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My TEDxRainier Talk on The Soulful Company

Alchemy of Change

I'm excited to share my TEDxRainier talk on "The Soulful Company." The Soulful Company B Corporation corporations drive meaning mission soulful companyThis talk will serve as a catalyst to shift my focus here at Alchemy of Change into a place for exploring some of the questions I hope to pique with this talk.

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Liberate Your Company Through Employee Engagement


little bit like my own personal knowledges sharing system on engagement. that would be the one on Employee Engagement. huge one , actually !

Should Companies Block Access to Digital Tools?


In “ Should Companies Allow Facebook at Work? ” he comes to talk about that number of companies out there who, still, in 2013!,

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Power Shift – People Running Companies by Apple?


The balance of power from companies running people to, hopefully, people running companies ” [Emphasis mine]. Really? Almost.

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Blog>> Visual Collections for Sharing and Collaboration

Green Chameleon

have been launched and Pinterest has developed to the third most popular social sharing tool in 2012.

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Companies with ‘Networked’ Board Directors have 85% Higher Growth Rates!

Governance in a Networked World

The article identifies the key board interlocks between some of Australia's largest companies. against 10.5% (p = 0.099). So What’s Next?

Barriers to Knowledge Sharing: The Biggest One Isn't Systems

Michael Sampson - Currents

The findings will be published in an upcoming edition of the Journal of Organizational Behavior. ". My Comments. 1.

Secret Objectives v Shared Knowledge. Open Performance Management anyone?

Chris Collison

You know the kind of thing: “This is me and this is what I’m directing my energy into, to make our company more successful this year. Now that sounds like the kind of courageous company which I’d like to work for. Behaviours Collaboration Knowledge Sharing Leadership HR Performance Management

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Lotus Connections Update from Lowe's Companies — "Valuable"

Michael Sampson - Currents

She accessed the company’s enterprise inventory system, however, like most major retailers, the business process tightly controls the amount of additional inventory employees can request. know Andy was hoping this kind of effect was going to happen as a consequence of providing a way for people to share these kinds of ideas and questions.

High Performance Companies Collaborate | Podio Blog

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Check out our latest release here [link] Follow us on Twitter High Performance Companies Collaborate 04.05.11 Podio is getting real (time).

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How children share – Davenport’s Kindergarten Rationale

Chris Collison

You share when you’re sure you’ll get something in return. You share when the teacher tells you to, until she turns her back.

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New Website Traffic Case Study — Watch Company — Weeks 1-13

Online Social Networking

SEO - Posting search optimized web content six or more times per week on the company blogs. Sharing is Caring!

IBF on How ConocoPhillips Saved Hundreds of Millions Through Knowledge Sharing

Portals and KM

The International Benchmarking Forum (IBF) Live on March 6 at 11AM EST will feature Dan Ranta, Director of Knowledge Sharing (KS) at ConocoPhillips. See my post - Creating Global Knowledge Sharing Networks at ConocoPhillips. It should be interesting and is free. You can register at this IBF site.     

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Building on Traditional Ways of Knowledge Sharing

Portals and KM

Here is where knowledge has been exchanged for some time and continues to be shared. The first example, in this case from another country in Europe, where I was involved a situation where we were tasked with creating a way for plumbers to share best practices on how to fix residential heating systems. Let me provide two examples.

Creating Global Knowledge Sharing Networks at ConocoPhillips

Portals and KM

The Forum explored the “current demand for more portable, social workplace experiences means for your workplace strategy.” On Friday I attended Driving Business Excellence With Formal, Global Networks led by Dan Ranta , Director of Knowledge Sharing, ConocoPhillips. This activity has triggered a big need for knowledge sharing.

Twitter's Golden Egg

Alchemy of Change

Doing that in ways that ensure a portion of ad revenues flow back to Twitter will be key to the company’s sustainability. In fact, it is. Toward

Public Shared Services Design: the service cost and quality balancing act

The Bumble Bee

believe it achieves the best compromise possible between sharing around cost of service versus quality of service. years). Note : x% >y% > z%.

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Shareable: A Shared Workspace Must Be Built Through Collaboration

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Most Shared. how to share. Shared Workspace Must Be Built Through Collaboration. and co-create to serve a higher shared value.

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Sharing our inspiration from the Learning Technologies conference with links to all our liveblogs

Joitske Hulsebosch

The big buzz is about ''beyond classroom training'' and companies are taking various directions to go beyond classroom training. elearning

2015 21

Why Is Knowledge Sharing Important? A Matter of Survival


Have you checked out one of his most recent blog posts on Why is Knowledge Sharing Important? surely do! Here and there. Still.

