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How Our Narratives Inform Our Hopes for Change

How to Save the World

Do we need to believe that the economics of oil production will be the key driver in changing our economy and how we live?

2014 24

Big Lottery, Media Trust and People Powered Change. Positively.

Social Reporter

This is about adding infrastructure that local people can use in whatever way suits them and hopefully to play a part in improving the quality and reach of citizen and community journalism that will mean we all have our voices heard and can all create positive change in our own lives and the lives of those around us. What do you think?

Green Chameleon » A Brief History of Arrangement

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about A Brief History of Arrangement This article is a “prequel&# to the blog post in July on &# Building Information Neighbourhoods “ It tries to demythologise the undue influence that Linnaeus had on how we define the forms that taxonomies take.

Should You Move Your Email To The Cloud?

Portals and KM

This will change everything in workplace IT support from designing workplace information strategies for collaboration, to delivering content experiences to people across channels, to engaging the next-generation workforce to serve customers better. would imagine that the email is more of the barrier than other forms of collaboration.

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BlackBerry: Back to Enterprise, But Has the Enterprise Moved On?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Until the release of the BlackBerry Z10 and BB10 mobile OS, the company’s main focus had been providing enterprise software in the form of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. He said the company has already seen a change in public perception and loyalty in the last six months as businesses change their views towards the brand.

Mapping a community – easy and not-so-easy

Learning Alliances

I’m resonating with how Joitske Hulsebosch has organized “ Tools for social network analysis from beginners to advanced levels.”

Ten Ways to Heal from Civilization Disease

How to Save the World

Sex, and the cocktail of chemicals it releases, heals us, both as a stressbuster and as a form of meditation. It opens us. Less Stress and.

Customer service : avoid being the victim of you social media success - Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

John Tropea - Delicious Community

What changes is their exceptionally high number. The airline site tells me to print and send a form. change. change-management.

2013 24

The Democracy Project

How to Save the World

The real political struggle is going to be over the form that it takes. What is democracy, in its essence? Voting is divisive.

The Cause of Our Disease

How to Save the World

In the nineteenth century in Europe the chief “causes” of mortality were not cardiovascular disease or cancer, but infectious diseases.

Cause 23

Community activist hub: right problem, wrong solution

Social Reporter

Since then the Network , now led by Steve Moore, has shifted its focus to support for social entrepreneurs, innovative forms of giving, and young people in Big Society. Your Square Mile , led by Paul Twivy, has received £830,000 from the Big Lottery Fund as part of BIG’s People Powered Change programme. Puzzling.

2011 21

Bioteams and the beliefs of high performing teams

The Bumble Bee

The bulk of the team members were based in the US and with the rest in Europe. Flexibility/Unexpected Change Mgt. 8. If there were such a link, it would be possible to use the HPT beliefs questionnaire pre-project with a newly formed team as a predictor of potential project issues. Background and Introduction. give and take.

Links of the Month: October 23, 2014

How to Save the World

Richard Heinberg on Effective Change: “Start by identifying your core values—fairness, peace, stability, beauty, resilience, whatever.

2014 22

Just 10 Days

Michael Sampson - Currents

Last week I was in Europe, delivering three workshops and speaking at a conference. Then I took the tube from Paddington to Oxford Circus, and then changed to another line to get from Oxford Circus to Holborn. Tuesday kicked off the first of my public engagements in Europe, with the Collaboration Roadmap masterclass in London.

Reflecting on #socialartists and #change11

Nancy White

We need you to do that for the world, not just Europe”. about social artistry in the context of change, learning and technology. link].

Links of the Month: January 27, 2013

How to Save the World

All income is passed back to the members in the form of services and benefits. PREPARING FOR CIVILIZATION’S COLLAPSE. LIVING BETTER.

2013 17

What is Collaboration?

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Thus an agreement is like a statement arising from communication that states how the different people will work together, but at any time these can be changed – although doing so can be costly and time-consuming as the team or group re-develops its way of working together. Europe. Free shipping on all orders.*. My Account. Mobile.

Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

We then present one perspective on the history of such sites, discussing key changes and developments. 2007). Facebook, MySpace, and Cyworld).

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Links of the Month: March 21, 2012

How to Save the World

Endless material wealth based on individual striving is the American ideal, and the desire to change that paradigm is practically nonexistent.

2012 14

Harnessing the power of informal employee networks

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The McKinsey Quarterly Home McKinsey & Company McKinsey Global Institute Help [+] Log In Register close Register Member Center The McKinsey Quarterly is the business journal of McKinsey & Company. Register now for immediate access to hundreds of articles. First time here? Read our Quarterly Basics. Forgot Password?

