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Business Models for Global Transformation Networks

Networking Action

What are the business models for Global Action Networks (GANs) – global multi-stakeholder change networks like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Transparency International (TI) and the Global Water Partnership (GWP)? That was the question addressed by a new report for … Net Dev

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Jazz and the New Models of the Enterprise


It’s Friday afternoon, and I am sure plenty of people out there would be finishing up the first pretty packed up work week of the year. And you?

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The Business Model for MOOCs

Jenny Connected

However, there was one very interesting, topical and pertinent question, which was, What was the business model for the FSLT12 MOOC? Perhaps Universities who wish to run MOOCs need to take a fresh look at what they mean by ‘business model’. Last week I was at the HEA/SEDA day conference in Birmingham, UK.

Model 35

modelling digital learning ecosystem

Taming the spaces

Digital learning ecosystem model (Pata, 2012) Connectivism for design John Seeley Brown (1999; 2002), and George Siemens (2005; 2006) related knowledge ecology and knowledge ecosystem terms with weaving information and artefacts, meanings and knowledge, networks and connections. Learning [.]. ecology elearning 2.0 digital learning ecosystem

Model 25

Blog>> Tripadvisor’s Contribution Model Applied

Green Chameleon

I think this is a common issue of user adoption and I looked for benchmarks in the consumer world.

Model 46

A Model of Identity and Community

How to Save the World

The model so far is explained on his blog and I’d recommend you read his excellent, short article before continuing reading this.

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The Community Roundtable's Community Maturity Model

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Our first effort to define the discipline is our Community Maturity Model: This model does two things. Thanks! Thanks for stopping by!

Model 41

Business models for communities

Learning Alliances

One reason that KM4dev has thrived, in my opinion, is that it has a very open business model in which no one organization holds the community captive.

Model 11

How the Harvard MBA model fails the world

Chris Corrigan

Do NGOs need “CEOs”, business models, strategic plans, measures galore, and all the rest? But it was weak in research—in fact some of its prominent faculty derided research. The turnaround since then has been quite remarkable. People who believe they can manage everything often prove themselves capable of managing nothing.

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The secret to building simple verifiable business models

The Bumble Bee

So how can you build business models which do not suffer from this fatal flaw? Think Differently

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Quiznos and the Old Business Model

Alchemy of Change

The reason I’m sharing this is that one of the contributing factors behind their fall was their business model, and the exploitive relationship that the company had with its franchise owners. Here’s an interesting NPR story on Quiznos being taken over by private equity firm to avoid bankruptcy.

Cool beta signup model

Community Guy

From : I haven’t seen this method of handling beta signups for new community tools. Business Strategy

Can we role model graphic recording? Part 3 in the series

Full Circle Associates

How are they using their new skills? My graphic recording charge was a chart for Monday, Tuesday and what was needed for Thursday was “emergent.”

Is your collaboration SAFE: a simple model for collaborative viability

The Bumble Bee

The SAFE model of collaborative viability - a summary. Checkout some of my other collaboration models: The Sustainable Network model. The Fair Collaboration model. Many Thanks to Kathryn Burns of Birmingham City University who collaborated with me to develop this model. IMAGE:

Participation Models: Observations On The Future Of Civic Engagement

Collaborative Thinking

What engagement models transfer, etc. Interesting study worth reading. Long-range "food for thought" as generational shifts change the nature of participation in the workplace as well. Does the Internet make for more engaged citizens? For many youth, the answer is yes, according to a new study by civic learning scholars. IRVINE, Calif.

Twitter's Golden Egg

Alchemy of Change

A number of organizations take advantage of “User Generated Content,&# but only a few have built the kind of momentum we see with Twitter.

RIM PlayBook - Four Models are Coming

Michael Sampson - Currents

RIM has now announced plans to offer four BlackBerry PlayBook tablets: - BlackBerry PlayBook with Wi-Fi. BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + WiMax.

Integrated scaffolding process model

Taming the spaces

We have worked with Tobias Ley, Sebastian Dennerlein and Merja Bauters to capture from different Layers designs the actions that fit to the universal process model. Learning (cognitive) perspective Collective knowledge perspective Scaffolding perspective. learning layers

Intervention model components in eLearning

Taming the spaces

Intervention model: facilitator level. Intervention model: learner level. designs spaces intervention model icamp edublog

Distributed cognition model at workplace learning situations

Taming the spaces

Finally some parts of the empirical data from Learning Layers [link] project have been mapped back to the distributed cognition model. This work relates cultural pattern appropriation in learning. distributed cognition knowledge learning layers

Binding the intervention model

Taming the spaces

Recently we have progressed with the iCamp intervention model. intervention model icamp Some initial draft is here: interventionmodel.

