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Backchannel Resources

Nancy White

A DM Tweet today caused me to go and look and see what resources I’ve posted on the blog about back channel work. 

#ODINetworks Online Event Backchannel Chat

Nancy White

Here is the fascinating and unedited back channel chat from todays ODI event on networks. Here are the notes! ODI Networks Event Chat.

Chat 17

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week.

The Iceberg Effect of Community Management

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Almost all the community managers we talk to struggle with ways to maintain or increase engagement. Gathering and reporting on activity and results.

Various ways to use social media as a facilitator or trainer

Joitske Hulsebosch

Conference2.0 : You are involved in a major conference on leadership and want to use social media during the conference as a kind of "back channel".

2011 66

Digital Habitats and SIKM – February 16th

Digital Habitats

As a back up, we also have an Etherpad because John and I like having a back channel! Today Etienne, John and I will be guests on Stan Garfield’s terrific monthly telecon for knowledge management professionals, SIKM. Our focus is on knowledge management folks as technology stewards. Digital Habitats SIKM Presentation.

Collecting insights

Viv Mcwaters

As well as the pre-planned sessions, and the open space offerings, the one-on-one and small group conversations, and the serendipitous moments, there was the Twitter and Facebook back channel, photos being posted on Flickr, videos being made, drawings made, and people blogging. You can see for yourself here. Share this on Facebook.

After all the administrivia

Learning Alliances

Both the public discussion and the back-channel is filled with all kinds of little efforts, arrangements and negotiations to make sure that everyone has the books in hand on time. CPsquare is having a book club event, where everyone is invited to read a book about communities of practice together. Sounds simple enough, right? think so.

Cantilever out from the known

Learning Alliances

In particular it’s helpful to have a back-channel, whether email or a Skype chat. Several back-channels are helpful, actually.

Online Facilitation, Twitter, Backchannel and Keynotes | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

So inspired by Cliff Atkinson’s book “ The Back Channel ,&# I decided to integrate a Twitter tool into the slides and thus into the body of the talk, consciously breaking in and out of the audience. could not WAIT to see all the tweets, so I ran up to my room, took off my shoes and read back. There was a wealth!

Virtual Team Intelligence - webcast now posted

Endless Knots

" I particularly enjoyed this event because Tom posed questions I'm not normally asked -- and because we used a new audio conferencing service that is very cleverly designed, allowing the presenters to do quick polls, see who's listening, and chat in a back-channel all effortlessly.

Twitter Plus TV Equals iTweeVee

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

By the way, we call this a “back channel&# discussion to the “primary content&# which is the TV show. Hashtags are coming.

March Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

Nancy White

Best of Mobile Learning March 1-31, 2010 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals.

Collaboration online

Jenny Connected

Many online courses now require students to collaborate, but we know that just putting people together in the same space isn’t enough? What should a tutor do to prepare students for collaborative tasks? Gilly Salmon’s 5-stage model  provides very good guidelines on how to prepare for collaborative tasks online.

Flipchart or Twitter the best tool for trainers?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Flipchart- the most important tool for trainers? photo by hockadilly I'm a big fan of Clay Shirky's book Here Come's Everybody. Any ideas?

Cantilever out from the known

Digital Habitats

In particular it’s helpful to have a back-channel, whether email or a Skype chat. Several back-channels are helpful, actually. vs.

Learning Alliances

Conference in Las Vegas used it to share resources and for back-channel chatting during the conference: [link]. It’s really great when special-purpose websites are mashed together.  The effect is multiplicative.  Photos from that have the same hashtag. links from that have that same hashtag. twitter

Yi-Tan tech and business model case study

Learning Alliances

An IRC channel. There is a twitter-stream which seems to augment the email announcements and supplement, but not replace, the IRC channel.


Open courses in January 2011

Jenny Connected

Well – I have to say – not very publicly – although I do have a few people with whom I feel very connected and with whom I have some deep ‘back-channel’ conversations/discussions (which have now resulted in 4 research papers/projects). The net seems awash with open courses at the moment. Digital Storytelling (ds106). link]. link].

When not to do a PhD?

Jenny Connected

I came across Leigh Blackall’s blog post today – How and Why I’ll do a PhD – via Twitter – maybe Twitter does have some benefits after all. This post has intrigued me as I have gone through the ‘should I/shouldn’t I’ do a PhD thinking myself. So that’s me – but what of Leigh Blackhall? He has raised this himself. blogged about this here.