Understanding the difference between Forums, Blogs, and Social Networks

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

To learn more about the many forms of web marketing, see this updated list (now in Italian, Indonesian and French). rather than by people).

Links of the Month: November 19, 2011

How to Save the World

That is what has changed, and a growing recognition of what it means is fueling rising citizen anger and protest. Cartoon by Mark Hurwitt.

2011 20

Internet Evolution - Executive Clan Editor's Blog - Social Net-Based Onboarding Boosts Productivity

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Is the idea to form a Ning group or some such? The key, according to an Aberdeen Group Inc. Case in point: IBM Corp. DISCUSS Digg

The Primal Forces that Drive Social Networks | Digital Tonto

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Network Theory has fundamentally changed our understanding about how the world works since its inception a decade ago.  Most of all, by understanding how networks form and grow, we can build better ones. Watts described a network maturing as an “instantaneous phase transition” similar to a crystal forming.  Thanks! Thanks.

2009 15

David Goodman on food, water, energy, health & wellness, governance & public policy

Endless Knots

What will be the harvest of excessive self-interest and lack of willingness to take responsibility for making changes? Much of our energy comes from fossil fuels formed in the Carbonaceous Era 300,000,000 years ago; but in the last 100 years, the world population has used half of the planet’s oil stores. Hope you enjoy it too. Food: 1.

Why people participate in online communities

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Elder) - On his way to leaving the community, perhaps to another community due to a particular change in the community or personal choice Power Law of Participation According to Ross Mayfield : “The vast majority of users will not have a high level of engagement with a given group, and most tend to be free riders upon community value.

Expanding Web Search Part One: Focused Search-Based Applications

Portals and KM

With a structured database you need to set up multiple data entry forms that require specific data types of data (e.g., where is the car?

The Essence of Collaboration Is Selfishness - Gartner Blog Network

John Tropea - Delicious Community

will be presenting about this at our symposium in Orlando in October and I am writing research as we speak about the necessary changes in social media strategies and the nature of the future government workplace. Europe and IT. Europe. Why Gartner. Analysts. Research. Events. Consulting. About. Sign In. Register. Andrea DiMaio.

2013 10

xtimeline - Explore and Create Free Timelines

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

The traces of trade unions existence could be traced from eighteenth century, that to in the Western society (with most changes occurring earliest in Britain) witnessed a transformation from an agrarian culture with craft-based production to a culture shaped by the first industrial revolution. Washington 30 Events [Photo: Booker T. Civil War.

Links of the Month: July 24, 2012

How to Save the World

The result being stasis, power gridlock, with no group able to bring about change, or respond effectively to new crises.]. Community! inside.”

Links of the Month: October 24, 2011

How to Save the World

Every “solution” mentioned above comes at a cost in terms of fundamental changes in individual and societal behaviors and priorities.

How I use social media

Nancy White

Little did I know that this first toe-dip would literally change the course of my professional, and in many ways, my personal life. said yes.

How I use social media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Little did I know that this first toe-dip would literally change the course of my professional, and in many ways, my personal life. said yes.

Preparing for Estonia

Chris Corrigan

First, this is only the second trip to Europe I have made since I left the UK in 1981 after living there for three years. It’s interesting to see how things have changed in Europe over 30 years. I’m off to Estonia on Saturday to run an Art of Hosting workshop with Toke Moeller and Piret Jeedas.

Monitor: Better ways to collaborate | The Economist

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Based on protocols that were created long before the internet took its current form, e-mail continues to thrive for two reasons.

Is inequality the new exclusion?


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, ‘social exclusion’ was, rightly in my view, a major political issue in the UK and the theme under which a good deal of positive social change came about. But I sense that the concept is being replaced in our vocabulary by increasingly assertive discussion about ‘social inequality’. My dad was a bank manager.

What Could the Future of Money Look Like? « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Network

One frame is that the money has always been a method of turning time into symbolic form that can be freely traded. So what is it? slavery)?

Links for the Month: January 29, 2012

How to Save the World

Perhaps it’s the way the world has changed. Can we say what form it finally takes; For time gathers its moments secretly. We: the people.

Why Companies shouldn’t build Online Communities. « The Complete Innovator

John Tropea - Delicious Community

group of associated nations sharing common interests or a common heritage: the community of Western Europe. 5. Don’t even think about it.

Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

When Gavin was also in London he decided to do a one man surfie tour of Western Europe. They tend not to change jobs or roles too much.