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Net-Map Certification Training, Washington DC, Nov 20-21, 2015

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Understand how people and their networks influence your (project) success – learn  Net – Map! Please sign up here

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Guiding your network weaving: Net-Map training in DC (June 27-28)

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At our trainings you dive into using Net-Map in your own context pretty quickly. And he had to do that RIGHT NOW.

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40 Maps that wil help you make sense of the world

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The map is not the territory. A map in the scale 1:1 would be useless – and cover the whole area that it intends to depict.

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Net-Map training, 16th-17th August, Washington DC

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The most engaging part of a Net-Map training that is open to everyone is the diversity of participants.

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Net-Map training: Learn to map your career or torture networks…

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” or, even more personal: “Who will influence that I am happy more often and unhappy less often?”

First Net-Map training in Nairobi, Kenya (May 21-23)

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So, the question now is: How can I bring Net-Map to Kenya and create an opportuntity for myself and others in the region to learn it?

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Net-Map facilitation pointers: Links

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Let me start sharing them with you too – starting with everything I know about links: Net-Map Facilitation Pointers: Links. Links. Loving.

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The risks of making it look too easy

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So, I developed Net-Map and have gone on using it in African villages, with children (as young as 3), in fortune 500 companies and community groups.

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How to get strategic insights from Net-Map

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Just a bowl of spaghetti with toys on top? What does this mean? Influential actors who can harm / support. Increasing or decreasing actor influence.

Net-Map Level 1 Certification Course (Washington, DC)

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We offer Net-Map certification courses on 4 levels: Level 1: Net-Map Facilitation. Level 2: Net-Map Qualitative and Visual Data Collection and Analysis. Level 3: Net-Map Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis. Level 4: Net-Map Mastery – Train the Trainer. of August in Washington DC! Sign up!

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Can a high school drop-out find a job with Net-Map?

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As some regular readers might know, my youngest Net-Mapper was my daughter, at age three, when we mapped out “Who loves who in the family.”

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Net-Map workshop in DC – May 1-2, 2015

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Come summer and it is that time of the year to immerse into mapping your complex networks. The venue is George Washington University.

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Identifying international knowledge partnerships

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We realized soon that this is not going to be a Net-Map session or a session of some squeezed out, shrunk down little cousin of Net-Map.

From Net-Map to Action in less than a Minute

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Today, at day one of our Net-Map training here in DC, participants spend the afternoon mapping out cases from their own experience.

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Having the wrong map can kill you

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Your personal conflict map might be full of sea monsters no one has ever seen (source: [link]. Not likely. Annoying, but doesn’t kill me.

Facilitate! Don’t be a Clever-Bully

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Clever-Bully (picture by Diamond Select Toys). I’ve been teaching Net-Map a lot, lately. Or can they? What is a clever-bully?

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Talk about corruption!

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” They put everyone and their grandmother on the map and start getting in the flow. corruption) beforehand and proposed mapping them too.

2013 70

Public Policy and the Idea of the Vietnamese State: The Cultural Political Economy of Domestic Water Supply

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A Net-Map study on formal and informal water governance in Vietnam , by Nadine Reis and Peter P.

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Net-Map – Agile – Organizational Change

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And this is why my colleague proposed that we Net-Map it. ” Also, mapping out the whole situation provided a great opportunity to dig deeper into the history of this project, the divisions and people involved and how their past experience with each other might influence their ability and willingness to work together on this project.

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Strategic engagement – with snakes, elephants, baboons, mosquitos and meercats

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drawing a Net-Map stakeholder map). I am just back from work in Southern Africa. No, not quite. We divided the stakeholders in.

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Net-Map Manual in Portuguese!

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I am thrilled to add a Portuguese version of the Net-Map manual to this blog. Please read, share and use it! And tell me about your experience. Many thanks to. Jaqueline de Camargo , Roberta Amaral de Andrade and. Luiz de Campos Jr. . for putting so much work in the translation. Other people's work training material Uncategorized

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Guest Post: Net-Map in cultural development in Germany

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First time-use of a Net-Map-procedure in a culture development process. Thuringia (central Germany). Patrick S. Föhl & Robert Peper.

How the poor adapt to climate change in Kenya and Ethiopia

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Let me share some of the work my former colleagues at IFPRI have been doing with Net-Map. Read the full Kenya and Ethiopia reports here.

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Agricultural Extension in Ethiopia through a Gender and Governance Lens

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Cohen Net-Map Regina Birner Research Paper Tewodaj Mogues Zelekawork PaulosWomen’s groups (e.g.

The three biggest networking mistakes of advocacy groups

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member of our new Net-Map LinkedIn Group asked about how Net-Map can be used to improve the effectiveness of advocacy groups.

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Net-Mapping the Water-Food-Energy Nexus in the Upper Blue Nile in Ethiopia

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When dealing with the challenges of a country like Ethiopia, focusing just on water, or food, or energy is a tall order already.

Oh the sheer beauty of networks…

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The images show here are mapping the top contributors to the Catalogue of Life and their associated species, references and databases.

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Net-Map training – 2 spots remaining!

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Some have initial experience with network analysis or Net-Map, others are just excited to learn it from scratch.

Net-Map discovers structural holes in Thuringia’s cultural networks (Germany)

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Robert Peper tried to answer these questions by using Net-Map in the analysis of the cultural networks in the German state of Thuringia.

2015 19

The gift of doubt

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Albert O. Hirschman. If the initial communication had been o.k. Hirschman made a science out of researching this. ”

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February 18th-23rd: All the Network Analysis Gurus and a Net-Map training in Tampa, Florida

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will teach a three hour Net-Map intro class on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th of February and otherwise just go with the flow and be inspired.

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Talk to the Emir to save new-born chilrden

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So they asked me to map out: “Who influences the budgeting and the release of funds for newborn survival activities in Katsina state?”

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8th of June: Join us for a Net-Map intro training in Reston, Virginia

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Because you know very little about swimming until you jump in the water. On the 8th of June I will offer one morning and one afternoon session.

What is a link?

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When I map networks I like looking at the tension between the different kinds of connections between people.

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Join us for a 2 day Net-Map training in Washington, DC

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Solve sticky problems while learning Net-Map.

Join us: Largest international Net-Mapper meeting ever!

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Strategies for working together to make Net-Map interventions happen and grow the community of practice. And your net-mapping colleague too.

5 ways how drawing helps you think better

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When our teams struggle to agree on how the arrows flow between actors on their Net-Map, they are forced to be specific and explicit.

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Sign up for the Net-Map Summer School in Italy!

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Net-Map proudly presents… [drumroll]: The first ever Net-Map Summer School in Vicenza, Italy. We will use your own case studies to learn the method and prepare your first Net-Map intervention with you. On a more personal note: You will love Vicenza.

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What’s more important? People or structures?

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When we draw Net-Maps and discuss them, we often jump between talking about individual agency and talking about structure. If you look at any great change, in your organization, in history, and you ask people to describe who this happened, most likely you will get one of these two stories: Story 1. Story 2. Or it means: Both stories are true.

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The Power of Marrying Facilitation and Sector Expertise

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Or that a technical expert is necessarily best placed to be the Net-Map facilitator. picture credit: