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Connections are Different than Relationships

Alchemy of Change

Connection is the point of contact in a relationship. connection, or point of contact, in a relationship can take many forms. Figure 1.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Digg Content Sharing Tip

Online Social Networking

Visit my About , Services , Media Buzz and Connect pages to learn about Building Your Audience and Brand on the Web. Did you enjoy this article?

What are Social Bookmarking Sites?

Online Social Networking

Social Bookmarking Sites Defined. Bookmarks themselves are the content on social bookmarking sites. Reasons for Social Bookmarking Sites.

Twitter is Not a Social Network

Alchemy of Change

Just because a service connects people doesn’t automatically mean we should call it a “social network.&# There, I said it.

Collaborative Thinking: YouTube + Digg + Obama = YouBama

Collaborative Thinking

The videos can then be voted up or down Digg-style. Connections Categories Attention Management AugmentedReality blogging Books BurtonGroupCatalyst07 BurtonGroupCatalyst08 Business_IT_Alignment CiscoCollab Collaboration Commentary Communication design digital+life e-Mail Enterprise 2.0 Everyone says this will be the YouTube elections.

Social Graph: Concepts and Issues

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

One problem is that currently you need to have different logins for different social networks. What is the Social Graph? The secret?Its

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Powerful Connections Touch the Soul

Alchemy of Change

In this video, I ask what is becoming an increasingly interesting question to me: Is it possible to have a soulful connection with an organization?

Thinking about the Big Shift and the Social Enterprise – confused of calcutta

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Thinking about the Big Shift and the Social Enterprise. Relationship between the Big Shift and the Social Enterprise. Marc Benioff’s vision of the Social Enterprise is nearly a year old now, and at (where I work) we’re learning about the meaning and extent of that vision with every customer engagement.

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Understanding Users of Social Networks — HBS Working Knowledge

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Key concepts include: Online social networks are most useful when they address failures in the real world. This is very salient on LinkedIn.

Gevril Group Launches Ambitious Social Media and Web Marketing Initiative

Online Social Networking

Search Engine Optimization - SEO and social media complement each other very nicely. About 50% of my blog’s traffic comes from searches.

Community vs. Social Network - Lithosphere Community

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Lithosphere Community Sign In Forums Up 24 Comments Community vs. Social Network MikeW (Lithium Guru) Jun 6 Labels: Cyber Anthropology Social Media Michael Wu, Ph.D. is Lithiums Principal Scientist of Analytics, digging into the complex dynamics of social interaction and online communities. The question is “what is social media?”

The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online

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Culture : Culture Reviews The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online By Kevin Kelly 05.22.09 It is not class warfare.

Moxie Employees Spaces Offers Comprehensive Social Workspace

Portals and KM

Tom said that social platforms are now moving beyond simple communication and connection to deploy more robust functionality and more elegant design.

Curating our personal technology configurations

Nancy White

The emphasis is on the social interaction and visibility of individual identity. What is a Technology Configuration? For example, see [link] ).

Collaborative Thinking: Ajaxonomy Hacks Together Spy

Collaborative Thinking

Connections Categories Attention Management AugmentedReality blogging Books BurtonGroupCatalyst07 BurtonGroupCatalyst08 Business_IT_Alignment CiscoCollab Collaboration Commentary Communication design digital+life e-Mail Enterprise 2.0 Now Ajaxonomy has created a similar page for bookmarking site Delicious, called Spy. Trust Us.

Curating our personal technology configurations

Digital Habitats

The emphasis is on the social interaction and visibility of individual identity. (Cross posted on FullCirc and NWWCoP ). Any guidance for me?

Internet Evolution - Executive Clan Editor's Blog - Social Net-Based Onboarding Boosts Productivity

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survey of 466 executives, is a mix of technologies including virtual environments and social media to get the job done fast and efficiently.

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

It’s somewhat relevant as Om Malik has now asked a rhetorical question if Social Network tools are just a feature of website. The result?

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Australia Enterprise: list of business online communities

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

A “top list&# of social networks and online communities for business and corporate. Australian Investment Network - Connecting Entrepreneurs with Angel Investors investors can list. OpenOffices - Connect+Combine+Extend Share offices. Virtually Yours - virtual assistants, has a social networking section for members.

