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St. Louis Restaurants: 2009 Updates on 2006 and 2008 Local’s Favorites

Portals and KM

Thanks to Stan Garfield for this 2009 update to my prior posts on where to eat in St. Louis. He also provided the originals (see St. Louis Restaurants: Local’s Favorites (2006) and Update on St. Louis Restaurants (2008). In some case she is fixing the links and in others he is providing new choices. Louis. These places make me want to go back.

Online Community Building Strategy: Good Advice From Nancy White

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Print this article July 29, 2009 ? But how easy is it to build a thriving online community? How do you nurture engagement inside your community?

YouTube - Social Bookmarking in Plain English


Worldwide English Sign Up QuickList ( 0 ) Help Sign In Loading. Home Videos Shows Channels Community Upload Upload Video File Record from Webcam Watch this video in a new window Social Bookmarking in Plain English Advertisement Subscribe Unsubscribe leelefever August 07, 2007 ( more info ) ( less info ) Want to Subscribe? Sign In or Sign Up now!

Become a Storyteller

Ant's Eyeview Blog

Do you work in a company, where you spend too much time reviewing and agonizing about power point slides? No one said, “great power point slides”.

Lessons in Love and Cultural Competency

Hildy Gottlieb

My sweet cat is slowly fading. Her kidneys are failing, and she has almost entirely stopped eating. Their lives, their choices? How do you play it out?

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Summer socialising in parks: assimilating LA's gangs


Over on the Making places blog , Karen Levy reports on a new approach to gang violence in Los Angeles, by changing the ways in which parks are used. The Summer Night Lights scheme began in eight parks last year, extending hours until midnight and sponsoring night-time movies and family-oriented activities four nights a week. Image: LA Times ).

Were you at BlogHer?

Community Guy

BlogHer was this past weekend and it was a rockin’ time, according to the attendees (including my wife). BlogHer co-founder, Lisa Stone was on the local Fox station covering the event, women in blogging, and the BlogHer network. Good stuff! And you? Were you at BlogHer? What’d you think?

Four reflections to turn the mind to practice

Chris Corrigan

Was listening on the beach yesterday to a good talk by Joseph Goldstein about four reflections that bring the mind to dharma. These relections are used by Buddhists to become mindful in everyday life. These four reflections are useful in that respect. From a dharma perspective, the four reflections are: Precious human birth. The law of karma.

News Updates (July 27, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Benefits of "Enterprise Twitter". From Email to IM. Some numbers on shifting from email to instant messaging inside the enterprise. Zenbe ShareFlow.

The Book is Almost a Reality (so lots to do!)

Digital Habitats

Image via Wikipedia. The manuscript is at our printer, Lightingsource. The cover is done. The index is done. But Digital Habitats is about to emerge.

Twitter Focus (#seascorcher)

Nancy White

It has been interesting to reflect on a) how much I’ve been on Twitter today and b) what I’m Tweeting about. Our heat is doing that.

Blog>> Conference Season is Upon Us

Green Chameleon

It’s that time of year, and the next few months will see me on the conference and workshop trail in different guises.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – Day One


Continuing further with the series of blog posts detailing some of the highlights from the recent Enterprise 2.0 At all. Open Enterprise 2009. hehe).

Onset Bay Blues Festival 2009

Portals and KM

I have gone to the last three Onset Bay Blues Festivals and greatly enjoyed them. plan to attend the 2009 festival on August 1.

Friday Fun: Photo Style

Community Guy

Linda Rains snapped this hilarious picture on the Microsoft campus in Redmond. Classic.

Blog>> The War Between Awareness and Memory

Green Chameleon

About a month ago Robert Scoble blogged about abandoning Twitter and Friendfeed. On April 19th, 2009 I asked about Mountain Bikes once on Twitter.

Getting Started with Social Media by Euan Semple


Ten days later I am back again! Re-surfacing back into the world of everything 2.0. Specially if you are a big fan, like I am, of Euan Semple.

