October, 2011

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The Future of Work Is Learning


Some fascinating stuff in there, for sure! And one of the various reasons why I keep digging quite a bit G+ over other social networking sites.

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Occupy Wall Street – The Revolution is Twittervised

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Occupy Wall Street or #OccupyWallStreet – the demonstrations have turned nasty with NYPD arresting, macing hundreds of people. God Forbid.

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The Heart of the Occupation

Alchemy of Change

The Occupy Movement means different things to different people. And that is a very useful starting place. Bigger Frame for Social Change. No violence.

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Twiitering = learning?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I often have conversations about the role of social media in learning processes. Sometimes people might say: ' Ok, but twitter is not learning.

Prescient Releases the Social Intranet Study

Portals and KM

Prescient Digital Media will be officially releasing their report on the Social Intranet Study at the Intranet Global Forum conference in NYC, Nov 9-10. I had a chance to look at a preliminary copy and there are some interesting findings. The findings indicate that there is rapid adoption of social media on the corporate intranet in the past year.

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An Exercise in Balancing Engagement

Alchemy of Change

” While recently at the Web of Change , I developed an exercise to help people better balance this tension between tasks and relationships.

Occupying leadership #occupy

Endless Knots

Without making the media the story here since the media has this recursive, repetitive pattern when it can't make sense of a story. a few words about leadership and Occupy. Google "leadership occupy Wall Street" and you'll find thousands (6814. 1968 Economy Leadership Networks and Networking Occupy movement Politics Volunteers

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BroadVision’s Clearvale Offers Integrated Enterprise Social Networking Platform

Portals and KM

Many organizations are implementing both external facing social networking programs, as well as enterprise social networking tools.

Why the Metamovement Will Ultimately Fail

How to Save the World

First edition of the Occupy Wall Street Journal. Full size copy and edition two here. ”). So where is this Metamovement going? hope they succeed.

The Future of High-Performance Work Systems – Towards Meaningful Work


” videos. You would expect that they may well have, but have they really ? Some really good stuff in there! In fact, it’s been all along!

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Paywall for News.com and Online Community Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

The usual suspects were there – bloggers and twitterers I see around from time to time – and a handful of new faces. Their own staff?

How to be a Network Gardener

Net-Map Toolbox

They are called “Network Facilitators”, “Network Organizers” or even “Network Managers” But I think the term “Network Gardener” describes much more tanglibly, what those people do who help large and dispersed networks of people grow toward common goals. So what can a network gardener do? Wait a while.

2011 33

Sourcing the crowd: Tech tips for teachers

e-Moderation Station

Photo by Mavis. teacher and educational technologist is writing an article for a professional magazine. The topic is crowdsourcing. Nicky Hockly.

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IBM's Mike Rhodin on the Convergence of Social Business, Analytics and Commerce: Part One

Portals and KM

Over the last decade IBM has driven a significant transformation of its business model as they shifted to higher value areas, improved efficiencies, and invested in a number of firms to fill out their portfolio of software offerings. They have acquired over 80 software firms since 2000. We next focused on analytics in more detail. and Web 2.0 Web 1.0

The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes in Consensus Process, and How to Avoid Them

How to Save the World

(a guest post by Tree Bressen). consensus process flowchart. Last month I posted an article entitled When Consensus Doesn't Work. Inappropriate Blocks.

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The Confusion of the Community Manager Job Title

Managing Communities

photo credit: InterContinental Hong Kong I have been managing online communities for more than 11 years. Given my experience, I am afforded a long range perspective on the profession of online community. have happily witnessed the popularization of the Community Manager job title and I am always meeting people that have it. have [.]. Thinking

Children, not chimps, prefer collaboration: Humans like to work together in solving tasks -- chimps don't

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Science News. Blog Cite. Email. Print. Share. Children, Not Chimps, Prefer Collaboration: Humans Like to Work Together in Solving Tasks -- Chimps Dont. ScienceDaily (Oct. 13, 2011) — Recent studies have shown that chimpanzees possess many of the cognitive prerequisites necessary for humanlike collaboration. See Also: Mind & Brain. Nature.

