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16 Tips for Ning Social Networking

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Ning seems to be gaining popularity since restructuring in 2010, and since smoothing some of its rough edges. Accept invitations from others.

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Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Business

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Facebook , MySpace , Twitter , LinkedIn and Ning are ranked 4th, 11th, 25th, 89th and 154th among all websites in the world, respectively. Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , and the Ning family of social networking sites are the most popular social networks with wide business appeal. Facebook. Twitter. Not I.

How Much Real Networking on Social Networking Sites?

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I’ve written many articles about social networking sites. Little Real Networking on Social Networking Sites.

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Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship. link] Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship danah m.

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Can You Back Up Facebook Relationships?

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asked you, “How can you protect your interests by diverting or diversifying your networking and marketing efforts starting right now?&#.

Community Building: How To Create Your Own Social Media Network With Ning - Robin Good's Latest News

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thanks to Ning. Social networks create easy to access online communities out of shared interests and passions. thanks to Ning.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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It’s somewhat relevant as Om Malik has now asked a rhetorical question if Social Network tools are just a feature of website.

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Ning Social Network Controversy

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A comment last week to my October 2008 blog post, Ning Social Networking Sites Update , linked back to Ning Exposed - Tech Company Scams its Clients , an article which sharply criticizes Ning’s latest business model and platform, and it alleges foul play on Ning’s part in reacting to complaints by network creators.

Ning Social Network Ruffles Some Feathers

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This is not the first Ning Social Network Controversy and probably not the last one either. My Take on Ning.

The Primal Forces that Drive Social Networks | Digital Tonto

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The Primal Forces that Drive Social Networks 2009 September 6 tags: Albert-Laszlo Barabasi , Chris Andersen , Duncan Watts , Long Tail , Mark Granovetter , Network Theory , Réka Albert , Social Media , Steven Strogatz by Greg Social Networks are revolutionizing how we view our world.  Thanks! Thanks. Thanks.

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Are Social Networking Sites Easy to Use?

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Connecting on social networking sites with family and friends requires little forethought or planning. The most popular social networks are easy enough to figure out, even without instruction manuals. Most of us would agree that social networking sites are easy to use for casual networking.

Social Networking More Popular Than Email

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The far-reaching study also explored a number of other trends within the social networking space. As has been reported elsewhere, Facebook’s fastest growth demographic is older users – the social network tacked on 12.4 Well, I think that's very possible as social networking sites today are growing like mushrooms.

Social Media Helping Real Estate Agents Defy Commoditization

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How Social Media Helps Real Estate Agents. Please subscribe now to Online Social Networking and join my Facebook page.

List Building Using Ning Social Networks

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List building is an essential part of online social networking , and Ning , if used properly, is a powerful list building tool. Here are some strategies that I believe will help you with list building on Ning. Creating Your Own Ning Network. You can create your own Ning social networking sites.

Is Your Ning Network Closing?

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August 20th is here, and all free Ning networks go dark at midnight. Are your Ning networks closing tonight? See you there.

Time to Upgrade Ning Networks Extended

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This is a quick update on the Ning transition from free Ning networks to all paid networks. Did you enjoy this article?

Social Network Privacy Hampers Marketers

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Privacy and spam concerns continue to induce Facebook and Ning to make changes that hurt marketers. Good-Bye Facebook Networks.

Social Media Mourns the Death of Ning

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Yesterday, May 4, 2010, was a very sad day for social media and Web 2.0. Yesterday was the day that Ning died. Sharing is Caring!

My Top 10 Social Media Sites

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My top social media sites aren’t particularly the social sites that receive the greatest number of visitors. Sharing is Caring!

Ning Sign-Up Glitch Frustrates Users

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How to Deal with the Ning Problem. Here are four ways to deal with the Ning glitch: Try very hard to remember or figure out your old password.

Facebook Groups as Alternatives to Ning Sites

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Ning sites aren’t disappearing. Granted, many Ning sites will close when the new Ning plans and pricing go into effect on July 20.

