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Open Educational Resources and Pedagogy

Jenny Connected

It centred on the relationship between open educational resources (OERs), open academic practice and changing pedagogy.

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Change Leadership Challenge 3: Embedding Change

Partnering Resources

This is the third in a series of posts about change leadership. Embed your change in to the fabric of your organization. and results?

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Change Leadership Challenge 4: Meaningful Employee Participation

Partnering Resources

This is the fourth in a series of posts about change leadership. Meaningful employee participation is important during change.

How to Help Managers Lead Change

Partnering Resources

We’re undergoing significant change and I can’t be everywhere. What can I do to help my managers lead change? Always Do This.

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Getting the Message Across: Five Levels of Change Communications

Partnering Resources

People often tell me that change communications are the most challenging implementation task. For many changes, this step isn’t necessary.

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The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources AND Management’s Hands


It’s because of Human Resources and its inability to get it right by empowering knowledge workers to excel at what they already do: collaborate sharing their knowledge more openly and transparently. Irrespective of function, the culture needs to change first or collaboration will never work regardless of process and technology.

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Change Leadership Checklist

Partnering Resources

Change Leadership Checklist. Change leaders need to answer key questions in each phase before moving on to the next. Change Leadership

Can you change organizational culture?

Net-Map Toolbox

” Digging into this will allow you two things: Reformulate your mission as you understand what should be preserved and what should be changed.

Three Ways Human Networks Can Help Drive Change

Partnering Resources

According to a 2006 McKinsey survey, only 38 percent of change initiatives were completely or mostly successful at improving performance.

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Go Slow to Go Fast: Make Your Next Change Initiative Fly

Partnering Resources

It represents a major change in how people operate, and it’s tied to a new corporate strategy. Change Leadership Leadership Why Go Slow?

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Setting the Right Pace for Change

Partnering Resources

Setting the Right Pace during Change. Some changes need to move quickly, others slowly. What is the right pace for change? Adapt.

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The changing role of the online teacher

Jenny Connected

As teachers we know that our students may go through transformational changes as a result of their learning on our courses. 2013). 2014, p.62).

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I’ve Changed My Mind

How to Save the World

H uman beings, it seems, change our worldviews — what we value and believe to be true — pretty slowly. We can’t be other than who we are.

2015 23

Changing Minds Inside the Enterprise

Portals and KM

There is a lot of talk about changing leadership styles in response to shift from tangible to intangibles assets becoming the most significant source of value to enterprises.  See also Howard Gardner’s more recent book on Changing Minds. Here are some pointers from Changing Minds.  

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“If Everyone Jumps, Do You Jump Too?”: Using Social Ties for Change Leadership

Partnering Resources

It especially has power in the work world where savvy leaders can use social momentum and support to help implement organization change. Adapt.

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Herding the Smart Cats: Successful IT Change Leadership

Partnering Resources

Herding the Smart Cats: IT Change Leadership. Other times, this is a challenge, like when trying to change behavior. Employee Engagement.

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Literature Review: Improving Work Practices in Times of Change

Collaborative Thinking

Improving Work Practices in Times of Change. cultivation of social resources), and boyd (e.g., Introduction. Social Network Sites. 2008).

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Changing IT Mindsets From Deployment To Adoption

Collaborative Thinking

deployed), the project is “over” – resources are reallocated, budgets are closed out, systems go into some type of maintenance mode or await the next release cycle of new development. That means “time, money, and resources” must be forecasted upstream. We used to love e-mail back in the nineties – now we know hold it in disregard.

Mutations are the way to make change

Chris Corrigan

Very few of us have our hands on the real levers of power.  We lack the money and influence to write policy, create tax codes, move resources around or start and stop wars. ”  The problem with this reasoning is that the field in which we are embedded, that which enables us to practice small changes is heavily immune to change.

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Restructure This: Why Shuffling Your Org Chart Won’t Bring Real Change

Partnering Resources

So stop treating them like they are when you introduce change. This post, Restructure This: Why Shuffling Your Org Chart Won’t Bring Real Change , just went live on The post Restructure This: Why Shuffling Your Org Chart Won’t Bring Real Change appeared first on Partnering Resources. Restructure This!

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Climate Change, Poverty and The Great Horse Poo Debate of 1898

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

TITLE: Climate Change, Poverty and The Great Horse Poo Debate of 1898. DISCUSSING CLIMATE CHANGE. Solar power? Wind farms? For posterity.

