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Welcome to the Era of Radical Openness


Open vs. Closed. That’s what’s stopping us at the moment from progressing further into exploring that whole new Era of Open.

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The Business Model for MOOCs

Jenny Connected

HEA/SEDA Conference on OER and Staff Development: Open Horizons: Sharing the future. I was there with my colleagues George Roberts, Marion Waite and Liz Lovegrove  because we had a slot in which we shared the work we have done on the FSLT12 MOOC. What is Necessary and what is Contingent in Design for Massive Open Online Courses?

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An alternative perspective on the meaning of ‘open’ in Higher Education

Jenny Connected

With the rise of MOOCs there has been much speculation about the meaning of ‘open’, particularly with respect to the Higher Education business model.  It is clear that ‘open’ can be interpreted in a number of different ways. So, if the adoption of ‘openness’ is going to be a slow process, what are the alternatives?

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Open Business and The Power of Habit


IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Open Business Personal KM Is that something that you inspire in yourself, and / or in others?

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Situational Leadership in the Era of Open Business


That one that would thrive in an Open Business world. IBM Innovation Learning Life Open Business Open Leadership It never was.

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Connected Learning in an Open World

Jenny Connected

This related to how you can work out your exact location on the open seas, by knowing how to fix your latitude and longitude positions.

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Giving Up Control in the Era of Open Business


Open Business Some times you eventually need to have some trojan mice. Till it might be just too late. . To quote: . They want stories.

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Twitter is Not a Social Network

Alchemy of Change

Google is also an “information network&# and I don’t use that term lightly. The long-term challenges to Google are no less real.

What motivates humans to collaborate? – 100% Open

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

-->. 100% Open. Open innovation. About Open Innovation. About 100%Open. Introducing 100%Open. About us. Board.

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Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Opening Session

Portals and KM

This is why I prefer the term social business over enterprise 2.0, as it covers both work within the enterprrise and on the Web.  Agreed.

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What’s Your Purpose?


Humanise Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Life Open Business Open LeadershipProjects Fail ’. Even today. It’s just not happening.

Cetis 2013 Keynote - Digital Citizenship: Underpinning Open Education


adoption of open learning technology specifications and standards is. creating open education opportunities for all, through free and open.

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Open Policy Making promises engagement as well as digital innovation

Social Reporter

As William explains, the Grey Cells model is focusing initially on digital inclusion, Better Services, Elders as Assets and Digitising Government.

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Are You Tapping “Third-Order” Engagement?

Alchemy of Change

It requires a fundamental rethink of the organization – and how its processes for creating value can be opened up to people outside the organization. Gideon Rosenblatt Follow me on Twitter RSS Feeds Home About Movement as Network « Climate Skeptic Monument Are You Tapping “Third-Order&# Engagement? No question.

Solutions for An Ageing Population in the Era of Open Business


At least, in the short term. . The thing is though that we are running late on the short term already. Open BusinessIt never has.

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Adaptation: The Key to Become a Socially Integrated Enterprise


are plenty of the new mantras that matter in terms of helping inspire such transformation. In Adoption via Peer Pressure? Rather the opposite.

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Twitter's Golden Egg

Alchemy of Change

Twitter’s ability to generate cash over the long-term depends ultimately on its ability to get ads in front of lots of eyeballs.

cMOOCs and xMOOCs – key differences

Jenny Connected

In contrast xMOOCs have adopted more of a transmission model of instruction. Openness is hard work. It is more than open access.

The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources AND Management’s Hands


A few weeks ago I put together the attached article for CMSWire  where I tried to reflect on what I feel is the number #1 challenge for today’s corporations in terms of embracing a much more open, transparent, knowledge sharing culture through the emergence of social technologies behind the firewall. It’s a human trait. Or care.

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Social Computing Guidelines and Why You Would Still Need Them


Here is the thing, if you let that happen you are just opening a can of worms you don’t want to open. Really? Bless them … .

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How the Client Experience Defines the New ROI of Social Business – Finally, A New KPI in the Making


To the point where, to me, it became my new KPI over the course of time in terms of how I would value and measure the success of my own work across organisation(s). In the Social Era it remains a challenge to measure emerging 21st century business models with a 20th century mentality. Open Business Open Leadership

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Social Business Adoption – The Laggards, The Critics and The Skeptics


Whether we like it or not, we, social / open business evangelists live on the laggards, the critics, the skeptics. Open Business Game ON!

