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Can improv save the world? It can’t make it any worse!

Viv Mcwaters

There seems to be bad news around every corner. Where else might it be used? Tickets are £129 and are available from here.

2016 67

Engaging the Resistance

Viv Mcwaters

I’m riffing some ideas here based on the four themes we’ve been exploring for Creative Leadership: Having bolder conversations. ”  .

2016 51

Bring your meetings to life in 2016 – February workshop dates announced

Viv Mcwaters

It’s a whole new year, and a great opportunity to come to one of my Creative Facilitation workshops – still at 2015 prices. . Where? Bravo!

2016 65


Viv Mcwaters

Have you ever been to an event that is talking about being one thing while being something else ? With questions, taken in threes, at the end?

2016 62

HUMAN – sci-fi meets aid

Viv Mcwaters

As a long-time fan of science fiction, I was delighted to hear that J.  Science-fiction, you’re thinking. Why science-fiction? Enough from me.

2016 34

Where ‘YES!’ leads

Viv Mcwaters

Early mornings are not my best time. People I used to work with joked that no-one should talk to me before 10 am. Bit rough, I reckon. Book here.

2014 75

Staying Alive

Viv Mcwaters

I’m riffing some ideas here based on the four themes we’ve been exploring for Creative Leadership: Having bolder conversations.

2016 31

Bolder Conversations

Viv Mcwaters

I’m riffing some ideas here based on the four themes we’ve been exploring for Creative Leadership: Having bolder conversations.

2016 31

The games we play

Viv Mcwaters

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of games, play and movement. Recently I attended a MASHLM Humanitarian Summer School in Lugana, Switzerland. And a special callout to Paulo Gonçalves, Founder and Director of MASHLM, who made it possible for me to attend. There’s time pressure – make a choice NOW! No going back. You bet!

Game 53

Connecting More Deeply

Viv Mcwaters

I’m riffing some ideas here based on the four themes we’ve been exploring for Creative Leadership: Having bolder conversations. You betcha.

2016 23

The meaning of words

Viv Mcwaters

Even with a sample size of 14 responses*, there’s some interesting insights regarding word meanings and the use of language when facilitating.

2014 46

Creative Facilitation – New stuff. Yay!

Viv Mcwaters

How does a facilitator announce new stuff? ” Sounds a bit lame really. It’s boring to talk about this stuff – much better to do it.

2015 41

How to do more of what works

Viv Mcwaters

Funny how things come together sometimes – an online course about decision-making in complexity and uncertainty, a book about being an astronaut, a workshop on social labs, and an exhibition on making animated movies. It enables us to take advantage of good planning, serendipity, the unexpected and luck. Should we throw away the plan? Please.

2014 41

Travelling a different road

Viv Mcwaters

There is a link, of course. have to refer to my notes for the other stuff. But this is not a post about stories. It made a lot of sense. Tweet This!

Creating productive spaces

Viv Mcwaters

Monday’s Beyond the Pale (tips for better meetings). The idea is to make things simpler. Get rid of the tables. All of them. Here’s why. 1.

2010 64

What are the 3 big mistakes that Meeting Leaders make that keep them frustrated with drawn out meetings and a lack of enthusiasm?

Viv Mcwaters

Number One: They do all the work themselves. They don’t answer questions or contribute much, and if they do, it’s often to disagree with each other.

2013 39

Honor Among Thieves: A Review

Viv Mcwaters

Edges are interesting places. Unpredictable stuff happens there. In his latest book, the second in a trilogy, J. knows his stuff too. What sets J.

2015 29

Let the music begin

Viv Mcwaters

Thank goodness for those devices, I say. Now all I have to do is work out how to play said songs on demand in the middle of a workshop. Tweet This!

2013 43

Researching applied improv – a project for 2014

Viv Mcwaters

Even a cursory look at this blog will reveal my interest in improvisation. Most improv happens on the stage, in theatres and bars. Onward!

2014 37

Creative Facilitation in Melbourne Nov 26-27

Viv Mcwaters

You might be surprised by the variety and depth of ways to engage people,especially if you’re stuck in a meeting rut, listening to others drone on, and rarely having time to discuss what really matters. You’ll be able to share your reactions and insights with other professionals grappling with the same issues that you are. Bravo!

2015 22

Why do groups need a facilitator?

