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The five major theories of how people "learn": a synopsis

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Carlton also identifies different computer games founded on each theory. Behaviourist. 2. Cognitivist. 3. Constructivist. 4. Experiential. 5.

2012 108

The 10 Key Principles of Change Management

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For example, asking an outright opponent of the change to become a champion is not likely to be a very useful intervention. Be patient.

2013 58

High performance leadership/decisions: business game findings

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Finding 1: Top Performers avoided the "Presumption of change is good" trap. Business Simulation

2013 78

A Leaders Guide to creating High Performing Teams (HPTs)

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unique aspect of the framework is that it integrates both individual team member change management work and whole team process development work.

2015 47

White Label Online Change Management Game (cohort) from Bioteams Design

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You can also totally customise the change scenario and the executive profiles. Business Simulation

Four rules for collaborating well in meetings

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Over the last 12 months I have started to share 4 Golden Rules with the participants which always seem to significantly improve the results we get.

2012 45

Instant Customer Data Analysis using Excel: worked example

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We now extend our analysis to include the time dimension to see how things change over time. Balance. Region. Interest Rate. Date A/C Opened.

2012 39

The End of Management and the Rise of Bioteams

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To read Peters excellent paper: The End of Management and the Rise of Bioteams. To findout more about Dot Cloud: The 21st Century Business Platform.

Cloud 50

Bioteams: Learning from Nature to improve Project Management

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Keywords: Biomimicry, Bioteams, Management, Organizational change, work teams, Virtual enterprise networks. CONCLUSIONS. Bioteams Features

2012 25

Workforce Democracy: Put heart back in the workplace

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invited Mark to write a short intro on the subject as part of my "Think Differently" series because it resonates strongly with Bioteams.

Bioteams and the beliefs of high performing teams

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Flexibility/Unexpected Change Mgt. 8. Such a diagnostic could be very complimentary to other quantitative predictors of team/project performance such as the DICE Method described in The Hard Side of Change Management by Hal Sirkin, Perry Keenan and Alan Jackson of Boston Consulting Group. Background and Introduction. give and take.

The Customer is not always right you know!

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cannot change the colour. Last night I asked my 12-year old son Jamie to design a logo for a new idea I had. From: Jamie Thompson. Stop whining.

Creating Values/Behaviour Questionnaires for Leadership Devel

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Team Leadership Development

C3: a new approach to Collaborative Project Management

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Changes*3. Finally, what are the 3 main Changes which if they happened would make your goal more difficult to achieve. Conclusions*3.

Goals 10

Gartner Research discovers bioteams and swarms

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The TEN key changes Gartner forecast are: 1. Read Gartner Research Forecast Changes in nature of work. De-routinization of Work. 2.

Swarm 10

A practical framework for change - head, hearts, hands & feet

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Is there a compelling reason for change - merely a good reason for change is not enough? The term "burning platform" comes to mind.

How the way we talk can change the way we work. and think

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Here is a short introduction written by the authors to the book How the way we talk can change the way we work. Complaint -> Commitment. 2.

John Kotters new book: Organisation Biomimicry goes mainstream

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Kotter talks about using Big Opportunities to drive through change with a sense of urgenc. Lets briefly look at each of them. Conclusions.

New High Performing Teams Simulation Game from Bioteams Ken Thompson

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You must be very careful to introduce any process changes in a sensible sequence or you may overwhelm your new team colleagues.

New Case Studies published on Bioteams Business Games

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The first game is a "company war game" where the HR teams become the senior executive team in their own business. Business Simulation

From a systems perspective the UK Public Sector is totally broken!

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He suggests that to fix the current regime would require 4 fundamental systemic changes: 1. The costs of inspection. 3. Think Differently

How to assess Power and Influence: a simple but effective method

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When we are dealing with change we need to be able to make quick but robust assessments of the power/influence of the different players.

Uncover the hidden physics of your business processes

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So if you want to change the performance of the process you must understand and be able to redesign its structure to your advantage.

Poor Mental Models fail teams before they even start?

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But how do you actually change mental models? Image from: [link]. As an example take the important topic "Skidding on Ice in a car". Blame.

The 15 Coolest Cases of Biomimicry

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Morphing aircraft wings which change shape. READ The 15 Coolest Cases of Biomimicry. Friction-reducing sharkskin (e.g. About Ken Thompson.

Enterprise networks drive productivity gains: New Research

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This resonates strongly with the concepts of bioteaming according to practitioner Max Bhanabhai. To download The Bioteaming Manifesto (free).

Virtual Teams and Communities Training Manual

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The need for Change Management in Teams. To access: Ken Thompson's Virtual Teams and Communities Training Manual as a Google Docs Presentation.

From Social Networking to Swarm Intelligence

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All are complex systems, basically huge networks made up of individual components whose behavior is difficult to predict. To read the full article.

The Networked Enterprise and Bioteams in China

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Here are the full interviews in both English and Chinese. Interview (English). Interview (Chinese). Here is the full interview transcript. Virtual.

P2P: an introduction to Peer to Peer by Michel Bauwens

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P2P processes are not structureless , but are characterized by dynamic and changing structures which adapt themselves to phase changes.

When Context Transcends Change Management


What if  everything we have been told about Change Management over the course of the last few decades was all just … plain  wrong? snowded.

2016 70

Change Leadership Challenge 3: Embedding Change

Partnering Resources

This is the third in a series of posts about change leadership. Embed your change in to the fabric of your organization. and results?

2014 63

Five Large Systems Change Trends

Networking Action

Anyone working on big change issues should have an eye to mega system changes.

2015 61

From Change Initiatives to Change Systems

Networking Action

Global change systems are evolving all around us. 

2014 73

Change Experts’ Change Challenge

Networking Action

What are the impediments to scaling change strategies to address the global breadth and transformational depth of critical issues?  Conversations at MIT and Oxford meetings in October, and discussions over the past few months with large system change experts , … Blog Change

Part 2: From Change Initiatives to Change Systems

Networking Action

Part 1 described global energy as a change system with five subsystems.  and “What must it do well, in order to realize its change goal?”

2014 61

Why So Many Social Change Organizations Struggle

Alchemy of Change

When nonprofit organizations with issue-specific, niche missions organize themselves around individual donor fundraising, it creates waste, dysfunction and drains power away from real social change. Social Change attention donor engagement fundraising nonprofit philanthropy social change

2012 93

Getting the Message Across: Five Levels of Change Communications

Partnering Resources

People often tell me that change communications are the most challenging implementation task. For many changes, this step isn’t necessary.

2013 109

How to Help Managers Lead Change

Partnering Resources

We’re undergoing significant change and I can’t be everywhere. What can I do to help my managers lead change? Always Do This.

2014 73

Change Leadership Challenge 4: Meaningful Employee Participation

Partnering Resources

This is the fourth in a series of posts about change leadership. Meaningful employee participation is important during change.