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Who is good at qualitative network analysis?

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It’s hit and miss, either they get it or not… Qualitative network analysis is one of these things. You need to know how to handle qualitative data, which is something you can be trained in. I’m struggling with this. And learning while I struggle. What do you need to be able to do this well? Then they are hooked.

Net-Map training, 16th-17th August, Washington DC

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The most engaging part of a Net-Map training that is open to everyone is the diversity of participants.

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A simple guide to Qualitative Easing


As a service to readers, this blog now offers an easy guide to the little-known alternative micro-social policy of qualitative easing. But what makes qualitative easing so clever is the way it leaves prosocial behaviour to look after itself. What does that mean for the ordinary tax-payer? They provide advice to the government.

A-Z of authors I have learned from this year

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Dwyer, Sonya & Buckle, Jennifer – The Space Between: On Being an Insider-Outsider in Qualitative Research . E. Only one is a novel.

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Blog>> User Adoption and Valuating Performance

Green Chameleon

© Synergy Corporate Technologies. And this is important in two ways. This usually creates motivation and adoption among the users.

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Net-Map Level 1 Certification Course (Washington, DC)

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Level 2: Net-Map Qualitative and Visual Data Collection and Analysis. We offer Net-Map certification courses on 4 levels: Level 1: Net-Map Facilitation. Level 3: Net-Map Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis. Level 4: Net-Map Mastery – Train the Trainer. Join us for a 2 day, Level 1 Net-Map class on the 4.-5. Sign up!

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MOOCs – Which Way Now?

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The initial survey generated over 30,000 words of qualitative data from a survey completed by 47 participants. We are delighted.

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Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

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The object of activity is qualitatively transformed so as to open up a horizon of wider possibilities and new actions.’.

Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

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The object of activity is qualitatively transformed so as to open up a horizon of wider possibilities and new actions.’.

Value Creation in Communities of Practice

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A key focus of BEtreat was to discuss Etienne Wenger et al.’s most recent work on value creation in communities of practice. link]. Wenger et al.

Diversity is hard

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Understanding Communication Patterns in MOOCs: Combining Data Mining and qualitative methods. Source of image. But what is diversity?  2016).

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Public Shared Services Design: the service cost and quality balancing act

The Bumble Bee

I recently worked with colleagues to identify savings through collaboration between different local councils. Public Shared Services Design Method.

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What toddler tantrums tell you about work conflicts – Or: The risks and benefits of being a pattern thinker

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realized that it’s not so much about whether you are more of a left brain or right brain person, whether you think in numbers or stories (quantitative vs. qualitative), but it’s about being able to see patterns. "I'll teach you how to deal with your colleagues" (copyright by lovelornpoets on flickr).

Guerrilla Research into Rhizomatic Learning

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With one or two exceptions, the research I have been involved in has never been funded and has been qualitative or mixed methods research.

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Blog>> Experiences on KM Incentives and KPIs

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My last article about Knowledge Management Strategy created some discussions about key performance indicators (KPI) and incentives for KM activities. What are the right measures to overcome the barriers of information and knowledge sharing in an enterprise? Management KPIs are similar to our team’s indicators mentioned above.

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Networks, gender and race in job-searchers in rural America (Missouri)

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We collected ross-sectional quantitative and qualitative information about job-seeking networks through in-depth interviews with 9 local residents.

Research on the Positive Side of the New Web

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In two phases of research, they surveyed 1200 US parents with children aged 3–12 in the household and qualitatively explored key topics with 112 tech-savvy community members and their kids. Actually the new Web, or Web 2.0, has been around for a while now. Ten they looked more closely the last group. Purchase decisions are family decisions.

Ethical behaviours online

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notice that in my Evernote Notebook on ethics, the number of links to articles expressing concerns about ethical behaviours online is growing.

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The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing

Alchemy of Change

I just finished reading Lisa Gansky’s The Mesh and there’s much to like about the book. The Mesh in Economic Context. Tweet.

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The evidence is here: Visual portfolio mapping delivers better decisions

Governance in a Networked World

This article also included qualitative evidence of the positive business outcomes the visualisation led to.

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#Share2011 - @sarahhaase De-Mystifying ROI Calculation for #SharePoint (Sarah Haase, Best Buy)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Sarah has a great grid to show possible ROI measures - splitting between quantitative and qualitative. -. Better measures: -. Money. -. Time. -.

