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Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


World Without Email – The Progress Report. And keep living those worlds without email!!  . Are you ready? Let’s go! Wooohooo!

Email 116

Hello World

Michael Sampson - Currents

think we are getting there … we are not completely there yet, but definitely getting there. I had a good portion of last week in the office, and I’ve spent most of today here too … which does feel weird after being away for so many months. Maybe I needed some time out too. Anyway, just a quick greeting from New Zealand.

2015 38

Sense-making in a World Cafe

Chris Corrigan

Using world cafe we explored three questions over three rounds. Art of Harvesting Conversation Cynefin Facilitation Featured Stories World Caf

2015 34

The Power of Networks in a Complex (Business) World


To them, social networking is just a complete waste of time. passing fad. wonderful opportunity to goof off at work and get away with it. Excuse me?

2013 127

Some World Cafe tips

Chris Corrigan

World Cafe is about tapping and making visible collective intelligence. Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Design Facilitation World Cafe

World Autism Awareness Day

Jenny Connected

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Tagged: autism , autism awareness , autism spectrum , learning , Research , stirling university , theory , university of stirling , world autism. Research autism autism awareness autism spectrum learning stirling university theory university of stirling world autismWilliams, R.,

Business Can’t Succeed in a World That’s Failing


So ask yourself, what kind of world has work, but no jobs. But then again work, per se, is a whole lot more than just in a business context.

2012 92

Think – About Making the World Work Better


So how about this one: THINK, about making the world work better. . It’s that time of the week, almost the weekend!, Seriously? think so.

2012 63

World Autism Awareness Day

Jenny Connected

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Tagged: autism , autism awareness , autism spectrum , learning , Research , stirling university , theory , university of stirling , world autism. Research autism autism awareness autism spectrum learning stirling university theory university of stirling world autismWilliams, R.,

Google Plus – Bridging Together Too Irreconcilable Worlds


The communities will come as a result. and offline interactions. Yes, that’s right. After all, we are all visual animals. Can you imagine?

12 Random Acts of Social Media Kindness Campaigns: World Kindness Week 2012 RAK

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

What do you intend to do for World Kindness Week? Twelve actually. Rather than deal with everyone ie. The man or woman on the street. Literally.

2012 108

This complex world is hard.

Chris Corrigan

Because mostly what they are FEELING is their emotional reponse to the reality of a complex world. Just off a call with a potential client today and we were scoping out some of the work that we might do together, with a small organization facing unprecedented change. And no one can. That’s it.

2015 24

Access to a world of practice

Learning Alliances

How communities of practice give us access to observing, orienting, deciding, and acting in a world of practice. OODA is an acronym for: O.

2011 53

A World With No One In Control

How to Save the World

Hertzberg reminds us that back in the 1960s we blamed “the system” for what was wrong with the world. How the World Really Works

2013 21

KM World 2014: Some Useful Workshops

Portals and KM

KM World 2014 will be held in Washington DC at the Grand Hyatt from November 4 to 7. It is great event. used go regularly and highly recommend it to anyone interested in helping workforces perform at their maximum levels. There are many useful workshops including the ones described below. Be sure to vote that day.  

2014 33

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work – A World Without Meetings?


Can you, too, live in a world without meetings? No doubt it won’t leave you indifferent! Yes, that’s right! And he is right.

2010 53

Living “A World Without Email” … in Google Plus


still think it’s a bit too early to be announcing the painful death of each of those social networking environments. And here is why. Or not.

2011 77

Happy 25th birthday, World Wide Web!

Making CommunitySense

community informatics topics World Wide Web Today, the Web’s been around for 25 years, hip hip hurray! together.”

2014 17

Beyond Institutions – Personal Learning in a Networked World

Jenny Connected

The thrust of this talk, from my perception, is, as the title suggests, that learning is no longer in the control of institutions, but increasingly personal and in the control of learners as they occupy a networked world. This was Stephen Downes’ second talk in a series of 3, which he is giving in London this week. It is made to order.

2014 43

“Save the World” Reading List: 2013 Update

How to Save the World

suddenly knew it was not my job (despite the name of my blog) to save the world. The World is Dying , by Richard Bruce Anderson.