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What Do You Sell?


Freelancing Learning Open Business Open Leadership‘What’s your own  purpose then?’ Thus, what do I sell then, eventually?, Enablement.

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Lead Social Business Enabler for IBM’s w3 and www Connections – Job Role and Responsibilities


Indeed, an  openly  Socially Integrated Enterprise. IBM Innovation Learning Open Business Time to wake them up and get down to work!

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Google Plus – Who Owns the Filter Bubble?


At least, people should be given the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of that model, which in this case it’s just not happening. WOW!!! .

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Himmelman Model - Networking Collaboration Cooperation Coordination

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Collaboration Enhancing the capacity of the other Risks, resources, rewards and responsibilities Resources/Tool: The Continuum of Collaboration Worksheet Collaboration is a term that is appearing everywhere. Networking 2. Coordination 3. Cooperation 4. Unfortunately, the more the word is used the vaguer its meaning becomes. Who supervises?

Communities in the Crowd Economy: #CSWEurope15

Online Community Strategy

The study had 3 key findings, including the emergence of a distinct new business model of “Network Orchestrator”. Networked Companies Thrive.

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#LeadWithRespect Meme: a Challenge for 21st Century Management


An Open Business. well seasoned Social / Open Business evangelist and 2.0 Humanise Innovation Open Business Open Leadership

2014 14

Openness or How Do You Design for the Loss of Control? | Blog | design mind

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

business / technology / design Magazine Articles Video Audio Blogs Events Subscribe frog design | about | contact | privacy policy | terms of use Elektroniker Tim Leberecht Digital lifestyle at the intersection of attention, beauty, productivity, and the social web. Openness or How Do You Design for the Loss of Control? And in.

Changing the World One Idea at a Time


Fun Stuff and Musings General Interest Innovation Learning Open Business Personal KM Productivity Tools Nancy Duarte at her best. Enterprise2.0

2013 17

Collaborative Thinking: Opening Up The Social Graph: An Identity Perspective

Collaborative Thinking

There needs to be some level of federation between social network sites and social network services within a proper governance model. Trust Us.

Fundraising True Confessions

Hildy Gottlieb

The current system looks loosely like this: Organizations need short term funds. That is what this post will attempt to do. cash). Hardly.

A continuum of social models

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Friday October 05, 2007 A continuum of social models In my earlier view, I only identified two stages: social networks, and communities. Somewhere in between the social network and the community are other social models. Another model that is described aptly in The Starfish and the Spider (see my book list ). Wheres rawn?

Social media for public services: how about an Open Innovation Exchange?

Social Reporter

came away with a new/old idea: that we need an open innovation exchange to help entrepreneurs, councils and customer/citizens collaborate to find new ways forward. In the longer term the new system and associated development and training should help move all councils, not just a few, across into new ways of working. What do you think?

A few thoughts about what it’s like to be a free agent gleaned from John Hagel’s talk

Viv Mcwaters

The central premise around The Power of Pull is a shift from a push-based model  to a pull-based model. With good reason. Let Go.

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Collaborative Thinking: LiquidTalk - Filling In The Daily Gaps

Collaborative Thinking

Still, food-for-thought: The LiquidTalk solution brings simplicity to enterprise mobile sales enablement, learning and training, knowledge transfer, corporate and customer communication and more: We provide your organization with a secure, hosted, branded web application to centralize access to proprietary audio and video business content. Trust Us.

Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Here Comes ItalianPod

Ken Carroll

But the question of how far the institutions will open up remains. But the business model of the University is as young as ever.

Learner support in MOOCs. An alternative perspective

Jenny Connected

But he doesn’t, in this summary, mention his own key point and that was to think of learner support in MOOCs in terms of self-organisation. In these terms support isn’t something we do for learners, but something that we support them in doing for themselves – a ‘once-removed’ form of support. was a bit of a surprise). great content.

Questions about rhizomatic learning

Jenny Connected

This is an open letter to Keith Hamon. Cath’s posts in which she is presenting models for rhizomatic learning make sense. Does it fit?

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The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization – Part 1: Highlights

Portals and KM

Successful early adopters are operating within an open and participatory leadership model. The first is number one for early adopters.

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