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Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

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Management Innovation eXchange. Management Innovation eXchange. The WHY Code – encode and share the DNA of an organization. Hacks.

The 10 basic online tools every trainer and online facilitator should know

Joitske Hulsebosch

The bad news is that for every tool also is another alternative. An alternative to this bookmark tool is delicious. There are many alternative brainstorming walls like stormboard or spiderscribe. One alternative is Please share it below! short description below. to make it very practical. More tools?

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Can Using Facebook Within Your Organization Add Value?

Leading Virtually

In one of their studies , the authors found that social interaction across business units led to the exchange and combination of resources (e.g.,

Talking and Walking Collaboration | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

alternately felt guilty or impatient with my collaborators. I was a lousy co-writer. And of course… THE BOOK. But slow electricity. Tired.

About blogging, tunneling visions and knowledge entrepreneurship

Joitske Hulsebosch

This research had the goal to investigate how knowledge related to a shared organising vision (in this case (ICT4D, about ICT for development).

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Forum One Staff Share OpenGov Ideas


USAID Should do More to Require their Contractors to Share Data. Many contractors avoid sharing this raw data for competitive reasons. USAID should require contractors that collect data to share with USAID and the public in readable formats that are more easily accessible and usable by third parties. Young Diplomat Program.

Virtual Team Collaboration: Share, Send And Publish Large Files Online With Adobe Share - Robin Good's Latest News

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Adobe Share feels and works like a charm. How Adobe Share Works The Adobe Share approach is very simple and direct. Not only.

State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part Two


His final words: “ We live in a time of choice between those two alternatives “… And it’s our choice to go for the right one.

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What is the Diversification ‘Sweet Spot’? We have an Answer.15%

Governance in a Networked World

Alternatively we can raise the number of board members to a level that can naturally achieve our ‘sweet spot”. Why 15%? CAGR in revenue.

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F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change « emergent by design

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2-way monetary exchange of goods is the only means to job development and economic growth. Community Exchange System. Skip to content.

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What If Everything Ran Like the Internet?

How to Save the World

Of course, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Simply put, complicated hierarchical systems don’t scale. And: 2.  How the World Really Work

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Portals and KM: illumio – a Smart Content Filter that also offers Enhanced Collaboration and Content Sharing

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Portals and KM This blog shares ideas and hopes to generate discussion on enterprise 2.0, View an alternate. business blogs, web 2.0

Collaborative Thinking: Recommended Reading: HBR Working Papers

Collaborative Thinking

View an alternate. Edmondson and Ingrid M. Nembhard Abstract The value of teams in new product development (NPD) is undeniable. DeLong, John J.

Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Social Computing Keynote

Collaborative Thinking

Benefits: decentralized innovation, increase speed to market, improved sharing - talent management. View an alternate. blogs, wikis, etc.

Literature Review: Improving Work Practices in Times of Change

Collaborative Thinking

Object centered sociality” is an alternative way to examine networking dynamics since objects (e.g., Introduction. Social Network Sites. 2008).

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My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad 2


In a split second something magic happened: a common shared experience amongst friends with a passion for that same shiny object. Priceless!

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Enterprise Collaboration Requires Critical New Skills

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Privacy respected — we will never share your information. The democratization of data and expression through social media has unlocked a fluid exchange of ideas, exploration and communication. Document Management DAM Advertise with us! Collaboration is a different model. It depends on people, not process. What Needs to Change?

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Enough to Go Around: The Case for Community Currency

How to Save the World

O ne of the paradoxes of industrial civilization is that in most communities we have, simultaneously: 1. And then something happened to mess it all up.

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Switching focus from Ageing Better to Living Well with tech: it’s all personal

Social Reporter

As you’ll read in the summary below, the exploration, which I’ve been leading with Drew Mackie, was triggered by the Big Lottery Fund’s £82 million   Ageing Better programme , and particularly the initial lack of ways to exchange experience and introduce digital innovation. Main exploration site.

Will the Collapse of Civilization Begin With Global Corporatist Totalitarianism?

How to Save the World

building self-sufficient communities, local self-employment and essential supplies, creating a Gift/Sharing Economy. 3. STAGE. WHAT COLLAPSES.

