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Spigit Provides ICON as a Free Crowdsourcing Platform

Portals and KM

I recently spoke with Shail Khiyara, Chief Marketing Officer, and Hutch Carpenter, VP of Product about the free ICON offering.    

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Collecting Graphic Recording/Facilitation Icon Ideas

Nancy White

Graphic Recording and Facilitation Icon Ideas – Nancy White – Picasa Web Albums. Now there are a ton of sources out there for icons. But I realized I needed to PRACTICE and think about the process of drawing icons myself to better encourage that practice with colleagues. Timing is everything. Drawing books. Cartoons.

RSS Extensions for Browsers & Social Media Dashboards

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy


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Lessons from VizEd Vancouver

Full Circle Associates

Icon Drawing. We’d demo shapes and icons, they would practice, and we’d step back and look at each others work for inspiration.

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Social Media Monitoring Bookmarks and RSS

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

RSS Icons – any colour or the word RSS or Subscribe . Readers (Alternative). link]. Traditional News. The Guardian [link] OR [link].

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Rethinking File Access

Michael Sampson - Currents

If it’s synced locally, you’ll see the familiar green checkmark, while everything else will have a new cloud icon. Where do your documents live? The answer used to be “on this computer” or “on the network file share” and sometimes “on this flash drive.” Placeholders – check. Windows – check.

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Rethinking File Access

Michael Sampson - Currents

If it’s synced locally, you’ll see the familiar green checkmark, while everything else will have a new cloud icon. Where do your documents live? The answer used to be “on this computer” or “on the network file share” and sometimes “on this flash drive.” Placeholders – check. Windows – check.

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Allen Toussaint - Great American Composer and Much More

Portals and KM

Here is a recent blog post by Paul on Allen Toussaint: A Tribute To An Iconic Singer/Songwriter.

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Thoughts on IBM Connections Mail (“Mail Next”)

Michael Sampson - Currents

If this was flipped on its head, I would see a single icon for the conversation, and a number between 10 and 18. (thanks to @joebaxter for the photo). At IBM Connect 2014 today, IBM announced “Mail Next,” to be branded under the IBM Connections family. It was positioned as a re-think of email. Nice eye candy.

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My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #13


You can also multiple different formats, layouts, icons, styles, filters, etc. Really good work! . I just love them all. Really cool!

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The five most fabulous Moodle 2.0 features

e-Moderation Station

In editing mode, the x2 icon allows you to duplicate any resource. Moodle is now well into its second generation, with Moodle 2.2 Comments.

Notes on “Using SharePoint as the Canvas for Student Creativity and Inspired Solutions” (Lou Zulli)

Michael Sampson - Currents

The new page is very icon centric. Lou is talking about the use of SharePoint at Lakewood High School, and how students are deeply involved. Some notes: - Lakewood has been using SharePoint since 2001. SharePoint 2010 was the eye-opening experience; “look at what we can do with this.” Now a touch-activated process.

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Can we learn graphic recording in 4 hours and actually DO something? YES! Part 1

Full Circle Associates

Next we dug into specific skills of drawing people, icons, metaphors and ways to arrange images on one’s paper or note-pad. Stick figures.

How to Track Your Blog Subscriptions

Online Social Networking

Post Feedburner RSS icons prominently on your blog, so that visitors will find it easy click on those icons instead of their browser’s RSS icon.

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A new mapping tool: useful for research purposes

Jenny Connected

The text does not have to be visible, but can be accessed with a simple click of an icon. I have never felt comfortable with mapping. Allow 5.44

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Unleashing Joy Through Visual Facilitation – Part 4 of ISS Fellowship

Full Circle Associates

Icon Jam: We follow the vocabulary exercise with a quick round of icon jamming, an activity I learned at an IFVP gathering.

One week until Graphic Facilitation Workshops

Michelle Laurie

Good Morning People! This is a week of anticipation…before a very exciting week of fun. We have the annual RosViz event in Rossland, BC (4 time!)

TEN Great Bioteams Exercises for High-Performing Teams

The Bumble Bee

I have taken the symbol and adapted it and turned it on its side to be the icon for bioteams. and mobile technologies. About Ken Thompson.

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Collapse! The Game: Draft #2

How to Save the World

I am pleased to present a second, more refined, somewhat simplified, and more complete draft. Community Map for Collapse! The Game. approximately 60).

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Growing the Tilburg urban farming community map

Making CommunitySense

Elements can be visualized by their own colors, icons and sizes. Introduction: The Tilburg Urban Farming Community. The Tilburg Urban Farmers Community is part of the Urban Farmers for a Liveable Brabant project. More precisely, its objective is to “create a larger impact of urban farming on the economy and society in a bottom-up way”.

