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Diversity is hard

Jenny Connected

Source of image. In doing this we reduce diversity. This tendency to try to reduce diversity is not only evident in online networks. 2016). Adaptive.

2017 75

1st Global Conference on Positive Change

Networking Action

Join me and others at the 1st Global Conference on Positive Change 13 – 14 April 2017, The Netherlands … Net Dev

Survey instrument: digital workers’ preferences of informal learning opportunities in socio-technical learning ecosystem

Taming the spaces

The survey was developed based on the informal learning interactions in workplaces described by Ley and associates [2014]. The survey items elaborated possible socio-technical system functionalities using the ideas from the prototypes of Learning Layers tools.

Whistle language Silbo is disappearing because of technology

Joitske Hulsebosch

I watched The Dutch comedian Javier Guzman on a lazy evening during the x-mas holidays, his shows is called Por Dios. In this show there is a story about the influence of technology I would like to share because it is really telling a story. Javier explains that the shepherd on the isle of La Gomera have a whistle language called Silbo.


How to Save the World

There are two large cutouts, facing each other, each bearing the identical likeness of a person known as Dave. One is labelled “Dave the Creature”.