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Why Is Knowledge Sharing Important? A Matter of Survival


Have you checked out one of his most recent blog posts on Why is Knowledge Sharing Important? surely do! Here and there. Still.

Microsoft, Collaboration, Competition and how not to create a Knowledge-sharing Culture.

Chris Collison

Most are lukewarm at best. I had the privilege to share a platform with Steve at a conference in the late 90′s. He event.

Creating Global Knowledge Sharing Networks at ConocoPhillips

Portals and KM

The Forum explored the “current demand for more portable, social workplace experiences means for your workplace strategy.” On Friday I attended Driving Business Excellence With Formal, Global Networks led by Dan Ranta , Director of Knowledge Sharing, ConocoPhillips. This activity has triggered a big need for knowledge sharing.

IBF on How ConocoPhillips Saved Hundreds of Millions Through Knowledge Sharing

Portals and KM

The International Benchmarking Forum (IBF) Live on March 6 at 11AM EST will feature Dan Ranta, Director of Knowledge Sharing (KS) at ConocoPhillips. See my post - Creating Global Knowledge Sharing Networks at ConocoPhillips. It should be interesting and is free. You can register at this IBF site.     

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Four Pillars of Successful Communities of Practice

Chris Collison

Looking more deeply at this definition, I think there are four “pillars” of shared commitmen t successful communities. 1. Of course! 

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Scaffolding for sharing knowledge

Chris Collison

it also gives them a framework against which they can store share artefacts and examples (see the AIDS Competence knowledge asset example).

My favourite things…

Chris Collison

One particular type of activity stands out as my favourite, running a knowledge-sharing and learning consortium. Have fun together!

2015 22

Is this Knowledge Management’s most effective tool?

Chris Collison

Connection, Collection, Collaboration, Curation, Conversation, Communities, Culture…. One of knowledge management’s most powerful tools.

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Seeing the whole elephant…

Chris Collison

The answers to the question: “what does knowledge management mean to you?” Here’s a holistic model for knowledge management.

2015 28

KM, Communities and the “Little Free Library”

Chris Collison

That sounds like  a pretty effective knowledge management tool to me. Take a book, return a book.) What makes the idea so special?

Just thinking…

Chris Collison

Is it true that the best things come in small packages when it comes to knowledge? Or are we harvesting fruitful knowledge assets ?

2015 22

Looking back – KM highlights from 2014 (part 2)

Chris Collison

Sharing Knowledge in the Offshore Wind community. Where are the safe places to begin knowledge-sharing? Tearfund.

Green Chameleon » Filenaming Conventions and Knowledge Sharing

Green Chameleon

We shouldn’t under-estimate how a simple, clearly explained discipline like this can influence broader attitudes towards knowledge sharing.

10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

The success of a buffet approach depends on a high level of demand for knowledge. Geoff Parcell and I have taken turns over the past 6 weeks.

Sharing Practices from Project Community 15

Full Circle Associates

We have tried a variety of ways to share these resources with our students and to encourage their own resource sharing. Automatically.

Beyond the Webinar

Full Circle Associates

”  Recently I had the chance to offer feedback on a webinar I experienced as a recording.  I’ve edited/generalized my thoughts to share.

2014 24

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Your Community Managers


Never mind the community facilitators. Communities are different beasts. Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0 etc. .

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Planning and Evaluating Your CoP (amplifying and other good stuff)

Nancy White

Here’s his note : “Check out @nancywhite ‘s Full Circle Associates on Communities of Practice (CoPs). Jeff added value. link].

Resource Guide to Learning Delivery Methods

Full Circle Associates

Finally, I’ve gotten around to a) getting permission from the ILO to share (THANK YOU!)

2016 10

Mirror Mirror, On the Wall: Learning in a Crowded Life

Full Circle Associates

How do we notice useful bits, pick them up, reflect on them and share them? international development knowledge sharing learning BDSLearning

Life Without eMail – 5th Year Progress Report – The Community, The Movement


And now that the year has gone by it’s time to share the stunning results. . Life Without eMail – The Community, The Movement.

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SRI and Knowledge Sharing | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Can we view knowledge sharing not as a proscribed set of practices, but instead a set of principles? So what might those principles be?

Reflecting on #socialartists and #change11

Nancy White

We live in a knowledge economy where any expertise is too complex for any one person. Well, honestly, mostly just on the social artist bit.

Green Chameleon » What is Knowledge Sharing?

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about What is Knowledge Sharing? Now he’s got me all fired up to continue with my earlier rant on how the current KM literature treats knowledge sharing as a flat, one dimensional, equi-valent thing. KNOWLEDGE SHARING IS GOOD.

Article on the CGIAR’s Knowledge Sharing Toolkit | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Science has traditionally relied on a few key vehicles for sharing and validating new knowledge. Welcome to my web home. United States.

What art can teach us about knowledge work

Full Circle Associates

” Now that I’ve read it, I’m thinking about how art can help me address my challenges with knowledge work!! Of course it does!

2015 11

LinkedIn: Answers: How is knowledge sharing carried out between communities of practice? Have you experienced learning from members of other communities of practice?


communities_of_practice knowledgesharing km4dev

Communities of practice: Sil on knowledge sharing

Joitske Hulsebosch

One of my big questions at the moment is how to distinguish between different types and levels of knowledge in a useful manner.

Knowledge Management, Stories, Roald Dahl and Matilda!

Chris Collison

Knowledge Management Knowledge Sharing Metaphor Peer Assist Storytelling Without stories we’re just eating machines with shoes.”

Enterprise 2.0 Summit Highlights – “Knowledge Shared Is Power”


At IBM, you call yourself a “knowledge worker”, helping to push and accelerate the adoption of social software within the enterprise. At E2.0

Knowledge, Reciprocity and Billy Ray Harris

Chris Collison

Reciprocity is an important principle for knowledge management, and one which underpins the idea of Offers and Requests. 

Community Knowledge Sharing and Home Heating

Michelle Laurie

even in small rural communities where you think everyone already knows each other!

Building a knowledge sharing network about Ageing Better from the ground up

Social Reporter

In my last few posts I’ve promoted the idea of more digital innovation in the Big Lottery Fund’s £82 million Ageing Better programme, and ways to share knowledge and experience both among the 15 local partners and more widely. Invite those people to nominate others that they think would help share knowledge in the field.

Green Chameleon » Tools for Knowledge Sharing

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Tools for Knowledge Sharing At the same iKMS session as Gabriel Szulanski (previous post) we aired a pre-recorded podcast with Prof Eric Tsui from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s KM Research Centre. Thank you Edgar for your post!

Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Sharing Platform from Knowledge Plaza

Portals and KM

The Dashboard lets you know is happening in your knowledge community. The Knowledge Plaza is where the real action is located.

What’s your favourite flavour of KM?

Chris Collison

The data is sorted to show the foods who share the most chemical compounds with others towards the top. Isn’t this cool? Click to enlarge).

2013 12

Green Chameleon » Training and Coaching in Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Transfer Techniques

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Training and Coaching in Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Transfer Techniques For those of you in or near Singapore, we’re about to launch a comprehensive training and coaching programme in different techniques for knowledge sharing and transfer.

Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

thought I’d share a few of them on this blog.  I’ve edited this one a bit more since the first writing. Some things are intangible.

Poultry for Progress and the Chicken of Change

Nancy White

One of my jobs a few weeks ago was to facilitate sessions at the Rome Share Fair. Local knowledge and adaptation matter. Mamma mia.

Knowledge Sharing in the CGIAR – Tools and Methods for Sharing Knowledge: The CGIAR’s Wiki Approach | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

And it benefits from their diverse feedback too.Science has traditionally relied on a few key vehicles for sharing and validating new knowledge.