Preview of the Brands & Collaborative Economy Research Project

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Wave 1 responses are in and the analysis is almost finished. wanted to share a preview of the results to date. Shared Meaning & Definitions.

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Making Sense of the Rhizome Metaphor for Teaching and Learning

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One of the reasons for these posts is that it is going to be impossible to cover all this in the time we have available at the conference.

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The Cisco Digital Journey

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metrics your CEO cares about”) coupled with the qualitative (e.g. “it all works seamlessly”), Jeanette’s told you what the Social Engagement Journey, or in this case the Digital Journey, should feel like – and that can be a powerful piece of narrative inside a brand. AEV Blog

Basic design for extraordinary conversations

Chris Corrigan

This is something that consultants like us have to bear in mind. To do this well, there are three basic phases to pay very close attention to.

Language versus Writing and User Generated Content on the Web - Part Three

Portals and KM

They suggested that there was a qualitative difference in knowledge gained directly from the senses as compared with that gained through more abstract systems such as text and mathematics. This is third part in a series prompted by interesting post, Language is not writing , from the Economist. It allowed people to think in new ways.

Listening for stories, storytelling's analytic stepsister

Social Abacus

Become intimate with the data, qualitatively. Loud speaker, credit: It's hard to tell a good story. Listen for rhythm.

Net-Map facilitation pointers: Links

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Let me start sharing them with you too – starting with everything I know about links: Net-Map Facilitation Pointers: Links. Links. Being friends.

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Talking about counting things

Chris Corrigan

In any endeavour both qualitative and quantitative measurements are important. Sometimes people see that I’m a dialogue practitioner and the assume that I am not a fan of quantitative measurement. The issue isn’t whether or not numbers are to be more trusted than meaning making; the issue is whether we are measuring thing properly.

Want to Know What Community Members (a.k.a. Customers) Need? Just Ask.

Online Community Strategy

Are you “Member Shy”? In its most basic form, a community strategy is a balance of an organization’s goals and its member’s (a.k.a Your blog.

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Data is beautiful (but not many learning professionals believe this)

Joitske Hulsebosch

Qualitatively you might analyse the content of a course for instance with a wordcloud (eg. Most betas are not learning professionals.

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New Year links

Viv Mcwaters

Web tools for qualitative data analysis  from Michael Wesch at Kansas State University. Lake Superior University Banished Words List 2009  . 2008 The Year in Review from the folk at JibJab. Wise words indeed from Doug. Les Posen on 2009 being the year when presenting well comes of age. hope he’s right! ShareThis.

Social Media Helping Real Estate Agents Defy Commoditization

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Its market price is determined solely by supply and demand. What is Commoditization? Commoditization in Real Estate. Did you enjoy this article?

Who wants to learn Net-Map and why?

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Strategic positioning analysis for an international research institute. Why would they want to learn it, what would they want to do with it?

Brands & The Collaborative Economy Research Project: Call for Participation

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Update 3/2/15: The survey (Wave 1) will remain open until Friday, March 6th.

'Likely to do so locally'


This requirement applies most of all to the political theorists who seek a cure-all innovation. This group is disproportionately female.

“Designing Social Cities of Tomorrow” workshop – presentation notes

Making CommunitySense

The digital element leads to a qualitative shift: There’s a new resource: the data the city is generating. On February 17, the international   “Social Cities of Tomorrow” conference was held in Amsterdam. On February 16, the results of this workshop were presented in a sold-out hall. Introduction. Possible uses: Recreation?

Green Chameleon » Knowledge Management Explained in Five Disciplines

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Knowledge Management Explained in Five Disciplines We welcome Tim Wieringa as a guest blogger to Green Chameleon. Since 1999, my work has been related to Knowledge Management (KM). Here is a suggestion to split Knowledge Management into five disciplines.

PhD defense


chair compliments her with methodology section; sets the example for future qualitative researchers…. 5:17. Efimova M. gervis. ruudstweets.

Beeline Labs " Blog Archive " New online community study: what's working, what's in the way, advice from trenches

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Many thanks to everyone who took the time to take the survey and talk to us as part of the qualitative surveys. CMO 2.0