Himmelman Model - Networking Collaboration Cooperation Coordination

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Systems Planning Customized Consulting Keynote Addresses Tools and Resources About Tom Wolff Contact Us Collaborative Solutions A Newsletter from Tom Wolff & Associates Contents of Summer 2005 Collaborative Solutions Newsletter: In this issue: Collaborative Solutions - True Collaboration as the Most Productive Form of Exchange 1. Networking 2.

integrated scaffolding model in communities

Taming the spaces

Here is the mapping of different aspects of an integrated scaffolding model of Learning layers project in semantic adaptive support systems: I. Scaffolded learning perspective considers interactions of the learner with scaffolds provided by the community II. A Model Facebook Page


The copy is a model of self-restraint. For starters, they added information from over 200 insurers on 4,400 plans. The Page includes six tabs.

Monetization: Facebook Revenue and Business Model

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Technorati Tags: business models , Facebook , Monetization , Money , MySpace , revenue , revenue streams , virtual goods. Total: $550 Million.

A model for cultural pattern appropriation in learning

Taming the spaces

Recently we have worked with my colleague Tobias Ley, on the figure to describe how distributed cognition and pattern-formation associate with individual, collaborative and collective learning – A model for cultural pattern appropriation in learning. distributed cognition

A Social Network Development Model

The Bumble Bee

Read A Virtual Community Development Model. But see what you think? About Ken Thompson.

The power of modelling behaviours

Viv Mcwaters

I’ve always understood the importance of modelling behaviours, although I’m not entirely sure where or how I learnt this. It’s a wonderful privilege and a great responsibility, so I try to model what I am teaching. Terry was, and still is, a performer. Sarah was a brilliant teacher - and also a performer.

CAMP: A simple but effective model for building high performing teams

The Bumble Bee

Team Leadership Development

Re-Thinking Follow Models Within The Enterprise

Collaborative Thinking

Past incarnations however were perhaps so subtle and housed within a particular use case scenario or application context, that we never really thought about how the model could be leveraged in a very broad and compelling manner. Two models have become popular: symmetric following and asymmetric following. followers) of that individual.

Yi-Tan tech and business model case study

Learning Alliances

Thinking about this digital habitat led me to think about the business model or economic niche around this community. An IRC channel.

Poor Mental Models fail teams before they even start?

The Bumble Bee

One of the most powerful team exercises is to explore team leaders and team members "mental models" of teams, networks and groups. Blame.

Modelling spaces for self-organized learners

Taming the spaces

Mine is about Modelling spaces for self-organized learners. Today i found that the special number of Journal of Educational Technology & Society “Technology Support for Self-Organized Learners&# has been published. There are two articles from Tallinn workgroup of Educational Technology. link]. link]. spaces

Obstacles in implementing SECI model in organizations

Taming the spaces

These are some (but not all) obstacles in extended organizations to use SECI model. • CONNECTIONS & CULTURE. Individualism : Not knowing how to find, and not wanting to find people with certain competences to socialize knowledge and work together. Professional individualism: No habit of collaborating for shared goals. SELF-DIRECTION.

Credibility in modeling

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

System dynamicists have multiple approaches to testing models; you can read chapter 21 of John Sterman's Business Dynamics for a good introduction. Andrew Gelman has written about that multiple times, and he alludes to the importance of the model and its behavior in Ripley on model selection, and some links on exploratory model analysis.

Sponsored Conversations: Four Models But Nothing Perfect

Collaborative Thinking

Models (this is just one example, perhaps incomplete) can sometimes help people be more specific on the good/bad of an approach, and help construction of other scenarios that might actually help people reach common ground. I think this model is bad under any circumstance I can think of – if you are caught! I would not recommend it.

Evony Thoughts on a Business Model and a Community

Evolving Web

The straight subscription model is the default. However, the recurring costs of a subscription model seem to annoy people as time goes on.

Paris - a model for IT Arrchitecture

Governance in a Networked World

I notices this article from the McKinsey Quarterly [link]. I blogged nearly a year ago now on this topic after a visit to Paris. Clearly there are many other thought leaders appreciating the foresight of the Paris city planners

The activist model of action

Chris Corrigan

The reason is that when we are working in the complex domain, participatory leadership is important and that activist model works well.

collaboration models (1)

Engineers without Fears

James Robertson has developed this three-tiered model for collaboration. More map than model. I like it. How do these things interact?