Social Networks and the Renaissance of Local News

Alchemy of Change

But there are two additional factors in the renaissance of local news: social networks and mobile computing. Networking News Distribution.

Social Networking More Popular Than Email

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The far-reaching study also explored a number of other trends within the social networking space. As has been reported elsewhere, Facebook’s fastest growth demographic is older users – the social network tacked on 12.4 Well, I think that's very possible as social networking sites today are growing like mushrooms. Thank you.

10 Types of Widgets for Your Blog or Website

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Last week, in Website Widgets and Ads Raise Security and Privacy Issues , I shared my concerns about security and privacy issues connected with the use of widgets on a blog or other website. Polls and Surveys - I use the interests and comments features of Google Friend Connect to obtain feedback and preferences from my GFC community.

Happiness is contagious in social networks -

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New research shows that in a social network, happiness spreads among people up to three degrees removed from one another. This reflects the total effect of all social contacts. Health Library Health Library Its not just happiness that spreads in a social network. Social ties also affect obesity.

Balancing Tasks & Relationships – The Art of Engagement

Alchemy of Change

But they’re not engagement since they’re not about connecting relationships in order to accomplish some form of work. love his work. Engage.

Dotster Connect: All-In-One Social Networking Solution

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With Dotster Connect, you now have add-ons that provide forums, blogs, polls, friending capabilities, and more. And the price.

Are You Tapping “Third-Order” Engagement?

Alchemy of Change

It enrolls customers and partners in connecting your organization to additional customers and partners. Third-order On the social change front, Social Venture Partners is pioneering powerful approaches to engaging philanthropists in spreading its brand of deeply engaged philanthropy. They didn’t do it by tweaking.

Twitter's Golden Egg

Alchemy of Change

When we write for the web, we link to others to help us tell our story and, in doing that, we connect information and people. In fact, it is. Toward

Targeting and Connecting on 4 Popular Business Networking Sites

Online Social Networking

I am about to discuss targeting and connecting as they apply to Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and Ning networks, the most popular social networking sites for business networking. Since that may not be true in your case, feel free to adapt these business networking techniques to all other social networking sites as needed.


Alchemy of Change

Because we humans are social animals, the ability to detect and deal appropriately with freeloaders is a fairly useful trait.

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Social Media and Search: Where We Are Now and Where We Could Be

Green Chameleon

Search has not been at the forefront for many social media sites. But, there is a great opportunity for social media sites to leverage search in new ways. decided to take a look at a few top social media sites to examine how they're using search and what's missing. Social media often becomes a sequential feed.

The Role of Leaderboards in Online Communities

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

What are social network leaderboards? A. The most posts on a forum, the most friends, the most Diggs. Anything more? added). Football.

How I use social media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

remember Ran Avrahami, a professor in Israel, and how he jumped into the conversations and reached out and connected with us. said yes. Just so.

Future of Web Apps (FOWA) Miami February 23-24: The Place to Be

21st Century Organization

Tags: Conferences Connected Business Enterprise 2.0

Doctor Love | Fast Company

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); RSS Login or Signup ); Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love By: Adam L. And that should be a wake-up call for every company.

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Employee social networking case study : Sabre's cubeless product

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Sabre Town case study Document Actions Employee social networking ? Once the domain of the Internet, social networking has virally spread to the intranet with impressive results for Sabre. We humans are social creatures. With rare exceptions, we strive to relate, converse and connect with others. Skip to content.

Three Big Benefits of Social Software | Blogs |

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Before, we had information or "dots" that we communicated about in our verticals, but now we are connecting the dots, by sharing and collaborating on the information horizontally, across the verticals. Ken also mentioned hed asked me about some interviews Id done with folks about their organizations use of social software. silos).

10 Tips for Choosing a Social Media Consultant

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I hesitate to write an article about choosing a social media consultant because of concerns about bias and my obvious conflict of interests.

An Enterprise Social Media Platform Feature List

Web Social Architecture

We did an internal exercise recently that produced a list of the advanced features we think are crucial for a successful enterprise social media platform. User data can provide the connective link among multiple social networking implementations (personal, business group). popular feed-based example of this is Digg.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Other Blogging Articles · Social Networking / Blogs in Business · Communications & Virtual Presence Technologies. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works. together at thesame time.

With a 50 Friends Limit, Path Is the Opposite of Twitter

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