Micro-blogging: Friend or Foe For Unified Communications

Collaborative Thinking

While somewhat different than collaborative workspaces (which are persistant and often document centric), the notion that we can/should communicate in spaces versus channels (ala e-mail and instant messaging) is an intriguing trend and worth exploring. Instead, the more effective approach was to collaborate in workspaces. Powered by Qumana

Engaging learners with technology

Jenny Connected

think it is possible for tutors to take a back seat once the course has become established but not at the beginning! How do you ensure that learners engage with the technology? This is the second question from my list  and my immediate response is similar to my initial thoughts about the last question. So have I answered the question?

Raising the Bar on Online Event Practices

Nancy White

Back channel chat to engage more than audio channels. Heike Phipps doesn’t sit back and let the five bad things happen. Alan Levine wrote a deliciously provocative post on last month that I’ve been meaning to comment upon, Five Ways to Run a Deadly Online Seminar. Make it hard to even get inside. Look beyond!

Persistent Group Chat in Office Communications Server R2

Collaborative Thinking

The concept of chat rooms is not new (you can go back to IRC, AOL, etc). Could these types of chat rooms compliment Live Meeting as a better back-channel? In August, 2007 Microsoft announced its intent to acquire Parlano. Parlano's leading product, MindAllign, delivered "persistent group chat". Or does it create other problems?


Four ways with webinars

e-Moderation Station

So no text chat window for participants to use as a back channel, or to socialise among themselves, or to respond to questions asked by the speaker.

My Notes on Mike Gotta’s Reality 2.0: Getting Started with Enterprise Social Networking

Portals and KM

They offer the back channel for what is really going on and who to interact with. This is brining back early days of knowledge management when it was all fresh. I attended the Mike Gotta session on Enterprise Social Networking at the Boston Enterprise 2.0 conference. There is a history of software and communities. Good idea.


SIKM community presentation

Digital Habitats

Peek at the public back-channel : The SIKM chat in Etherpad and Twiter. February 16, 2010. little bit about our respective practices.

swimming the backchannel

Engineers without Fears

conversation I had with two participants raised the issue about the back channel. So last week was a week of events. There was the online communities gig* with Mark Pollard , Christy McCarthy, Angela Beesley & a crowd of participants. Thanks again to the Wesley Mission for their help. It was pretty darned good. The jaded old 2.0

Good Stuff While I was Gone | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

world [link] What I appreciate about this is the historical peek back to performance support as a bridge to understanding the value of new tools.

Green Chameleon » Invisible Influence

Green Chameleon

But as anyone who participates in an online community knows, the visible explicit messages are only the tip of an iceberg, the bulk of which is back channel email chat between participants, between participants and moderators, face to face meetings and conversations, blog posts and comments, and so on. But I digress. What hat? RSS2.0

Clearstep Business Community : Whats your Governance Model Look Like.

John Tropea - Delicious Community

much back channeling of info and communication. Welcome, Guest L ogin R egister Username: Password: (?) im interested in hearing about Governance Models at organizations. How are you organized, who manages Social Media initiatives, how do you escalate and problem solve when issues arise? and whats above the community manager.

Mike Gotta’s Reality 2.0: Getting Started with Enterprise Social Networking at Enterprise 2.0 Conference

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

They offer the back channel for what is really going on and who to interact with. This is brining back early days of knowledge management when it was all fresh. I attended the Mike Gotta session on Enterprise Social Networking at the B oston Enterprise 2.0 conference. There is a history of software and communities. Good idea.


Green Chameleon » Trouble at the AOK Corral

Green Chameleon

Conflict and dissent online are very tricky because we’re in stripped down text mode - the full range of human conflict handling affordances are not there and all the emotional content of what we’re thinking and feeling is channeled through clumsy sentences. The insult? Hope springs eternal. know some others have done the same.

Some things about KM that we now know are wrong

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Our worst mistakes were done when we deployed our global Knowledge Management program for Customer support back in 2000.  Currently we save time and money from using a “back channel” in getting things done, and networks augment this in an online scenario. My instinct is that this approach is doomed to failure. The tools? Books.

Full Circle Associates " Notes from the Seattle Online Community Meetup

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Neat to find your own channels. Was the experience better with more or less of the back channel. How does that scale? Hooking up.

Re-energising CoPs

John Tropea - Delicious Community

If they do want to take a specific focus, then be sure that you have set up cross-linkages to the other community sites, and are referring people back and forth as needed. Communities of Practice for Local Government Skip to main content Site navigation W elcome C ommunities P eople Finder Forgot my password? Then select Upload.