2013 17

The Micro and the Macro of the EdTech World

Jenny Connected

It seemed to me that they presented micro and macro issues being faced by the Edtech world at the moment. found both keynotes thought-provoking.

2015 31

Four Principles for the Open World by Don Tapscott #hippie2.0


Specially, in the business world. Today’s world, or tomorrow’s networked, interconnected, brilliant future? . Together.

2012 55

Reflections from 2011 on The World of Social Media


We all realise how critical and paramount the world of the Social Web has become not just for businesses, but also for all of our societies.

2011 60

World of Warcraft: Terrorists and Virtual Worlds

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Homeland Security linking to new “security&# reports that rely on Australian virtual world ‘terrorism’ reports from 2 years ago.

40 Maps that wil help you make sense of the world

Net-Map Toolbox

(Veleripieris circle by Kenneth Myers). In each map, you have to choose what story you want to tell.

2013 72

6 Steps to Creating a More Positive, Optimistic World

Hildy Gottlieb

found myself refraining from sending him a note that said, “If you want the world to be more positive, perhaps you might start with YOU?”.

Why We Cannot Save the World

How to Save the World

That is not how the world, or human civilizations, work, or ever have worked. And this is why we cannot save the world. They cannot.

2012 32

Connected Learning in an Open World

Jenny Connected

At the beginning of this week I was in Greenwich, London for the first time in my life. But ‘Where am I?’ Free and open access is not enough.

2014 23

The Trials and Tribulations of a Mobile Knowledge Worker in a Social Business World


In the world of the Social Web who would have thought about that, right? It will take time, we all know that, but will we be ok about it though?

2012 66

My Reflections on the Mobile World Congress

Nancy White

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week in Barcelona reminded me of the early days of Comdex. Over my career I have become a technology "conference veteran" beginning with Comdex in the 80’s. This event grew to over 220,000 attendees and over 20,000 vendors. This is the first time that mobile learning has been recognized. The U.S.

World's Total Combined CPU Power Now Equals One Human Brain

Portals and KM

Breaking down the results by devices, they found by 2007 94% of our technical memory was in a digital format and that phones held six percent of world processing power, but the big story was gaming hardware, which shot up to a quarter of the total computational capacity, pushing the PC back down to a two-thirds share. Congratulations.

2011 46

Life Without eMail – 5th Year Progress Report – The Community, The Movement


The (corporate) world is not going to do it. World Without eMail – Year 5 – Progress Report. What happened? People do.

2013 130

My KM World 2011 Session Notes: Complete Listing

Portals and KM

Here is the listing with links of my notes from the 2011 KM World conference. KM World Session Notes: Creating & Applying a Semantic Infrastructure Platform for Knowledge Sharing – Part One. KM World Session Notes: Creating & Applying a Semantic Infrastructure Platform for Knowledge Sharing – Part Two. World.

2011 30

How to Become a World-Class Community Professional for $0

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. Thank you.

2016 17

Enjoying a Disconnected Life in an Interconnected World


As much as we all love being interconnected with our family and friends, our peers, our customers and business partners, etc. The end-result?

2011 37

Mentoring in the world of hosting

Chris Corrigan

All the best stuff I have learned about mentoring has been in the context of traditional culture, whether with indigenous Elders from Canada or in the traditional Irish music community. Traditional Irish music is played and kept alive in a structure called a “sessiun.” They always point to doing something else.).

Google Tiers Search into the Global, Social and Personal

Alchemy of Change

Connection Technologies Contextual Computing Google Google Search Plus Your World personal search search social searchBy connecting Google+ to search, Google is tiering web search into three, very useful, layers: global search, social search and personal search.

Let’s Make Stone Soup to Change the World

Hildy Gottlieb

What if we each put our stuff into that pot and stirred to create the world we want? Let’s start cooking up the world we want!

2012 24

Beyond Assessment – Recognizing Achievement in a Networked World

Jenny Connected

Beyond Assessment – Recognizing Achievement in a Networked World. Beyond Institutions – Personal Learning in a Networked World.

Dealing with your slaves and seeing the world

Chris Corrigan

In a complex and interconnected world it is hard to be an activist against things. ”  Will we ever have a world where slavery is abolished?  No. How does a complexity-based world view and skill set enable good work to happen? So what to do? Consider the slavery question. Real slave labour. So how does one deal with this?