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Information Hubs in SmartDraw 2012 - "Similar to Mind Maps"

Michael Sampson - Currents

You can group related items into logical hierarchies and mark them with easy-to-understand icons. ". It's a good use of the tool.

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Google+ Hints at a Social Media Marketing Revolution

Alchemy of Change

I just accidentally stumbled on something in Google+ that suggests some revolutionary ideas about the way organizations need to think about marketing.

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Igloo Offers Comprehensive Platform for Social Business

Portals and KM

Others can be reached through icons across the top of the screen. I recently spoke to Stephen Rahal on their latest moves.  

Those little stress moments caused by technology hurdles.

Joitske Hulsebosch

It helped to have a bookmarklet (icon) they could find in the browser and there but have to click. The mini-stress moments. And self testing.

Building Our Drawing Confidence

Nancy White

I have been running more graphic facilitation workshops and everyone asks me how to draw icons. Draw Faces Your Own Way. How To Draw Nothing.

Wiggio - Makes it easy to work in groups.

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Wiggio Media Player | Create New Group | Join a Group | My Profile | My Notifications | Tell a Friend | Logout Choose a Group Log-in. Or Sign-up.

Graphic Facilitation Workshop July 2011

Nancy White

You can expect to go away with icons, ideas and approaches which you can use immediately, as well as ideas about how to hone your practice.

It Used to Be All ‘1’s and ‘0’s… Now It’s Social, Too

Green Chameleon

Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages

Graphic Facilitation – I want to see more!

Michelle Laurie

Graphic Recording example, Michael Hepher, 2009. I first was asked to engage in drawing at a KM4Dev workshop in 2006.

Applying Graphic Facilitation in New Contexts

Michelle Laurie

It was kind of like doing a repetitive icon jam and it was challenging to tie it together without a title or way to connect things. An 8.5×11

Workshop Alert – Rosviz is back!

Michelle Laurie

You can expect to go away with icons, ideas and approaches which you can use immediately, as well as ideas about how to hone your practice. I am excited to announce the 3rd annual graphic facilitation workshop (aka Rosviz!) in beautiful Rossland, BC, Canada, July 18-20th, 2012. When might we use this practice? Step out of the PowerPoint rut!

The Eye-Controlled Laptop - Be Careful Who You Roll Your Eyes At

Michael Sampson - Currents

Some of the ideas for usage include looking at an icon to open it, and to make zooming faster. Tobii Technology unveiled a new laptop with integrated eye-control : " The prototype laptop has been developed in collaboration with computer manufacturer Lenovo and will be shown publicly for the first time at CeBIT in Hannover, March 1-5.

Can we actually practice graphic recording after just a 4 hour workshop? Yes! Part 2

Full Circle Associates

I then gave them the problem of how can we increase food production by 2050 and told them to use the icons, arrows, symbols to come up with a solution.

Judging a Book By Its Cover

Hildy Gottlieb

Then for 25 years, my hair was so very much the same that it became iconic. Interestingly, the greyer it got, the more iconic it became.

My App Gap Posts for August 2012

Portals and KM

Spigit Offers ICON as Free Service to Expand Crowdsourcing.   The AppGap posts began toward the end of January 2008.    Here, I am primarily doing product commentaries with a few other things thrown in. Below are the ones for August. There will be more in September. Interview with Cisco’s Raj Gossain. New

Fanpages: List of top 100+ Australian Facebook Fan Pages

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Ever wondered which Australian companies, icons, brands have the most fans on Facebook? Here’s a list of fan Pages for Australian companies, in order of most fans. Please don’t confuse volume with being “good&# at social media. Alriighty? Nothing to see here, move along, this is for my social media classes. ACDC 1,950,000.

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Windows 8 with Live Tiles - From Phone to the Desktop

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft is putting the final touches on the next edition of Windows - Windows 8. It's due later this year. It didn't work well. Fun - maybe. Net-net.

Mac 10

What’s your relationship to your circumstances?

Viv Mcwaters

Apart from the iconic ‘Impro’ by Keith Johnstone, Matt’s book, ‘Playfair’ was my first improv book. Hat tip to Johnnie Moore. I too have met Matt Weinstein at Improv conferences. His response is true inspiration.

5 Minutes with the BlackBerry Playbook

Michael Sampson - Currents

I found it strange that the Youtube application didn't use the standard Youtube icon though. A FedEx package arrived to the office this afternoon in Geneva, and inside was a 7" BlackBerry Playbook. It wasn't for me, but I got a chance to have 5 minutes with it. Some immediate comments: 1. There was no button to push. Oh well.

Thanks for commenting and more

Michelle Laurie

My icons on networks, connections and strategy. As I blog into 2012, it’s important to reflect on what I hope to achieve with my blog this year. First, blogging is a personal practice where I reflect on work and ideas that intrigue me. The act of blogging forces me to consolidate my thoughts, articulate them and share.