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The return of Big Society debate via its critics, friendly or otherwise

Social Reporter

Just when we thought Big Society as call-to-action had faded into big society as policy framework – as reported recently by Third Sector , and earlier here – the Office for Civil Society has followed up on the open letter from Minister Nick Hurd , affirming BS, with a rather smart move. All posts Big Society

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Networked Learning Conference 2012 – Hot seats

Jenny Connected

Next week- Oct 10th – sees the start of the Networked Learning Conference Hot Seats. These were very worthwhile to take part in last time. See [link] for further details. Tagged: conference , hot seats , networked learning. Networked Learning conference hot seats networked learning

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Convofy Provides Comprehensive Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking

Portals and KM

Convofy is a new collaboration tool that I am using myself with my colleagues at Darwin Ecosystem. This has also been my experience.  

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The Power of Trust and Mistrust

The Bumble Bee

When trust levels are high, so is the quality and performance of business and the reverse is also true. News & Media

Has Community Manager Become an Entry Level Position?

Managing Communities

photo credit: Ross Griff In my last article, I talked about the Community Manager job title and how it can mean a lot of different things to different people. I’d like to continue that discussion today by reflecting on another trend that I have noticed. I am hearing about companies that have training programs for [.]. Thinking

Treat Your Employees like Neighbors - Art Markman - Harvard Business Review

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Harvard Business Publishing. |. For Educators. |. For Corporate Buyers. |. Visit Harvard Business School. HBR ON: iPhone. |. iPad. |. Kindle. -->. Follow HBR: Twitter. FaceBook. NewsLetter. LinkedIn. DIGITAL & MOBILE. Harvard Business Review. Sponsored by. Blogs. The Magazine. Books. Multimedia. Courses. Store. Most Popular. Topics. Topics.

Playing the game of saving Slapham community spaces

Social Reporter

Our workshop produced lots of conversations about the realities of people powered change. The description and projects. The Brewhouse – 4.

Game 27

I Am Not An Optimist

Hildy Gottlieb

I’ve stopped thinking of myself as an optimist. To which I will share that I also no longer believe in the power of positive thinking. Words Matter

2011 22

My Favorite Tweets for October 15 - 30 2011

Portals and KM

Here is another in a series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information.    Some of these I did to link to things I found useful and others are RTs that I want to save for the same reason. spot tested the reduced shortened urls and they all should work. hope this is also useful for you. 

2011 26

Is “development 2.0? the same as “agile international development”?

Net-Map Toolbox

Learn from others how to be more agile (picture copyright Luca5 on flickr). I’m not sure. But it does sound very similar. start-ups work.

Stop Runaway Software Development Projects - The BrainYard

Michael Sampson - Currents

Recent research by Evans Data estimates that 49% of such projects run over schedule; an IBM survey of CIOs puts the percentage at 62%.

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Where Your Web Strategy Ought to Begin

Online Social Networking

Your social media and web strategy necessarily starts from your website, the one place on the the web that you own and control. Social networking sites , such as Facebook and LinkedIn , are very useful and will likely figure in your online plans. Your website doesn’t need to be intricate. tend to prefer simple websites. What do you think?

An update on social reporting, including support from BIG

Social Reporter

A couple of things came together recently to re-convince me that “social reporting” is a useful banner under which to promote the blending of new and old media and skills for collaboration and social benefit. Here’s how the idea started, for me.). reported recently from the Transition Network conference. Charlie writes.

#Change11 My MOOC week is here…

Nancy White

…and I’m not really ready! Can one every be ready for change? I don’t think it is so much ready for change, but living in a way that embraces the fact that change is already happening. Or perhaps this is self justification for my lack of preparation as the host or whatever of the  Change: Education, Learning and Technology.

Enabling Content Discovery within the Enterprise and On the Web

Portals and KM

Web 2.0 has created massive amounts of content, much of it user generated and unstructured, making information overload grow exponentially. Now as Enterprise 2.0 infiltrates organizations, the potential for content overload is reaching into new spaces.   Many are now looking the voice of customer on the Web. Here are links to the series.

2011 26

The book of life

Endless Knots

At the very tail end of this day of atonement, a small montage of four, two in my news, two in yours, who died in the past few months of pancreatic cancer. Clockwise from upper left, my dear friend, Donna. Death and dying Friends Health Jeff Stamps Obits Pancreatic cancer

2011 19

ThoughtFarmer 5.0: Improved Mobile Capabilities

Michael Sampson - Currents

There's a bunch of other improvements too - from rating to liking, a sharing bar, and user import and export. My Comments. 1. missed it.