Building 3D Objects in Second Life: A short video tutorial

The Bumble Bee

Here is a short video tutorial (4 mins) showing how its done. About Ken Thompson.

Endless knots from Eliza

Endless Knots

2009 2

Blog>> Memory and Infantilism

Green Chameleon

Jed Cawthorne has an excellent post following up on my July 20 post on NASA’s latest organisational memory failure. But back to Jed Cawthorne.

KM 2

Tearing down the classroom walls

Ken Carroll

 . “ Dude. Let’s tear down the barriers to organizationl learning though a mobile learning platform, also known as an MLN.&#. Ken Carroll.


Viv Mcwaters

The questions was something like: “What happened before the big bang?&# And the answer was something like: “There was no before the big bang – the big bang was the beginning of time and space.&#. Linear time is so much a part of our lives it’s hard to imagine time not existing. So I waited. And waited. And waited. Flowing.

Walking with MS--a triumph

Endless Knots

Though I don't post many of these requests (if I did, I'd be running one every day), this issue is rather close to my heart.

Euan Semple Offers Advice on Social Media for Business on Web TV

Portals and KM

Euan Semple, blogger at the Obvious and former lead on KM at the BBC, was recently interviewed by guruonline TV in the UK (see Social Media Advice for Business ). how practical is social media to business, and more. There are 15 video segments in the interview. Euan sees Web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 It can be very practical and easy to get started.

Ruralnet ceases trading

Social Reporter

Ruralnet|uk has been one of the most innovative nonprofit organisations I’ve worked with over the past 10 years or so, but that’s no proof against the recession, and they have just announced they will cease trading this week. We have made arrangements for the smooth transition of current projects to other organisations.

Excited and enthusiastic

Viv Mcwaters

About six months into my first real job, I discovered that I wasn’t their first choice. The  person they wanted declined so I was offered it because of my enthusiasm. That sorta left an impression. Can you tell? I’m at my best when I’m excited and enthusiastic. Hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more soon.

"Getting off the email hamster wheel"

Endless Knots

Even if Gil Yehuda's post were awful (it's anything but), I'd still want to blog it just for this title. OK, a few people (loud clearing of throat).which

Will Television and Web Converge?

Portals and KM

Here is an interesting debate from Stanford University on the convergence of the Web and Television. There are two people representing both sides. They first point out that television is both a medium and a transmission system. TV is used to refer to the screen that you watch, as well as what you see on that screen. like the pro arguments better.

Online Community Building Strategy Advice

Nancy White

We are having record breaking heat here in Seattle and I just don’t have the energy to jump into my stack of half drafted blog posts. So I’ll take advantage of Robin Good’s interview with me in Rome earlier this month! Thanks, Robin! Online Community Building Strategy: Good Advice From Nancy White. Gee, I do talk fast).


Viv Mcwaters

Don’t you think it’s interesting how twitter and facebook and whatever else is out there reflects the school yard? The way we now have ‘levels’ of friends? suppose it’s a way to try and manage all these people we’re now connected with one way or another. think real friends are pretty precious.

This is why I love the web

Endless Knots

I may be the last person online to have seen this but, holy schmazoo.this is collaboration at its best. And it's all to the tune of the great Ben E.

Blog>> Commenting Back On

Green Chameleon

Apologies to those who have been trying to post comments, we have just migrated our system and there’s a bug in the new environment which affects the Captcha utility. We’ve switched off Captcha until it’s fixed, and gone to moderation instead

Book News!

Nancy White

On other fronts, our book is at the printer. YES OUR BOOK IS AT THE PRINTER! Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities is DONE!! The manuscript is at our printer, Lightingsource. The cover is done. The index is done. But Digital Habitats is about to emerge. The tentative date is August 15, 2009. You should read the whole article.


Viv Mcwaters

I guess we’ve just about all heard the story about Art and Fear by now. It goes something like this: The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. Those being graded on “quality”, however, needed to produce only one pot—albeit a perfect one—to get an “A”. And it will allow me be more average.