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Engaging Vetrans with CRM

Alchemy of Change

If you’re into using technology to engage people in a mission, you’ve gotta check out this very impressive video. This is a friend,  Sam Dorman describing a project he worked on with the folks at  Biro Creative and  Etherios for  Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). This is best practice in engagement and CRM.

Employee Engagement Affects Collaboration

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Web Engagement. Employee Engagement Affects Collaboration. Apr 7, 2011. A few weeks ago, consulting and analyst firm Blessing White released its 2011 employee engagement report. Employees who are not engaged can still collaborate, and just because employees collaborate doesn’t mean they are engaged. about us.

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How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations


Collaboration Communities Conference Events elsua Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0 Read it out loud again, please. Slowly. Not many! Ouch!  .

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Trust and Networks

Alchemy of Change

Democracy & Social Change Engagement, Relationships & Connection Networks & SystemsTrust makes networks work. In Trust We Trust.

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A Bright Start to the New Year: Welcome Eric Weaver to Ant’s Eye View

Ant's Eyeview Blog

AEV Blog digital marketing Eric Weaver social engagement social engagement journey Social MediaEric’s account list is expansive.

Do Your Employees Endorse Your Products?

Portals and KM

However, Matt found that 49% of information workers are detractors, and only 27% were promoters, however in North America, workers are three times as likely to advocate as European workers.  Forrester found that, “advocacy correlates with work technology attitudes and behaviors in North America. Happy New Year's Eve.

The Number One Fear of Enterprise Social? Mutiny! - Forbes

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Americas Richest Women. Coming to America: the 5 Best Visa Options for Startup Entrepreneurs. Coming to America - The Startup Visa.

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The urgency of the moment: why need matters

Chris Corrigan

Here is a section of his speech which is much more infrequently quoted: We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of Now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Internalized, that purpose drives the movement.

Why the Metamovement Will Ultimately Fail

How to Save the World

Loathing government has always been popular and acceptable in North America (which is why most elections are about which party is hated more).

Returning to the Basics

Chris Corrigan

Our Beyond the Basics team is about to host our last gathering of the current cycle of offers, back in North America

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Vancouver’s PechaKucha on Sustainability

Michelle Laurie

In terms of a process for engagement the room was too big for group interaction so conversations are expected to happen on line after the event.

Everything Is Connected to Everything


Science. Science. The one subject back at school that I always kept struggling with time and time again. Knowledge sharing with a passion! Maybe Prof.

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Civic Crowdfunding vs Tax – Collaborative Government #Gov2

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Let’s have a look at. some basic democratic activities and then. Slactivism & social distribution. Petitions online. Crowdfunding. Petitions.

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Design Considerations For Enterprise Social Networks

Collaborative Thinking

conference, attendees heard from companies like GE, Nike, and Virgin America shared how they are leveraging an enterprise approach towards social collaboration. Creates feedback loops between related design, HR, employee engagement, governance, and change management activities. Social theory and design. Work and personal value.

SXSW Notes: Coding the Next Chapter of American History

Portals and KM

This is the keynote session "Coding the Next Chapter of American History" by Jennifer Pahlka, founder and executive director of Code for America. Code for America works with talented web professionals and cities around the country to promote public service and reboot government. Code for America was started two years ago.

Reflecting on a month in China

Jenny Connected

In recent years I have travelled a fair bit, making at least one long haul trip a year, but China has been the most challenging trip I have made since travelling round South America in the 70s. From October 8 th to November 2 nd , I was in China. The trip started in Beijing. There were a number of reasons for this.

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Citizens United v. United Citizens: Building a Movement to Drive Money Out of Politics

Alchemy of Change

Their best bet lies in building constructive outlets for the growing frustration and despair that plagues America today. politics. Campaigning.

The Case for SmOOCs

Jenny Connected

Canada, USA, South America, Africa, Europe, India, the Far East and Australia were all represented and at the time of writing 60 people have accessed the Moodle site within the last 3 weeks. This was particularly evident in the microteaching activity where both novices and experts engaged, supported and learned from each other.

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Take that, Gladwell: Vinegar, onions, social networks, and soccer nuts a revolution do make

Endless Knots

Ahmed Maher, a 30-year-old civil engineer and a leading organizer of the April 6 Youth Movement, first became engaged in a political movement known as Kefaya , or Enough, in about 2005. In fact, I just read a bundle of grafs from one of the jump pages (there are two) to a traveling family member. " And on it goes.

Dealing with your slaves and seeing the world

Chris Corrigan

All of us in North America depend on slave labour to support our lifestyles.  As with the issues of oil dependance, our very existence creates an impact that is measurable, real and negative against our social justice agenda. Think gains like gay marriage and civil rights in North America. So what to do? Consider the slavery question.

