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The 1-minute guide to good conference presentations

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Photo by Civilon. I’ve attended a lot of conferences this year. Here’s a 1-minute guide to being a good conference presenter.

Presenting at the 10th Networked Learning Conference, Lancaster

Jenny Connected

The abstract of the paper has been published on the Networked Learning Conference site. Abstract. have already decided my schedule. References.

2016 51

Intranets2011 Conference in Sydney - 9 Speakers Announced

Michael Sampson - Currents

James announced the 9 speakers for the upcoming Intranets2011 conference in Sydney in May: Briget Lander, Telecom NZ. Natalie Ryan, QUT.

Social Business Forum Highlights – Reinventing Conference Events


How come very very few other conferences do that for guest speakers? Right?), but also for the overall conference. At all.

2011 63

SharePoint Conference – Australia and New Zealand

Michael Sampson - Currents

In eight and nine weeks respectively the SharePoint Conference will be on in Sydney and Auckland. Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft SharePoint

Reflections on the FH Joanneum (Graz) E Learning Conference, 2014

Jenny Connected

See for example the handouts that Jutta produced for the conference workshop.  This related to the design of the conference.

2014 23

Gotta Share! – The Ultimate Conference Event Experience


We just need to seize it and somehow I keep wondering which conference around Social Business, Social Computing and Enterprise 2.0, hope so.

Intranets 2017

Michael Sampson - Currents

My friends at Step Two in Sydney are producing the seventh annual intranet conference in Australia : Intranets2017 is in its seventh year, and it continues to power on as the biggest intranet conference in the southern hemisphere, running in Sydney on 31 May-2 June 2017. have attended at least three of the (first six) conferences.

2017 32

IBM Connect 2013 Conference Highlights – Adoption, Adoption, Adoption! #ibmconnect


That’s probably the best part of the conference, where you just sit back, relax, free your brain from any constraint and just learn.

2013 21

Predictable Success, Truth Telling, Dealmakers, and Ecosystems: Highlights from the Inc 5000 Conference

Partnering Resources

Inc 5000 was the highest energy conference I’ve ever attended. The first one was that not every company needs to get to Predictable Success.

2013 41

Tips for the online conference speaker

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Gone are the days when a synchronous online conference was a rare event. Tips for online speakers: Tip 1: Keep it short. Tweet This!

19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences


I was recently asked me about my recommendations for conducting effective online conferences (virtual conference). They had attended the LearnTrends free online conference. This conference has been run for a few years now and is tentatively scheduled for November 15-17 this year. Assign people into roles.

How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations


Collaboration Communities Conference Events elsua Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0 Read it out loud again, please. Slowly. Not many! Ouch!  .

2016 72

Blog>> IKO Conference - Conference Guide

Green Chameleon

Here is the pdf version of the full Conference Guide provided to participants. The guide contains the complete agenda, the speaker profiles, the content of the case study outlines, and the knowledge organisation competency framework. ” “The conference has given me much insights to KO, for a newbie like myself.

Microsoft Ignite 2016 – New Zealand

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft and the conference organiser team did a great job of making the logistics work – getting people between rooms and sessions.

2016 39

Keynote Speakers for Intranets 2012 in Sydney - May 2012

Michael Sampson - Currents

James is a passionate speaker who presents a clear vision of the future of intranets. ". Conference Notes

Microsoft Envision 2016 (April 4-6)

Michael Sampson - Currents

I may have missed the earlier announcements but Microsoft is running a conference for business leaders called Envision. Conference Notes

2016 39

7 Ways to Kill Your Presentation and How to Fix Them


Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0 There is always something that we all get to learn. What can you do then? .

2013 87

A Knowledge Management Conference that Actually Used KM Principles

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

Like many organizations, the US Army holds a Knowledge Management Conference each year. trios, pairs, etc.).

Using Open Space in traditional conference design

Chris Corrigan

I have used Open Space in almost every way conceivable and what Lisa Heft wrote on the OSLIST today about using it with traditional conferences strikes home. Plus, the close of the Open Space makes a very nice close for the conference – it really feels like reflection, comment, participant voice to close.