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(Intranets2011) "Change Management is Paramount" - Matthew Clarke #intranets2011 #change

Michael Sampson - Currents

Matthew asked whether attendees have change management resource on Intranet teams - few said yes. -. What is change management?

Lessons from the Octopus: Business Ecosystems, Adaptability, and Change Leadership

Partnering Resources

It turns out that there’s plenty to learn from these creatures about adaptability, change leadership, and business ecosystems. Adapt. Achieve.

2012 23

The Changing Role of the Learning Facilitator

Jenny Connected

The asynchronous discussion in CPsquare which started at 3.00 pm GMT yesterday and will conclude at 9.00 pm tonight was initiated by Brenda Kaulback, Lisa Levinson, and Doris Reeves-Lipscomb as a way of reflecting on the changing nature of their work and in the light of their recent participation in open learning environments such as MOOCs.

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Building a network for People Powered Change

Social Reporter

Drew also asked what resources organisations held, and you can see those in this online map , by mousing over the nodes. some sociable events.

2012 27

Behavior change strategy cards (from Artefact)

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

change. changing people’s behaviors. To use the cards Identify a behavior you’d like the change. Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm, and Resource Issues, 24(3). [2] Schmittdiel, J., Influence of fantasy ability on attitude change through role playing. to change the way they actually. Behavior. strategy.

2014 19

How Our Narratives Inform Our Hopes for Change

How to Save the World

Do we need to believe that the economics of oil production will be the key driver in changing our economy and how we live?

2014 24

BIG’s People Powered Change may catalyse a more bottom-up big society

Social Reporter

With the launch this week of People Powered Change , the Big Lottery sets out its plans for a distinctive niche in the Big Society agenda , supporting local bottom-up community projects. BIG Lottery Fund is refreshing its England wide portfolio of programmes around the concept of People Powered Change. Credit due for transparency).

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Social Innovation Meetup: “Exploring Labs for Social Change” – presentation notes

Making CommunitySense

How do they help accomplish social change? There are many tough global problems, like climate change, for which there are no clearcut solutions.

2013 23

40 Great Resources for Developing a Community Management Strategy « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Community

emergent by design Home About 40 Great Resources for Developing a Community Management Strategy 2009 November 13 tags: community , community management , Media , Social Media , strategy by Venessa Miemis A practical guide for Community Management strategies, best practices, and resources. Brian Solis, @briansolis) Shepherding 2.0

How helpful is journalism for People Powered Change? Further thoughts.

Social Reporter

million programme of news hubs for local communities, which I reported  here and  here. The pilot sites are private. We have to wait and see.

2011 27

Becoming a Strategic HR Professional

Partnering Resources

” Strategic HR is not about changing the conversation from “OK” to “no.” Human Resources Leadership Strategy

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3 Lessons in Changing the Way We See Things

Hildy Gottlieb

When we change the way we see things, things change. Lesson #1: Thinking with Others Leads to Changing How We See Things.

Changing the World One Idea at a Time


You know that summer is  almost gone when September comes along in full force, work peaks up again a notch or two, and conference month  kicks in.

2013 17

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Workforce Planning to Anticipate Talent Gaps

Partnering Resources

It might be time for that relaxed attitude to change. Human Resources Networks and Networking TalentMind the Talent Gaps. Focus. Mentor.

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New Resource for Multi-Stakeholder Change Networks

Networking Action

If you find my blogs of interest, you will be interested in last week’s publication of Global Action Networks: Creating a global future together. The book’s primary goal is to provide practical assistance to people working in, and associated with,… Net Dev

Poultry for Progress and the Chicken of Change

Nancy White

Marginal areas need local breeds, local knowledge and resources used for food security. Mamma mia. Slides below). Super chickens! Yes, context!

SEC Climate Change Disclosure 10-k Race Opens 2012

21st Century Organization

It’s ironic that the SEC’s 2010 interpretation of a previous Climate Change 10-k Disclosure ruling of the material impacts to a business is equivalent to a 10k foot race.  The panelists painted a landscape of conflicting behaviors from all stakeholders interpreting climate change impacts. Resources Strategy Sustainability

F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change. The world is changing. Resources.

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Green Chameleon » NHS KM Resource Library

Green Chameleon

It gathers together a range of resources on KM applications in the public sector (not just the NHS) and it has a very applied, practical focus.