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The Tenth Anniversary of Portals and KM Blog

Portals and KM

There were three, Is KM the Killer App for Portals ?, Some good articles on blogs and blogs on blog s, and I s RSS TNBT ?

2014 53

Blog>> Social Internet is the new KM

Green Chameleon

And yes, I agree to what he has stated: KM got too academic - or always was? Roan’s article triggered more thoughts which are too long to just pack in the article’s comments: there are more problems of today’s KM than to be blown up; and why the social web is KM at it’s core. Probably Dead ”. What has enabled this move?

2012 51

Blog>> Experiences on KM Incentives and KPIs

Green Chameleon

My last article about Knowledge Management Strategy created some discussions about key performance indicators (KPI) and incentives for KM activities. The task of the department managers is then to assign resources for KM activities, encourage knowledge sharing and integrate these activities in departmental activities.

2011 40

Portals and KM Blog Begins it Tenth Year

Portals and KM

It is hard to imagine that I have been writing this blog for over nine years now. first wrote about industry stuff and blogs  (ex.

KM, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business: One and The Same


Anyway, that’s not the topic of this blog entry for today, although I suspect I will be covering it at some point in time. Thanks!!

2011 71

Blog>> KM and the Bigger Picture

Green Chameleon

Waltraut Ritter has a scathing and important critique of KM in general and the MAKE awards in particular, taking some pot shots at some of the participating case studies at KM Asia 2011 in the process (scroll down to the 22 Nov entry). Could the organization use KM to establish a serious dialogue with customers? In 1967 L.K.

2012 26

I Will Dispense This Advice on Blogging


The thing is vast majority of that advice about blogs keeps missing the whole point on what blogging is all about right from the start.

2016 23

Should CEOs Blog?


You just can’t afford to go through that and that’s where most of your reluctance to blogging comes from nowadays. Most probably. .

2013 45

10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

Last week I had the pleasure of providing my final virtual webinar for the first of the UN’s KM Online blended learning programme. Viral.

Blog>> KM Singapore 2011

Green Chameleon

KM Singapore is an annual conference organised by the Information and Knowledge Management Society ( iKMS ). The conference aims to bring together local and regional practitioners to advance understanding and practice of IM and KM. This will be its eighth year running. There is an early bird discount, which ends on 31 July.

2011 13

The Soothing Effect of Blogging


It’s hard to believe, even for myself, how the last time I wrote a blog post over here was a bit over two months ago. Go figure. I doubt it.

2014 67

Portals and KM Blog Begins it Eighth Year

Portals and KM

It is hard to imagine that I have been writing this blog for over seven years now. certainly would not have predicted that when I started the blog on May 2, 2004 with three posts: Is KM the Killer App for Portals? Some good articles on blogs and blogs on blogs , and Is RSS TNBT ? Blog as Filing Cabinet ).

Blog>> Conducting a KM Planning Exercise

Green Chameleon

Followers of my company Straits Knowledge will know that we have produced a number of KM job aids out of our consulting experience. Now we’ve produced our latest product which helps to integrate these tools in a single facilitated conversation with operational managers: the KM Planning Canvas.

Blog>> Orchestrating the Intranet for Knowledge Management

Green Chameleon

Patrick’s taxonomy development infographic has sparked off a little friendly competition in the office.

Why Blogging Still Matters


No, I know what you may be thinking, but I am not going to stop blogging nor give up on writing for that matter. The issue is, as usual, time.

2013 32

Blog>> Personal KM vs Team Collaboration

Green Chameleon

therefore engaged in something I would call “Personal Knowledge Management (KM)&#. Some people might relate Personal KM to Personal Information Management (PIM); typical the organisation of e-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks. Convinced to engage in Personal KM, to simplify your own work and sharing with others?

Blog>> The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook - now available for pre-ordering

Green Chameleon

We set out to write the KM practitioner’s implementation guide that we lacked when we first started in KM. Check it out

2016 62

Blog>> Why Senior Managers Should Care About KM

Green Chameleon

I had a great time at KM Singapore last week, organised by iKMS.

Blog>> Why We Treat KM Maturity Models With Caution

Green Chameleon

Every now and then we are asked by clients or potential clients whether we can help them conduct a KM Maturity Assessment. We have used KM maturity models in the past, but I (along with others) am quite sceptical about their utility as KM assessment and planning tools at the start of a KM journey. suggest you start here.

Blog>> Knowledge Queen - Interview with a KM Practitioner

Green Chameleon

Such interviews are useful as they add a personal touch to the KM profession and foster understanding and fellowship in the community. So if you are a KM practitioner and would like to be interviewed, do contact me The writer has got Rosalind down pat. They are hard to come by, however.

Blog>> Planning a KM Workshop: ISKO Singapore Workshop 27 November 2015

Green Chameleon

Here is the video: Here are the slides: ISKO-KM-Portal-workshop-nov2015b.pdf. Here is the planning framework: KM_Portal_SOAP.docx.