Blog>> IKO Post Conference Newsletter

Green Chameleon

We have published a post-conference newsletter for our IKO Conference attendees, containing a handy set of links to all the conference videos and supporting materials, additional articles from our speakers, and a link to an online competency framework for you to use in self development planning

Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012 Highlights – Back to Basics of Conferences! #ls12 #ibmconnect


So over the course of the next few days, perhaps couple of weeks, and in between other blog entries here and there, I will be sharing plenty of those highlights pointing folks out to individual keynote and speaker sessions that I enjoyed quite a bit attending and learning from, but this time around with a slight difference. Ready? Appalling.

SharePoint Congress 2016 – September 22 in Netherlands

Michael Sampson - Currents

Conference Notes Michael's Happenings Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft SharePointThat’s from 9.30am to 10.15am.

2016 29

SharePoint Conferences in Australia and New Zealand

Michael Sampson - Currents

For those of you in Australia and New Zealand, there are two SharePoint conferences in the first half of March 2011: - in Australia , on March 8-9. - in New Zealand , on March 16-17. can't attend either this year due to other commitments, but I have very much enjoyed attending the New Zealand conference in 2009 and 2010. SharePoint

Becoming a Jedi Master – The Secret Art of Cultivating Online Communities #sbf12 #cmgr


Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0 Not bad, eh? Specially, in the area of Thought Leadership 2.0. etc.).

2012 66

Intranets 2015 in Sydney

Michael Sampson - Currents

Last week I was in Sydney for the fifth annual Intranets conference, hosted by Step Two. With pre-conference and post-conference activities added in, it was a full week! felt that the delegates in all sessions were very interested in the details of how something was done, and paid intense attention to the speakers and details.

2015 41

Sense making, friend making and glaciers

Michelle Laurie

That was a great conference!” ” How could I resist? Here is a bit of our story. Kathmandu. Sense making. . There are no discussions.

2015 56

Green Chameleon » Origins Business Narrative Conference Update: Conference Blog is Live!

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Origins Business Narrative Conference Update: Conference Blog is Live! Just an update on my post of yesterday – the conference blog is now live, with posts from our speakers and friends of the conference. RSS2.0

State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part Two


Again it took place at the State of the Net 2012 event, the same one where Euan was also one of the keynote speakers. Truly fascinating!  .

2012 81

Social Media Revolution 2011


Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0 Highly recommended, for sure! No doubt! Lots to share.

2011 49

The Business Value of Serendipity: Improving Your Presentation Skills


Even for seasoned speakers it would still be a rather helpful resource on improving their own skills in this area. That’s right!

Meaning Conference Highlights – A Collaborative Future #lawwe


Something other conference events should mimic and learn from a great deal! Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

Once Upon a Time … the Power of Storytelling for Business


Not sure what you would think, but I sense it’s time to re-define the way we engage as speakers with our corresponding audience(s).

Social Task Management – When Social Business Got Down to Work – #e2conf Highlights


Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0 This insight came after attending the the recent Enterprise 2.0 Ready?

2012 51

Social Business Forum Highlights – Social Business on the Shoulders of Giants


That would pretty much nail it, as far as I can see, for those couple keynote speaker sessions that kicked off the event to a great start!

2011 59

Rebooting the conference

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No plenary speakers. Sound like a conference? Subscribe to the comments for this post? Tweet This! Share this on Facebook. Anton Arhipov.

KM Australia 2015 – The Discovery and Re-Discovery of Knowledge, plus Six Workshop Opportunities

Michael Sampson - Currents

There are six post-conference workshops on offer, all of which look great: Workshop A: A Simple and Effective Approach to Developing Your KM Strategy and Implementing Framework (based on the Working Knowledge CSP Concept | Strategy |Practice (CSP) Model). Cirque Du Soleil – speaker to be confirmed. Conference Notes

2015 32

CommunityBuilders – Online Community Still Crazy After Years with Nancy White


Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0 And I bet that has been the case for several other thousands of people out there, too!

2011 62

Productivity Tips on Presentations: Inform, Inspire and Motivate


Conference Events Enterprise2.0 And that’s exactly the topic of today’s blog post. Seriously. That’s a huge problem.

2012 56

The Art of the Possible in London – with Automated Intelligence, Microsoft UK, and Others

Michael Sampson - Currents

Conference Notes Microsoft Office 365Two weeks ago I was in London, Utrecht and Brussels for various events. It was great to be part of it.

2016 25