The Occupy Movement: Don’t Tell Us What To Do

How to Save the World

We’re all armchair strategists at heart. All these criticisms miss the point.  The Occupy movement has already accomplished an enormous amount.

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Lingering impressions from Occupy Wall Street

Chris Corrigan

When I was there earlier in the week they were engaging in a participatory process to create their demands. Surprising amount of joint discerning about what is really going on in America. It was as much about defining why they were there as anything else. They are not hijackers and they are not holding anything ransom.

The Metamovement: Moving Beyond Marches and People in the Street

How to Save the World

His frame: “We love America. BROADENING ENGAGEMENT. METAMOVEMENT ORGANIZATION AND OPERATION. The privilege is not abused. Marches.

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Community Goals and Measurements

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Not sure, because if you have a good size community that maintains a good engagement rate, growth wouldnt necessarily be a good measure. Green.

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How to be a great community manager

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Arthur Shelley : "Community manager key responsibilities: Lead the community, engage membership and other stakeholders. Skip to main content.

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Fanpages: List of top 100+ Australian Facebook Fan Pages

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

We look at engagement, competitions, regularity of updates, if they seem to have a preplanned diary or are winging it etc. Some non-brand but fan sites with large numbers (demonstrating the brands above for the most part aren’t playing enough) are: “Do you Ride Kangaroos in Australia?&# “No,Do you ride fat people in America?&#

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SharePoint: Is It Worth Using as a Collaboration Tool?

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

We focus on intelligent information management, modern enterprise collaboration and effective online engagement. Enterprise 2.0 capabilities.

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SXSW Notes: No Brochures: Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits

Portals and KM

This is the session on No Brochures: Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits led by Joe Lambert, Exec Dir Center for Digital Storytelling, Michael Borum, Web Mgr Oxfam America, and Roger Black,  Principal Treesaver Company Inc. You assemble pages to engage readers. will be attending a number of Adobe sponsored sessions.  

Dave Snowden on The 21st Century University

Jenny Connected

Chefs have a mix of practical and theoretical wisdom and willingness to engage conceptually and theoretically with real world problems. America i.e. don’t use big words or read books, keep things simple and become simplistic as a consequence. Notes from Dave Snowden’s Presentation to Week 17 of ChangeMooc , 18-01-12. Ritual Dissent ).

Dave Snowden on The 21st Century University

Jenny Connected

Chefs have a mix of practical and theoretical wisdom and willingness to engage conceptually and theoretically with real world problems. America i.e. don’t use big words or read books, keep things simple and become simplistic as a consequence. Notes from Dave Snowden’s Presentation to Week 17 of ChangeMooc , 18-01-12. Ritual Dissent ).

One reason why I love English football

Chris Corrigan

Each one simply sets rules of engagement for it’s own tournaments, and everyone signs on. Wigan can’t move.

Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management

John Tropea - Delicious Community

each organization has one, whether they formally identify or engage with it or not and b. In that sense, all of social media engagement is part of community interaction. Social channels are an unprecedentedly powerful way to reach out to and engage with this distributed community. Social media is just that, a tool kit.

Rethinking Marketing - Harvard Business Review

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Details Magazine Buy Reprint Idea in Brief > January–February 2010 Rethinking Marketing by Roland T. All rights reserved. Donald L.

The Community Roundtable's Community Maturity Model

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The Community Roundtable A peer network for community managers and social media practitioners. Thanks! Thanks for stopping by! it looks great!

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Blog>> Personal KM vs Team Collaboration

Green Chameleon

therefore engaged in something I would call “Personal Knowledge Management (KM)&#. Convinced to engage in Personal KM, to simplify your own work and sharing with others? suggest to develop a general attitude, that when you engage in collecting your personal knowledge that you store information that any person can comprehend it.

The Divine Right of Capital: Wealth Reigns

Alchemy of Change

As I mentioned in my  original post , I just finished reading  The Divine Right of Capital by Marjorie Kelly. To Chapter 6: Wealth Reigns. Tweet.

One organizing strategy against Trump

Chris Corrigan

I have been spending my Saturday inside watching a bit of soccer and engaging with Donald Trump supporters on twitter. What are their wages?

Access to a world of practice

Learning Alliances

How communities of practice give us access to observing, orienting, deciding, and acting in a world of practice. OODA is an acronym for: O. Observe.

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Giving Up on Environmentalism

How to Save the World

All told, 2600 sq. So much for the idealism of the boomer generation. No matter the cost or the risk. Until we run out of everything. Are you kidding?

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Men in Dresses Celebrate the New Orleans Saints Going to the Super Bowl

Portals and KM

When I first arrived in New Orleans last weekend for the Webtrends Engage event I walked around the French Quarter a bit.