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Why Do I Share My Knowledge?


To name: Knowledge Sharing is the Learning, Learning is the Knowledge Sharing. So, why do you share your knowledge?

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Twiitering = learning?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I often have conversations about the role of social media in learning processes. Sometimes people might say: ' Ok, but twitter is not learning.

Networks as Learning Systems

Networking Action

Most networks have “learning” as an important activity, but I’ve seen no impressive examples of systemic network learning strategies.

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The Future of Work Is Learning


IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Personal KM Productivity Tools Social EnterpriseWell, T.A.

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Collaborators, Cooperators and People I Learn From


Finally, after a good few days of tinkering Collaborators , Cooperators and People I Learn From were born. . It wasn’t easy. It always has been.

2015 76

Redefine the Workplace of the Future with Social Learning


We just can’t formalise what we don’t even know, i.e. how people learn while on the job. Most learning occurs outside classrooms.

The Crisis of Meaning in the Knowledge Workforce


Now, Roger talks about that crisis of meaning for the younger knowledge workers, i.e. that generation of millenials. Well, we have got a crisis.

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The Evolution of the Knowledge Web Worker


“ A knowledge worker is someone who gets to decide what he or she does each morning “, by Thomas A. You gotta love those quotes.

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Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

Jenny Connected

In revisiting these videos, I have been struck by how much they both have to say about emergent learning, but in different terms.

Characteristics of open learning environments

Jenny Connected

The first post was  Evaluation of Open Learning Scenarios. For me, this was my introduction to ‘learning in the open’. These are 1.

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What did Einstein know about Knowledge Management?

Chris Collison

The only source of knowledge is experience. The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. Quite a lot, it appears!

The Essence of Connected Learning


It’s probably a good time now to, at long last, rethink the Essence of Connected Learning. Talking about Connected Learning.

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Gardening in open learning environments

Jenny Connected

Nurturing plants so that they show us their full potential requires knowledge and expertise. There’s a lot to learn from this beautiful garden.

2015 49

Describing open learning environments and emergent learning

Jenny Connected

Recent work on developing our framework for describing emergent learning (see Footprints of Emergence   and Emergent Learning and Learning Ecologies in Web 2.0 ) has been taxing our powers of description. Each person’s learning experience, and perspective on that learning process, is unique to them.  Cilliers, P.

Learning While Building eLearning: Part 1

Full Circle Associates

There are many paths to answering the questions about converting F2F learning to online or blended learning. So here we go! Subtle.

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Work Stream #1 – Learning Is the Work


This usually happens when second, third or fourth waves of knowledge workers don’t follow the initial rage from the so-called early adopters group.

2016 17

The Rhizome as a Metaphor for Learning in a MOOC

Jenny Connected

The title of the presentation is The Rhizome as a Metaphor for Learning in a MOOC. on Friday June 27 th  . Source of image: Sylvano Bussoti.

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FSLT13 – What is learning?

Jenny Connected

remember that last year I referred to Stephen Downes’ statement that ‘to learn is to practice and reflect and to teach is to model and demonstrate’.

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Rhizomatic learning, definitions and cheating

Jenny Connected

Instead he is suggesting that the assumptions that we have about learning are the problem. completely agree that learning is complex.

2014 53

Learning While Building eLearning: Part 2 – Learning Objectives & Assessment

Full Circle Associates

This piece focuses on the thorny issue of learning objectives at the front end of an elearning project and assessment at the other end.

2016 21

Evaluating open learning scenarios – keynote presentation

Jenny Connected

Here are the slides and notes for the keynote presentation that Roy Williams and I gave at the E Learning Conference, FH Joanneum, in Graz, Austria, on Wednesday 17 September 2014. Surfacing, Sharing and Valuing Tacit Knowledge in Open Learning Environments from Jenny Mackness. Why are we interested in emergent learning?

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Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

Jenny Connected

In revisiting these videos, I have been struck by how much they both have to say about emergent learning, but in different terms.

Life In A Perpetual Learning State


Certainly, the learning from our fathers’ (Even that one of my own generation!) is no longer the learning from our children and youngsters today.

2011 59

Presenting at the 10th Networked Learning Conference, Lancaster

Jenny Connected

The abstract of the paper has been published on the Networked Learning Conference site. Emergent Learning and Learning Ecologies in Web 2.0.

2016 41

Learning While Building eLearning: Part 3 – Facilitating Online

Full Circle Associates

love this quote because it reminds us that facilitating online learning is about the teacher’s expertise. And about engagement.

2016 33

Why Best Practices Don’t Work for Knowledge Work


And here is why … "Best Practices" are the worst thing you can apply to any kind of knowledge work. Well, no, I haven’t.

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Ford Foundation, Open Access and Really Sharing Knowledge

Full Circle Associates

Knowledge sharing can be enabled or blocked based on organizational policies and infrastructure. Doing research wrong costs lives and money.

2015 39

Shell All of That Knowledge, Please!


Can video make a difference in Knowledge Transfer? Specially, with senior knowledge workers. Yes, of course! Yes, there is! And big time!

State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part Two


As a starting point, Dave gets to talk about tacit knowledge , about the differences between knowing and knowledge and where we should be focusing on.

2012 76

Is this Knowledge Management’s most effective tool?

Chris Collison

One of knowledge management’s most powerful tools. Having a coffee with someone is  a pretty visible way to share knowledge

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Bloomfire Provides Comprehensive Knowledge Connections

Portals and KM

This need has been made more acute with the advent of easy-to-use knowledge tools on the consumer Web. Bloomfire. like this move.  

2013 51

The Messiness of Rhizomatic Learning – Words Steal My Intent

Jenny Connected

‘ What do the adjectives ‘rhizomatic’ and ‘deep’ add to the abstract noun ‘learning’.  For me, this is what has made it feel so ‘messy’.

2014 67

Appreciative Inquiry and Knowledge Management? No problem.

Chris Collison

the connections between my world of KM and organizational learning, and the  philosophical mindset which underpins Appreciative Inquiry. Dream.

2014 27

Making Sense of the Rhizome Metaphor for Teaching and Learning

Jenny Connected

For the first post see – The Rhizome as a Metaphor for Learning. Tagged: #altmoocsig , #rhizo14 , cMOOC , rhizomatic learning , xMOOC.

2014 63

The Tilburg story of knowledge sharing for social innovation

Making CommunitySense

In it, you can find the Tilburg story of knowledge sharing for social innovation. Towards a Regional Knowledge Sharing Living Lab.

2015 65

Rhizomatic Learning – A Pedagogy of Risk

Jenny Connected

Some #rhizo14 participants have given a lot of thought to what it means to learn in open spaces. (Source of image: [link] ).

2014 42

Knowledge Management’s Fried Egg moments…

Chris Collison

You have to ask yourself, surely lessons learned from the Vdara Hotel should have been applied by the same firm as they designed the Walkie Talkie?

Emergent learning in open environments

Jenny Connected

The title of the presentation is  Surfacing, Sharing and Valuing Tacit Knowledge. Characteristics of Open Learning Environments. 2013).

2014 23

Several Short Sentences About Learning

How to Save the World

  . The only useful learning experiences I have ever had have been at least initially self-directed and exploratory. ”).

2015 35

Further thoughts and discussion about rhizomatic learning

Jenny Connected

During the presentation we mention that we wrote about our research into rhizomatic learning to date, and preparation for the presentation, in a series of blog posts prior to the conference. British MOOCs; a Curated Conversation from London Knowledge Lab, University of London. Many thanks to Mira Vogel   for organizing this event.

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