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Sense making, friend making and glaciers

Michelle Laurie

Friend making. Participants were given time to share this with a friend, the table and the room. That was a great conference!”

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Making Social CRM “Friend Discovery” Real

Alchemy of Change

You’ll want to read that one and possibly the “ 3 Principles of Friend Discovery Social CRM “ before reading this. The CRM.

How Social CRM “Friend Discovery” will Revolutionize the Way Organizations Collaborate

Alchemy of Change

Let’s say that the company behind the product makes it fun and super easy for me to recommend it to a bunch of my friends. Tweet.

3 Principles of “Friend Discovery” Social CRM

Alchemy of Change

As I talked about in my last post, “ Friend Discovery &# is a concept for a new branch of Social CRM. Tweet.

Facebook: How to View Newsfeed of a Friends List

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Let’s say you want to see just the status updates of a group or list of friends on Facebook. When you confirm a friend, click Add To List.

10 Tips for Making Facebook Business Friends

Online Social Networking

In either case, you’d benefit from acquiring additional Facebook friends who share an interest in your business niche. Sharing is Caring!

150 of my closest friends

Endless Knots

And for the record, the title of this post is all wrong: it's not about your closest friends, which, according to other theories, can't number more than 25. Forget friends. " I don't think it's a translation issue. Employees are not flattered by the comparison. Who would be? It continues. Its founder, W.L.

The return of Big Society debate via its critics, friendly or otherwise

Social Reporter

Just when we thought Big Society as call-to-action had faded into big society as policy framework – as reported recently by Third Sector , and earlier here – the Office for Civil Society has followed up on the open letter from Minister Nick Hurd , affirming BS, with a rather smart move. All posts Big Society

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Accepting Friends on Facebook vs. LinkedIn Social Networking Sites

Online Social Networking

A Facebook friend recently asked about accepting friend requests on social networking sites , and I promised to discuss the matter.

With a 50 Friends Limit, Path Is the Opposite of Twitter

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

With a 50 Friends Limit, Path Is the Opposite of Twitter [.] link] Robert Bravery Wow, 50 friends. link] Robert Bravery Wow, 50 friends.

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Should You Add Members of Your Forums as Facebook Friends?

Managing Communities

photo credit: swanksalot It’s natural that members of the community that you manage may want to interact with you on other social sites. Facebook is an easy example here, because of its massive userbase and because many profiles are private. But, certainly, other similarly structured platforms would apply just the same. If your name is [.].

How to Cope with Google Friend Connect’s Untimely Demise

Online Social Networking

In case you haven’t heard, “Friend Connect will be retired March 1, 2012,” says Google. This is not pleasant news for those websites that have sizable Google Friend Connect communities and whose community members have opted to receive newsletters from the site. Google Ploy. I’m using both of them. Invitation.

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Viv Mcwaters

The way we now have ‘levels’ of friends? I think real friends are pretty precious. Tags: Culture Friends General Don’t you think it’s interesting how twitter and facebook and whatever else is out there reflects the school yard? But then again, I’ve been wrong about lots of other things!

My Friend Posted Those Comments Under My Account!

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. Thank you.

Why You Should Be Friends with the Managers of “Competing” Communities

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Thinking

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Abusing Your Community: “Friends” and How You Use Them

Managing Communities

photo credit: Justin Sternberg I have grown to become very careful about my usage of the word “friend,&# when I am talking about other people. A lot of people have really diluted this term to the point where, for some, it means “person that I once had a pleasant conversation with&# or “someone I paid [.].

How to add Friends to Groups or Lists or Filters in Facebook

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Before the new Facebook interface was fully launched, I mentioned that it would be a good idea to plan some groups for you to filter your friends into. Lists like “business&# or “cute&# or “mum and her friends&# or guys at work&# or “guys at footy&#. IF THEY ARE ALREADY A Facebook FRIEND - LISTS. TOGGLE.