The Power of Words – Back to Blogging!


Do you remember when I reflected back on the day about those dormant periods with my blogging over here? What’s happening to me?!?! Check!

2011 43

Blog>> The Information Lifecycle

Green Chameleon

It has been a while now that I talked about my experience of putting incentives for KM initiatives in place. Based on these thoughts, I think that looking at knowledge sharing activities from the perspective of the information lifecycle can provide a new spin to KM in total. all employees in a company).

2011 43

Blog>> Knowledge Retention: Beyond Guidelines and Rhetoric

Green Chameleon

About five years ago, we were tasked to review KM practices at a statutory board that offers a public service. It was worrying.

10th Year Blogiversary – The Unfinished Journey of Blogging and Why It Matters


Remember the good old days when people were writing about the death of blogging thanks to social media tools ? Who knew… The Death of Blogging?

2015 28

Empherality, KM, Inner Reform and Social Impact

Full Circle Associates

Blogs are ephemeral. Today someone referenced a broken link on my blog back from 2005. KM as an inner practice. Ah, I dream.

2015 11

Blog>> Trends in Knowledge Management

Green Chameleon

Traditionally, KM was more often than not a top-down driven approach. For example, document taxonomies and knowledge sharing procedures were defined; identified experts shared their knowledge in defined communities. Today, we can identify six strong trends that lead into new concepts of knowledge sharing and collaboration: Exploring. People.

Blog>> Knowledge Power and Responsibility: A Conversation with Nancy Dixon (recorded 26 Nov 2008 KM Asia)

Green Chameleon

2014 11

Blog>> Videos on KM in Law Firms

Green Chameleon

Our friends at eClerx Services in India have been busy building their short KM videos library, this time focusing on KM in law firms, in a series of short Q&A clips with Ginevra Saylor, head of KM at Denton’s.

Blog>> KM Strategy for Small- & Medium-sized Businesses

Green Chameleon

In SMB an initiative to foster knowledge sharing should not require additional work and the KM strategy should focus on elements that are straight-forward and bring tangible benefit. And with the right mindset of the leadership, the KM strategy can be quickly and successfully implemented. Vision. Often, this might be called the vision.

Blog>> Nancy White and the KM Planning Toolkit

Green Chameleon

We had a blast with Nancy White around KM Singapore a few weeks back – although we’ve collaborated for years we had never met.

Listing of Mary Abraham’s KM World 2012 Notes

Portals and KM

My friend, Mary Abraham, writes the great blog, Above and Beyond KM. She attended the 2012 KM World conference and produced a very impressive and useful series of session notes.  Flow Systems and KM #KMWorld. Driving KM Adoption and Collaboration with Gamification #KMWorld. Enjoy. Are Intranets Social?

2012 20

Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Is Blogging Dead?


Is blogging dead for you folks as well? When was the last time you created a blog post? Blogging is not dead! Get used to it.

2011 54

Blog>> Knowledge Management in Intranets

Green Chameleon

When we look at web-based KM tools, then they are normally hosted in the companies’ intranet. Tools that should be implemented in my eyes are: (micro-) blogging for thoughts, status & location updates, question, etc. Knowledge sharing happens partially with technology, and also successfully without software. encyclopedia).

Blog>> Too Busy for Knowledge Sharing

Green Chameleon

Discuss it at the coffee table at KM Asia 12 Though, at the same time, I feel our achievements are limited. What are your thoughts?

Blog>> How does your organisation think about and share failure?

Green Chameleon

This talk has so many compelling parallels with KM

KM 31

Building networks, Selling KM, Meetings as KM behaviors, IBM in a KM shift, Super Crunchers

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Weekly Knowledge Management Blog by Stan Garfield KM Question, Thought Leader, Blog, Link, and Book of the Week [ Blogroll - KM Home Page - Send a Question - Implementing a successful KM programme ]. Blog or newsletter. " I posed this same question to many KM thought leaders. KM Link of the Week.

My KM World Session Notes: Carla O'Dell on KM in a 2.0 World

Portals and KM

I am primarily posting my notes from the  2011 KM World  on the  Darwin blog. Carla said that 17 years ago AQPC got interested in KM.  The holy grail of KM is how to get people to participate. The rise of social computing helps with participation in KM. Here is the session description.

2011 17

Blog>> KM Practitioner Interview Series: Praba Nair

Green Chameleon

At that time, Praba was the Director of the KM Competency Centre at NCS, a Singapore IT company. That was more than 10 years ago.

Blog>> How to Get and Sustain Buy-in for KM

Green Chameleon

This is a summary of contributions by participants in three rounds of Knowledge Café discussions at KM World on November 5 2015, and facilitated by Patrick Lambe. We’d like to thank the 25 KM professionals who shared their challenges, experience and advice so generously. What Buy-in is and is not. Pitfalls.