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Himmelman Model - Networking Collaboration Cooperation Coordination

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Systems Planning Customized Consulting Keynote Addresses Tools and Resources About Tom Wolff Contact Us Collaborative Solutions A Newsletter from Tom Wolff & Associates Contents of Summer 2005 Collaborative Solutions Newsletter: In this issue: Collaborative Solutions - True Collaboration as the Most Productive Form of Exchange 1.

Guidelines for Group Collaboration and Emergence « emergent by design

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Collaboration is an act of shared creation or discovery. Skip to content emergent by design Home support who’s the architect?

Community Building: How To Create Your Own Social Media Network With Ning - Robin Good's Latest News

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Social networks create easy to access online communities out of shared interests and passions. thanks to Ning. Here are the details: Ning 2.0

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Collaboration online

Jenny Connected

These are usually designed into Stage 4 of the model after it has been established that everyone has successfully accessed the learning environment (Stage 1), participants are socialising easily and the learning community norms have become apparent (Stage 2) and  information is being freely exchanged and a culture of open sharing exists (Stage 3).

Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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Alternatively, LinkedIn controls what a viewer may see based on whether she or he has a paid account. 2007). Facebook, MySpace, and Cyworld).

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Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Community 2.0

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The Internet provides greater visibility on alternative employers. View an alternate. Dont Count On It. conference held in Las Vegas.

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Links of the Month: April 16, 2013

How to Save the World

Spending less time reading (and writing) non-fiction, especially online. Both of Pollard’s Laws apply here. Nothing. Banks go bankrupt. Or both.

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IBM’s Lotusphere 2010: What About BlueIQ?


To start with, no, I won’t be speaking during the event. Of course, not! BlueIQ , indeed! Always! mean, the learning experience heh.

What is the best network structure?

Net-Map Toolbox

In the next domain the network is much more interconnected, while there are some more and some less connected actors, basically everyone has more than one source of information and there is much more exchange between actors on similar hierarchy levels. Tell us the best network structure and help us get there.

The Rocky Transition to a Natural, Gift Economy

How to Save the World

We will learn to eat and act healthier because in the New Economy there will be no alternative. Leave the land as you found it. Or possibly not.

Understanding Cisco's Collaboration Strategy (Part 3)

Collaborative Thinking

Specifics on hybrid models (some Exchange inboxes are likely to remain on-premises). Show And Share. Do organizations want this at the network layer vs. other alternatives that are based on activity streams? The following is Part 3 of a series on today's announcement by Cisco. Clarifications & Questions. Pulse.

News Updates (October 21, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Supports map export to Mindjet Player for sharing. Jive Gets $12 Million. Jive took $12 million of Series B funding from Sequoia Capital.

Work Stream #4 – Speaking at Client Events


After having written about what are some of my current work streams as a freelancer in the realm of Social Business and Digital Transformation (i.e. 

4 ways to use Instagram in learning trajectories en training

Joitske Hulsebosch

It felt safe to share an image without ( much) words to tell something about yourself. This is a guestblog by Lyset den Blijker.

Links of the Month: March 21, 2012

How to Save the World

Stationary Bicycles as a Power Source: In Mayan Guatemala, they’ve brought this obvious, inexpensive alternative energy source to an art form.

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The Hardest Battle

How to Save the World

we have exchanged our green armbands. we have exchanged our ambitions for daisies. ” ~ Albert Einstein. cummings. Be one with us.

How Procter & Gamble Got Employees to Use Social Networking at Work - - Business Technology Leadership

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Learn More » CIO Executive Council A Peer-Advisory Service and Professional Association for CIOs Stakeholder Relationship Worksheet Hudson Highland Group CIO Michael Whitmer shares his stakeholder relationship worksheet, including background on why he developed it and how it has affected his relationships in the company. platform.

News Updates (July 27, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Participant then can upload, share most file types including video, images, Google maps and email. Notes to Exchange Migration. billion.

Book presentation 'En nu online'

Joitske Hulsebosch

An example was shared about Yammer too. And try to find your own balance in sharing professional and more personal content. Let go!!

Green Chameleon » Happy 300th Birthday Charles

Green Chameleon

The innovator dominates, drowns out alternatives, and suppresses subsequent innovation. The blogosphere is humming even as I write this. RSS2.