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Blog>> The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook - now available for pre-ordering

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My next book, co-authored with Nick Milton is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon! Check it out

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Blog>> Putting Stories to Work: Shawn Callahan’s New Book on Business Storytelling

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Whenever I have a conversation with Shawn Callahan I come away feeling stimulated and enriched. It’s like taking a journey of discovery together.

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Blog>> Orchestrating the Intranet for Knowledge Management

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Patrick’s taxonomy development infographic has sparked off a little friendly competition in the office.

Blog>> Visual Collections for Sharing and Collaboration

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Since a few months there is a big trend on the web: visualisation of data and information.

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Blog>> Knowledge Retention: Beyond Guidelines and Rhetoric

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Shortly after my mom turned 50, she decided to retire. Soon after that, I began to notice oddities in our conversations. It was worrying.

Blog>> Social Internet is the new KM

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With great interest I have read Roan Yong’s “ Knowledge Management in 2012? Probably Dead ”. And yes, I agree to what he has stated: KM got too academic - or always was? And the social web will be what will replace it. Knowledge Management as it started was focused on activities and tools which are additional tasks outside people’s daily work.

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Blog>> Too Busy for Knowledge Sharing

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Though, at the same time, I feel our achievements are limited. More often than not, we face barriers. What are your thoughts?

Blog>> Why We Treat KM Maturity Models With Caution

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Every now and then we are asked by clients or potential clients whether we can help them conduct a KM Maturity Assessment. We are always very cautious about this, for the following reasons. For example, a typical framework would stipulate the need for senior management buy-in. Nick has a couple of nice blog posts giving his perspective on this.

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Blog>> Life As A Knowledge Worker

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I was searching for a photo of Peter Drucker when I came across this 14-year-old article by him on the experiences that had shaped him. ”

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Blog>> UNICEF Knowledge Exchange Toolbox

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Check out their complete Toolbox

Blog>> Trends in Knowledge Management

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Traditionally, KM was more often than not a top-down driven approach. For example, document taxonomies and knowledge sharing procedures were defined; identified experts shared their knowledge in defined communities. Today, we can identify six strong trends that lead into new concepts of knowledge sharing and collaboration: Exploring. Semantics.

Blog>> User Adoption and Valuating Performance

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© Synergy Corporate Technologies. And this is important in two ways. This usually creates motivation and adoption among the users.

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Blog>> Why is Knowledge Sharing Important?

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My colleague Edgar dropped me a note about some workshops on knowledge sharing that he’s preparing for about a hundred practitioners in a knowledge sharing programme organised through the FAO. He asked me these questions, which he believes need to be answered in the programme: 1. what’s knowledge sharing? 2.

Blog>> Knowledge Management in Intranets

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Knowledge sharing happens partially with technology, and also successfully without software. For this post, let’s focus on the first: technology. When we look at web-based KM tools, then they are normally hosted in the companies’ intranet. In my experience, these knowledge sharing tools are often add-ons to the classic intranet platform.

Blog>> Tripadvisor’s Contribution Model Applied

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think this is a common issue of user adoption and I looked for benchmarks in the consumer world.

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Blog>> The Information Lifecycle

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It has been a while now that I talked about my experience of putting incentives for KM initiatives in place. These thoughts are very valid for global activities, though we are starting in our company to look at a second approach: implement knowledge sharing in people’s daily activities without imposing additional work.

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How-to Guides>> Poster on Conducting a Knowledge Audit

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Here’s our latest infographic poster (formatted for A2 printing) on our knowledge audit process. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Blog>> Experiences on KM Incentives and KPIs

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My last article about Knowledge Management Strategy created some discussions about key performance indicators (KPI) and incentives for KM activities. What are the right measures to overcome the barriers of information and knowledge sharing in an enterprise? Management KPIs are similar to our team’s indicators mentioned above.

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How-to Guides>> How To Develop a Taxonomy

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This is the link to an A4 pdf version. This is the link to an A3 pdf version. Let us know

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Blog>> Storytelling and Ignorance

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Blog>> The Confluence of Human Resource and Knowledge Management

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There are several areas where I think HR and KM can work together. Where tacit knowledge is concerned, they broker the necessary connections.

Blog>> Knowledge Sharing Activities in People’s Daily Work

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In my previous entries and at many other locations we discussed that it would be significantly beneficial if knowledge sharing activities of people are not an additional task but an integral part of their daily work. Many platforms - digital or not - require that people access another tool or step out of their daily routine.

Blog>> Art Schlussel on KM in the US Military (interviewed at KM World 2010)

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Art Schlussel was interviewed at KM World 2010 and the following 3 videos were recorded and produced. In video 1, Art Schlussel covers: 1.