What is Wrong with Ning

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Nearly a year has passed since my first Ning article, Ning Social Networking Sites. Since then online social networking has taken some exciting twists and turns. MySpace has lost luster, while Facebook and Twitter have become social media darlings. Ning Still Facing Obstacles.

From the feed, ning edition

Chris Corrigan

Here a ning, there a ning. This week, a post about all the ning sites I belong to: Open Space World. Applied Improvisation Network. Bowen Island Ourselves (our local citizenship ning). Interesting to see how ning has tipped and how fluent people are becoming with it. World Cafe Communit y.

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Content

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Your follow-through might include email , social bookmarking sites , Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Ning and other social networking sites.

How Amplify, and Posterous Help Spread the Word

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Can social aggregation websites make life online easier? These are my current favorites: Amplify - A social bookmarking site.

10 Ways to Brand and Market on Ning Networks

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This article discusses features of Ning sites. It boggles my mind the number of networkers who barely fill in their network profiles.

When Social Networking Sites Compete

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When Twitter, Ning and Facebook Compete. Major social networking sites are constantly competing for new users and for a greater share of each user’s networking time. When Twitter , Facebook and Ning social networks compete, you and I win. Twitter , Ning and Facebook are continually evolving.

If We Pay for Our Ning Networks, Should We Expect More?

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Ning plans to close thousands of free social networking sites this week. Subscribe to my RSS feed or by e-mail.

Using Social Media (Ning) to Manage a Social Project - KETC and the Mortgage Crisis

Green Chameleon

How do all of us learn the essence of Social Media? wonder - are we alone in using Ning in this way? It is our bulletin board.

Introduction to Using Ning Sites

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I’ve written quite a few articles about the Ning family of social networking sites focusing primarily on social marketing and business networking concepts. In this article I address every type of Ning user. Spamming is something that you should never do on Ning or anywhere else. Dislike?

10 Ways to Promote Ning Networks

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You’ve created Ning networks or belong to Ning networks started by others. In 10 Ways to Brand and Market on Ning Networks , I examine a variety of Ning network features that are useful for promoting yourself or your business. Subscribe to my RSS feed or by e-mail. What next?

10 Reasons You Must Use Ning

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He’s very enthusiastic about social media and a great people person as well. When speaking with Chris last week about inSocialMedia , the 3,200 member Ning network he started to enable practitioners to discuss social media strategies, I agreed to join his site’s team. Reasons You Must Use Ning.

7 Key Issues to Consider Networking and Marketing Your Business on Facebook

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This explains why Facebook business networking is suspect, and why Facebook demands that you connect only with people you know.

Social Networks And Group Formation - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

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and social media. In this context, understanding the formation, evolution and utilization of online social networks becomes important.

New Facebook Groups for Better or Worse

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wrote several articles last summer about the old Facebook groups: Facebook Groups as Alternatives to Ning Sites. Social Media Enthusiasts.

Online Social Networking Using Twitter

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In this article I focus on building your Twitter community — people who relate to your niche and who share some of your interests — people with whom you can network and who also extend your list in a more targeted way than previously outlined. Networking with Your Twitter Community. Subscribe to my RSS feed!

community in a can: ning vs wordframe vs facebook

Engineers without Fears

Ning - Getting more & more popular, Ning offers a pretty good entry-level on-line community environment. Obviously Ning has been designed for "fun" communities than "work" communities. You get wiki stuff, a document library and the ability to incorporate external blog feeds into the environment. Boo!!!

Social Media One Bite at a Time

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Today I tell some of my own story and share some of my own social media strategy. Thirty years into my career I learned about the social media and Web 2.0 made a decision in January 2007 after reading the Time article to master social media and to see where that mastery would lead me. Online Social Networking.

10 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Groups

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I recently discussed Facebook Groups as Alternatives to Ning Sites from a group creator’s vantage point. admit it. Sharing is Caring!

BroadVision Offers a “Social Business Cloud” Through its Enterprise 2.0 Platform - Clearvale

Portals and KM

BroadVision then built a cloud based collaboration platform to provide social networking for the enterprise.    

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