expulsion, eviction and displacement, giving a broader view onto the systematic upheaval of people.

Digital Citizenship


I also believe schools have a critical role to play and would like to see Citizenship education really get to grips with digital issues.

Virtual high school reunion?

Endless Knots

My friend Bill writes, asking a question I'm also interested in as I can't make it to my important high school reunion this year. Anyone know? Hi Jessica, Have you ever heard of a H.S. class doing your virtual. meeting kind of stuff in lieu of going to the expense of flying or.

Nohria new dean at Harvard Business School

Endless Knots

From the announcement* on the B-school's site: A scholar of leadership and organizational change, Nohria has. previously been the School's senior associate dean for faculty. Harvard University President Drew Faust just announced that Nitin Nohria , an insightful academic who early on recognized the importance of. Current.

Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Linear and non-linear learning

Ken Carroll

About Ken Carroll « Stunted Skype, social networks and language learning » Linear and non-linear learning Obligatory pic of horrific looking 19th cen school that should add impact to the post. School knowledge is pre-determined by a centralized authority, and delivered in a linear format to a mass audience.

Mixing Old and New School Communication

Portals and KM

I trust the medical establishment will not abandon the old school ways of sharing information and I do not want them to. Tom Davenport recently posted a nice piece, Why 1.5 Is Greater Than 2.0 , that discussed the benefits of mixing old and media. Always the rock of reason, Tom wrote that asking which is better Web 1.0 or Web 2.0 and Web 1.0

Leadership porn

Ken Carroll

B-school professors pride themselves on scientific methods and empirical research. The book reveals something about the math and science mindset that dominates our schools and the business culture. Creative leadership Leadership b-school leadership pornThere’s a difference between looking at something and doing it.

Icfai Business School's Effective Executive Interviews. us!

Endless Knots

We (not the royal - just Jeff Stamps and I) were pleased to participate in an interview on "Building High Performance Teams" for the May 2009 issue of Icfai Business School 's publication, Effective Executive. Quite distinguished company we're in: others in the series include, well, all the big business-writer-types.

Safety and the militarisation of schools


A couple of months ago I had to deliver something to a primary school during the day in term time. And then what? Social policy Space and plac

School-run parking


David Hembrow posts about a school stopping ban in the town of Groningen, NL, which he says makes it illegal to stop with a car adjacent to the schools between 8 am and 4 pm on week days. As David says, 'By British or American standards, the rate of children being taken to school by car is already extremely low.'

Faith schools and cohesion


It puzzles me that people continue to defend faith schools, which to me are one of the most awkward embedded obstacles to cohesion in our society. But, ironically, their motivation is almost the reverse of the popular connotation of that term: rather than leaving for a white monoculture, they are seeking a school with greater diversity.'

More evidence that driving kids to school isn’t helpful


All the same, I don’t want to spoil the story, but I should note that for most of my secondary school career I either cycled or walked between 2.5

Taking lessons back to school…

Chris Collison

So, just for fun - what does a well designed lesson look like in a school ? . I wonder what this really means. Not really.

School grounds: ambiguously-public spaces


I was ejected from school grounds the other day, hasn't happened to me for years. Only ever at weekends of course, or during school holidays, when there was no-one around. Fortunately my kids' old school, although without a proper track, remains sensibly accessible and I can plod about there whenever the place is empty.

School Educational Technologist Post - Job Description and Matrix


consultation with secondary schools, to create a new school post -. defined - will be of particular interest to schools who make use of ICT. Managed Service provision, although schools who provide their ICT. The overall purpose of the post is described as: To provide support to the school/college in identifying.

Why I left China

Ken Carroll

One of the companies I’d founded – a chain of language schools, called Kai En – was going bankrupt. The problem came about after the US economy went south and the language school’s client-base dried up. At the end of 2009, I left China in something of a hurry. Let me outline why. There were

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Steve Hargadon: John Seely Brown on Web 2.0 and the Culture of Learning (School 2.0, Part 6)


tinkering education learning community

A Nice Holiday Gift for School Kids Everywhere


Kids around the country received an early and much-needed gift this December in the form of — you guessed it — broccoli and green beans.

What not to say to a residential school survivor, and what to do.

Chris Corrigan

For something like 100 years, generation after generation of indigenous children in Canada were rounded up at age five and taken away from their families and communities and placed in residential schools, where they were taught English, taught western values and Christianized. First Nations

Teaching with mobile devices: FAQs [part 1]

e-Moderation Station

Question 2: Some schools invest in class sets of tablet computers to get around this issue. Below are the first 4 questions, and my answers.

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Developing digital literacies in practice


The topics have been identified and developed in discussion with schools and with a range of individuals, governing bodies and working groups.

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