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Blog>> Driving User Adoption for Enterprise Applications

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The other day, we have invited people from Google to present us their deployment and change management methodologies. From my side, I was curious to see what experiences we can exchange with them, as since 3 years I am strongly involved to drive user adoption for our knowledge sharing platform. Creating the Guiding Coalition. Never Letting Up.

Blog>> Knowledge Management is Older than you Think

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I have puzzled for some time over the seemingly intractable nature of knowledge management, the confusions it is perpetually susceptible to, and its apparent inability to progress. have also wondered at its ability to survive with such a disappointing performance. Your comments and feedback would be appreciated

Blog>> Google Finally Comes Out of the Closet on Taxonomies

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So for the longest while, Google has been the boogie bear of taxonomists, with senior executives lying in wait to pounce on innocent taxonomy projects with the battle cry “why do we need a taxonomy, let’s just get Google!” ” Is that taxonomy work or is that taxonomy work? The times they are a changing

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Blog>> Brains Respond to Stories as if They Are Real

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Fascinating piece from the February 17 issue of the New Scientist on a whole raft of brain research suggesting that the human brain processes the information from stories in very similar ways to the way it processes information from perceived reality. To read the article you can register for free to the New Scientist to get ten days’ access.

Blog>> KM and the Bigger Picture

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Waltraut Ritter has a scathing and important critique of KM in general and the MAKE awards in particular, taking some pot shots at some of the participating case studies at KM Asia 2011 in the process (scroll down to the 22 Nov entry). Could the organization use KM to establish a serious dialogue with customers? In 1967 L.K. ”

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Blog>> How does your organisation think about and share failure?

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This talk has so many compelling parallels with KM

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Blog>> A Prezi on the Taxonomy Development Poster

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Here’s an interactive version of the Taxonomy Development Poster I posted yesterday: How to Build a Taxonomy on Prezi

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Green Chameleon » Knowledge Management Explained in Five Disciplines

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We welcome Tim Wieringa as a guest blogger to Green Chameleon. Since 1999, my work has been related to Knowledge Management (KM). Already then, KM was a term that was not well recognised; at the time, we did not label our KM-related

Blog>> Knowledge Management Explained in Five Disciplines

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We welcome Tim Wieringa as a guest blogger to Green Chameleon. Since 1999, my work has been related to Knowledge Management (KM). Already then, KM was a term that was not well recognised; at the time, we did not label our KM-related consulting services with Knowledge Management. One: Information Management & Search. Two: Collaboration.

Blog>> Nancy White and Matt Moore on Communities and Networks

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Nancy will be in Australia in a few weeks to run some workshops which, having worked with Nancy, I know will be stupendous

Blog>> Manager’s Guidebook to Intranet Redesign Projects

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Good friend and colleague Maish Nichani has just released a 64 page Manager’s Guidebook on Intranet Redesign Projects – and it’s for free under a Creative Commons license! Anybody who’s worked with Maish will know what to expect here: smart, simple and extremely practical advice, born out of a wealth of experience

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Blog>> Users Demands for Collaboration Tools

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We recently asked a number of business users what they require from collaboration tools within the company. The scope reached from communication tools, documents sharing, collaboration in teams, social networking and a personalized portal. half of the people we asked would require at least once per week to have offline access to the provided tools.

Blog>> Planning a KM Workshop: ISKO Singapore Workshop 27 November 2015

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For more about the workshop and ISKO Singapore, visit the ISKO Singapore website. Here is the planning framework: KM_Portal_SOAP.docx.

2015 11

Blog>> Why Senior Managers Should Care About KM

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I had a great time at KM Singapore last week, organised by iKMS. Hat tip to Pier Andrea Pirani of Euforic Services for the wonderful social reporting.

Blog>> Social Media, Empowerment and Serious Research

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I had a fantastic time at the AIIM conference in San Francisco last week, and Clay Shirky’s keynote was one of the highlights.

Blog>> Conducting a KM Planning Exercise

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Followers of my company Straits Knowledge will know that we have produced a number of KM job aids out of our consulting experience. Now we’ve produced our latest product which helps to integrate these tools in a single facilitated conversation with operational managers: the KM Planning Canvas. You can buy all of these from our web store !

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Blog>> Knowledge Queen - Interview with a KM Practitioner

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The Civil Service College of Singapore has just published an interview with Rosalind Gan , Head of Organisational Excellence at the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. The writer has got Rosalind down pat. Such interviews are useful as they add a personal touch to the KM profession and foster understanding and fellowship in the community.