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How I share online

Joitske Hulsebosch

The subject is online sharing of knowledge and experiences. " We all talk about online knowledge sharing, but who is really practising it?

Snippets - What can your company learn from the Communal Motorcycle Workshop?

John Tropea - Delicious Community

What can your company learn from the Communal Motorcycle Workshop? Similar to the online communities I work with, the needs are about connecting, sharing, helping, sensemaking. But the same can be said for the company you work for. This is exactly what a company is; work gets done by the informal networks and groups that emerge.

2013 11

LinkedIn Edges Out Apple in Forbes Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Portals and KM

Its shares are up 144% since its IPO a year ago. Apple came in second, which they noted was a significant feat for a company of its size. According to the Forbes list of Fast Tech 25 : their annual list of growth kings, the current champion is LinkedIn. Its revenue rose 115% over the last 12 months and is accelerating. - Upload - Annotate - Share. Online document review and collaboration - PDF, Word and HTML

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

The professional choice for shared annotation New! Documents and notes are private unless you choose to share them. Already registered?

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FileTrek for File Sharing and Tracking

Michael Sampson - Currents

FileTrek announced the release of its new file sharing and tracking service , to support collaboration between people while honoring security and compliance needs: " FileTrek announced today the only combined cloud-based file sharing and tracking solution on the market. The company also announced $10 million of new funding.

Social Media ROI and CEOs – Affecting the $$$ Bottom Line

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

50 Cent spent the weekend on Twitter pimping a company called H&H Imports; according to the SEC, he owns 30 million shares of the firm.

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Yammer for internal knowledge sharing for health care and policy making

Joitske Hulsebosch

Many companies have started their Yammer groups for rapid internal exchange. resentations were shared in real time , and feedback was collected.

The future of online sharing is mobile, appified and people-centred

Social Reporter

There’s a lot of links to earlier posts on this site about knowledge sharing and the Social App Store idea. Earlier today I went to an excellent seminar on the Business of Collaboration , about online systems and support for knowledge sharing and collaboration. More here about Knowledge Hub development.

You Need To Know: Social Media and Retail

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

This article first appeared in on Smart Company. Online Communities Smart Company social media Facebook retail TwitterI travel. A lot.

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Finding Experts in Your Company … Through Micro-Sharing


So as part of those solutions which role do you think social software tools play in helping out solving such issue(s)?

Socialtext Helps Companies Find the People Inside - The Static to Social Intranet

Michael Sampson - Currents

With its focus on people, Socialtext's secure enterprise social software platform improves intranets by making it simple to communicate and share, access content and rich media, and create a personalized intranet experience. Socialtext released Socialtext 4.6 , the latest edition of its enterprise social software platform. My Comments.

Are You Tapping “Third-Order” Engagement?

Alchemy of Change

Gallup has tracked this too and found that “customers who are fully engaged represent an average 23% premium in share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth than the average customer. Third-order engagement is the cutting edge of business strategy. When you get it right though, it can make a huge difference.

Four Pillars of Successful Communities of Practice

Chris Collison

Looking more deeply at this definition, I think there are four “pillars” of shared commitmen t successful communities. 1. shared practice.

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Browse, Build and Share Real-time Streams with DataSift

Collaborative Thinking

This will continue to introduce opportunities for companies to create products and services that extract value from that vast amount of data. DataSift is a service that offers a host of exciting features including the ability to let users browse, build and share their own real-time streams using social media data drawn from a host of sources.

Collaborative Economy Roundup for the Week Ending October 30

Online Community Strategy

Online Community collabecon collaborative economy crowdfunding crowdsourcing digital transformation sharing economy social business social media

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Collaborative Economy Roundup for the Week Ending November 6th

Online Community Strategy

11. “Is The Legal Profession Ready For The Sharing Economy?” See something we missed? Email us , we’d love to hear from you. 1. 

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Is this Knowledge Management’s most effective tool?

Chris Collison

Having a coffee with someone is  a pretty visible way to share knowledge.  There are a lot of KM-related words beginning with the letter C.

2013 38

What makes a company…


My company is in transition: what worked in the past doesn’t work anymore and getting a clear picture of the future is not easy. This raises all kinds of issues and emotions that I don’t want to share in this space. When I look what makes a company or country, it is ultimately its people. Related posts.

My favourite things…

Chris Collison

One particular type of activity stands out as my favourite, running a knowledge-sharing and learning consortium. Have fun together!

2015 25

Keynote Panel: Real-World SharePoint Governance (Share 2012, Atlanta)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Fred came into the company in 2011, to drive overall SharePoint strategy. Had 5000 people in the US, and then 45 companies merged into one company. delete "Shared Documents," because it has a space in the file name. Adam: identify where your key wins will come from, and share them in your organization. Question 1.