Viv Mcwaters

If the job of a facilitator is to get out of the way, why have one in the first place? Because boundaries matter. Improvisers know about boundaries.

2013 37

Transforming your business with creative facilitation

Viv Mcwaters

Warning: Thinking out loud. For a long time facilitation has bothered me. To use some jargon, it needs a context. An indulgence? This made me pause.

2012 37

But what would you do instead?

Viv Mcwaters

When it comes to meetings, workshops, conferences the saying might as well be “If it is broke, don’t fix it.” This comes from school.

2014 30

Facilitating for engagement in isolated communities

Viv Mcwaters

There are ways to facilitate meetings and events of all sorts that encourage participation and engagement. Use everything. Don’t assume anything.

2013 34

Facilitation and equilibrium

Viv Mcwaters

Some beliefs and theories in facilitation have always bothered me. What appears to be sane and sensible on paper, in reality, just simply don’t stack up when working with a real, live group of humans. One of these is divergent thinking and convergent thinking. What if the really innovative, radical, game-changing idea is not one of these?

2014 24

Facilitation tips for improvisers

Viv Mcwaters

One of the ongoing themes around applied improvisation is the use of language, and recognising that improvisation has its own jargon. This jargon may sometimes be unhelpful when introducing people to the principles and practices of improvisation. know it’s a trap I’ve fallen into way too often. Play with new formats. Why this matters.

Becoming who we are not

Viv Mcwaters

My photocopier is broken. I’ve been searching for the manual. haven’t found it yet. The price sticker is still on the back. Mainly because I was.

2016 15

Assumptions and revelations – a book review of Letters Left Unsent

Viv Mcwaters

There’s an activity I did once at an applied improvisation conference about the assumptions we make about other nationalities. No related posts.

2016 13

Remember that time.

Viv Mcwaters

You know that time you felt nervous before you stood up in front of a group? And that time when you thought everyone was glaring at you? Tweet This!

2013 28

When improvisation meets Open Space

Viv Mcwaters

There are few things that have influenced my way of working – and way of living – as much as Open Space and Improvisation. Yes.Yes.

2014 19

Creative Facilitation Workshop February 27 – Bringing meetings to life

Viv Mcwaters

Enough people have asked, so here it is – a one day intensive Creative Facilitation Workshop. You can read more and book here. Tweet This!

2013 27

Let the games begin

Viv Mcwaters

The Olympics are over for another four years. But it’s not those sort of games I’m referring to. Not sporty, competitive games. Tweet This!

Game 27

A games-free zone?

Viv Mcwaters

You get the picture. It’s hot. Bloody hot. Too hot for a workshop, that’s for sure. Seemed more appropriate for a kids’ party to me.

Game 21

Facilitation training workshops

Viv Mcwaters

If you’re frustrated with standard meeting procedure, come along and find simple ways to enliven meetings and workshops. Hope you can join me.

2014 20

Birdwatching from my desk

Viv Mcwaters

Glancing just a little to my left of my computer screen, I can see, through my office window, one of the bird baths in our garden. Simple pleasures.

2014 17

The myth of the agenda

Viv Mcwaters

It goes like this: to have a productive meeting you must have a pre-prepared agenda and stick to it. That’s the secret of better meetings. Bollocks. An agenda is wallpaper – it covers the cracks in your meeting by pretending to provide structure and control. And certainty. When It’s just another example of a one-to-many process.

2011 28

Still learning about facilitation

Viv Mcwaters

Here’s what I learnt about facilitating thanks to Melbourne Playback Theatre Group ‘s weekend workshop. You have to keep doing something long enough to notice what’s going on for you. Taking an activity beyond what might be considered reasonable can have enormous payoffs. Small moves are more interesting. The opposite is true.

Tasting an amygdala hijack

Viv Mcwaters

Empathy and creativity are back. Phew!) I can now see with a clarity that’s a bit scary in comparison to the fog I was operating in.

2011 27

Passive or active?

Viv Mcwaters

I used to edit other people’s writing. remember one time editing a rather long, scientific article. And why should you care? ” Vigour.

2014 17

Capturing the essence of improv

Viv Mcwaters

This is a fantastic summary of highlights and insights from AIN Downunder: Thriving In Uncertainty from April Seymore. Share this on Facebook.