I Just Attended the Wedding of One of My Best Friends, a Former Staff Member on One of My Communities

Managing Communities

In forums, I have met the majority of people that I consider close friends. One of my best friends is Jared W. Smith. I’ve mentioned Jared here on numerous times, including in my article on how much I love when people who have worked under me go on to do great things. I have [.]. Thinking

Official Google Blog: Google Friend Connect: now available


Google Friend Connect is now available in beta to any webmaster looking to add a "dash of social" to his or her site. This service lets webmasters add social features to their sites by simply copying and pasting a few snippets of code — no advanced coding or technical background required. socialnetworks socialsoftware 2008

You and your friends and your monkey minds

Ken Carroll

You have a monkey mind and so does your sister. And your boss. And your neighbor. All of you. Monkey minds. Average monkeys. But don’t feel bad.

Age friendly societies in our time?


The paper is now available and I hope will be very useful for the range of material it draws together.   Older people Social capital

Influencers- Friend or Stranger?

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Do you listen more to strangers or to friends ? Cos that’s a friend no? Strangers become friends. Friend Influencers.

Making Real Friends: The Heart of Community Engagement

Hildy Gottlieb

I hope these stories inspire you to get out there and engage friends for the causes you believe in! Strategy #10: Community Sleuthing.

Friends and community

Viv Mcwaters

This last week I was reminded just how valuable friends and community are, especially for those of us who (mostly) work alone. I was in India.

Connecting More Deeply

Viv Mcwaters

This August, I’m lucky to be able to reconnect with some dear and loved friends from around the world. Friends Leadership Play

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Sense making, friend making and glaciers

Michelle Laurie

Friend making. Participants were given time to share this with a friend, the table and the room. That was a great conference!”

April Fools: Facebook Fake Friends

Portals and KM

 David Lee wrote about how you can buy Facebook “friends” in his story, Fake girlfriend: I paid for make-believe love on Facebook. 

Why Human Friendly Content Has Influence

Ken Carroll

Human-Friendly Content. You know the mind-blowing thing about human-friendly content? It’s media-friendly. It has influence.

Dear Friends…

Hildy Gottlieb

Dear friends… I keep feeling like it’s been so long, that I need to begin blogging again. And it begins, “Dear friends…”. * * * * *.

Many of the Greatest People I Know, and a Majority of My Friends, I Met on Forums

Managing Communities

photo credit: OakleyOriginals I don’t throw around the word friend lightly. If I meet you at a conference and we talk for 20 minutes, I don’t refer to you as my friend. You’re an acquaintance or something that I have met. That’s nothing personal – it’s out of respect for you as much as myself. [.].

Community, New & Familiar Friends

Nancy White

Saturday was a great day in Adelaide. Lovely. Alas, our buddy Dave Wallace (aka LifeKludger) could not join us. I was hungry for the conversation.

Old Friends Farm

Endless Knots

Just this.   Tags: Farmers' Market

Bumping into friends

Digital Habitats

(Cross-posted from the CPsquare blog…). One of the great things about the sustained connections we make through CPsquare is that when you bump into people in other settings there’s such a strong connection. There are common interests, common vocabulary, and an extraordinary willingness to share insights. How was it? What was surprising?

Visualizing my Twitter Friends

Nancy White

Thanks to Gauri , a fun tool to visualize your Twitter friends and followers. I like how all of you look together! Very cool! Get your twitter mosaic here. . Think this is cool? Pass it on.

Bringing Home Beauty and Wondonga Friends

Nancy White

So not only will our home be blessed by their beauty, but we have the pleasure of directly showing our gratitude to the students by buying them.

Friends talking to Friends

TNT - The Network Thinker

The campaign was using the power of the social tie/link -- friends talking to friends about voting. Good strategy, limited population.

Facebook: Reputation and friends or family

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

But what about friends and family? It’s your friends. Do I really need to say anything more? Mother grounded by son on Facebook.

Reading Joyce’s Dubliners With Imaginary Friends

Nancy White

Dear Readers. As you know, I am curious and entranced with electronically mediated communications, relationships, work and learning.

What would a family friendly community meeting look like (besides noisy)?

Michelle Laurie

Some ways we could make meetings more inclusive of families are: Include family-friendly in the advertising. These are my thoughts.

Painting of Red Onions and Friends

Portals and KM

Here is an 18" x 24" acrylic painting  of red onions, yellow onions, white onions, and garlic. All paintings are for sale